Close-up view of beautiful woman concept.

How to Determine Your Eye Shape And Why It Matters

Explore different eye shapes like almond, round, hooded, monolid, upturned, etc. Learn how to choose makeup styles that highlight your individual beauty.

Illustration of 8 different types of jeans.

Why Finding the Right Jeans That Fit Matters And How to Do It?

Discover why finding the right jeans matters for your comfort and style. Read our easy tips on how to find jeans that fit perfectly and make you feel great.

A woman holding a gold club and wearing big coat.

Crafting Your Signature Style: a Golfer's Guide to Personalized Equipment And Apparel

Unlock your unique golfing identity with tailored equipment and apparel. Dive into our guide to craft a signature style that elevates your game.

Color wheel with different colors.

Color Wheel for Clothes: a Guide to Find Your Matching Colors

Elevate your style with the Clothing Color Wheel. Discover harmonious color blends, trendy pairings, and a guide to confident fashion choices.

Beauty woman cover by hands her clean face.

Hooded Eyes: Characteristics, Causes, And Practical Solutions

Discover hooded eyes: causes, treatments, makeup tips, surgery. Embrace diversity.Your guide to captivating, unique eye beauty.

Different type of jeans hanging on hangers.

What Is an Inseam? How to Measure for the Perfect Fit

Discover your perfect fit with inseam measurements! Learn how to measure accurately and find comfortable pants that flatter your shape.

Sustainable fashion. Sunglasses sitting on folded white shirt, on top of terrazzo side table

Why Sustainable Fashion Matters: Learn the Benefits And Trends

Discover the importance of sustainable fashion, its benefits, and how you can support eco-friendly practices in the fashion industry.

A bitcoin on a dollar note.

How Can You Exchange Bitcoin for Cash Using Crypto Exchanges?

Learn how to conveniently exchange Bitcoin for cash using crypto exchanges. Discover secure, fast, and efficient methods to liquidate your digital assets.

Photo of Singapore during day.

Why Property Investment Can Be the Right Move for Your Finances

Explore why investing in Singapore's property market may be a smart financial move. Uncover the advantages and potential ROI in this stable real estate hub.

Models are walking on the cat walk.

Breaking Free From the Catwalk: Transitioning Into the Music Industry

Explore the journey from the catwalk to the music stage. Learn key steps for a seamless transition into the music industry, backed by real-life success stories.

A young woman holding her colorful glasses.

How Your Fashion Choices Impact Your Love Life

Examine the correlation between fashion and romance. Discover how your style choices can influence attraction and relationships, offering a new lens on love.

Photo of Shibuya area in Tokyo during night.

Moving to Asia: a Fashionista's Dream Come True

Explore why relocating to Asia is a fashionista's dream. Dive into the rich fashion culture, trends, and opportunities that await in this dynamic region.

Colorful blocks with NFT label on them.

Unlocking Value: Exploring the Convergence of Fashion, NFTs, And Investment

Discover the intersection of fashion, NFTs, and investment. Learn how to unlock value in this unique convergence, navigating the digital frontier for profit.

A picture from the movie Matrix.

Exploring VR Beyond Gaming: Must-Watch Movie And Series

Dive into the expanding universe of VR beyond gaming. Discover must-watch movies and series that offer immersive experiences like never before.

Girls are using a laptop.

DIY Beauty: 9 All-Natural Recipes for Glowing Skin

Discover the magic of all-natural DIY beauty with these 9 incredible recipes for achieving radiant and glowing skin, from honey and turmeric to cucumber.

Universal studios globe fountain.

Why Orlando’s Culture Is Unique: Top Reasons to Visit

Discover what sets Orlando's culture apart. Dive into the distinct elements that make it a must-visit destination and why its vibe captivates many.

White VR headset on the table

Singapore's Tech-Savvy Generation: a Foray Into Modern Entertainment

Dive into Singapore's tech-forward youth and their influence on modern entertainment. Learn how digital trends are shaping the nation's entertainment landscape.

Girls are using a laptop.

Top 5 Study Hacks to Boost Your Learning Efficiency

Uncover the top 5 study hacks that supercharge your learning. Dive into techniques that enhance focus, retention, and comprehension for academic success.

Phone with social media icons on the screen.

The Role of Social Media in Modern Business

Social media has become an essential part of modern business. Learn how to leverage its power to build relationships, generate leads, and increase sales.

A woman is studying behind her desk.

Five Things to Know About College Essay

Unlock the secrets of a standout college essay. Dive into five pivotal insights to craft a compelling narrative and elevate your college application.

Person is taking out pills from a bottle.

Understanding How Supplements Can Improve Your Health

Delve into the world of supplements: their benefits, potential risks, and how they can enhance your well-being. Navigate health with informed choices.

Black T-shirts on hangers

Why Do We Wear Black So Much? a Fashion Psychologist Explains

There are many different explanations for why we wear black so often. Here, an expert in fashion psychology looks at the main theories and what they mean for you.

A girl is writing in her notebook on a table.

Rethinking Traditional Classrooms: Benefits of Flexible Learning Spaces

Explore how flexible learning spaces are transforming education. Dive into the advantages they offer over traditional classrooms and their impact on students.

A boy is holding a Magic: The Gathering card.

Are MTG Cards Worth Collecting? Let’s Take a Quick Look

Delve into the value of MTG cards, exploring their worth as collectibles and investments. Discover the allure and potential returns of Magic: The Gathering.

Birds eye view of Singapore during the golden hour.

Discover the Exciting Activities You Can Enjoy in Singapore

Uncover Singapore's treasures: from vibrant neighborhoods to thrilling adventures. Dive into a guide that unveils the city's best-kept secrets.

A close up photo of a blue eye.

How to Find the Perfect Balance Between Style And Lens Functionality: a Guide

Dive into mastering the art of pairing style with lens practicality. Unlock the secrets to eyewear that's both fashionable and functional.

A young woman is using dumbbells.

How a Healthy Body Empowers Your Journey to Beauty And Vitality

Discover the intrinsic link between a fit physique and radiant beauty. Embrace wellness for a transformative journey to vitality and allure.

A woman is calling someone after a car crash.

How to Behave When You End Up in a Car Accident

Navigate the aftermath of a car accident with this guide. Learn crucial steps to ensure safety, protect your rights, and aid the insurance claim process.

Soap next pink tulips and gray towel.

How to Revamp Your Nightly Skincare Routine

Rejuvenate your evening skincare regimen with expert tips. Unlock the secrets to radiant skin and embrace transformative nightly rituals.

Child is playing computer games.

The Rise of Online Gaming – Why We’re So Hooked-up

Explore the surge in online gaming and discover what captivates players. Delve into immersive worlds, social ties, and the magic behind the screen.

A classic Barbie doll with pink dress.

How the Barbie Movie Is Changing the Fashion Landscape

Explore how the Barbie movie revolutionizes fashion trends. Dive into its influence on style narratives and the industry's transformative shift.

Three brown puppies.

How to Keep Your Clothes Pristine When You Own a Dog

Master the art of keeping your outfits spotless with a pet around. Essential tips for dog owners seeking to maintain their wardrobe's freshness.

Modern kitchen.

A Simple Guide to Starting a 3D Printing Business

Discover the essential steps for launching your 3D printing business. Learn key strategies, tips, and considerations in this comprehensive guide.

A person is throwing poker chips to the table.

Singapore’s Poker Playgrounds: a Fusion of Traditional Venues And Digital Platforms

Discover Singapore's unique poker landscape, where traditional venues meet the digital age. Explore the synergy of face-to-face play and online innovation.

A photo of a computer screen with code editors.

Why It's Important for Internet Users to Take Online Security Seriously

Discover the significance of prioritizing online security for internet users. Learn practical steps and insights to enhance your digital safety.

A mobile phone with activity tracking screen.

The Most Effective Ways to Grow Your Fashion Instagram Account

Discover proven strategies to boost your fashion Instagram presence. Practical tips for organic growth, engaging visuals, and authentic audience connection.

A woman in black wearing a gold necklace.

How to Use Jewelry to Improve Your Style

Elevate your fashion game with our guide on incorporating jewelry for a refined style. Discover tasteful tips to enhance your look with elegant accessories.

Tarot cards on the table

Tuesday Tarot With Dior

The Tarot is a symbolic language. It offers insights and wisdom into the future, and provides guidance in the present. Although these meanings are universal

Modern kitchen.

How Smart Home Devices Can Save And Make You Money

Discover the practical ways smart home devices can help you save and earn money. Explore the financial benefits of integrating technology into your home.

Marina Bay buildings in Singapore

Casino Culture Here in Singapore: a Blend of Tradition And Modernity

Explore the unique blend of tradition and modernity in Singapore's casino culture. Discover its rich heritage amidst contemporary entertainment.

A crowd in a football field in Singapore.

American Football in Singapore

Discover the growing popularity of American Football in Singapore. Learn about its history, teams, and community impact. A comprehensive overview.

A woman is sitting in a nail salon.

Beyond Aesthetics: the Health Benefits of Manicures And Pedicures

Discover the health perks of manicures & pedicures. Beyond enhancing beauty, they promote skin health, improve circulation & reduce stress.

A nicely decorated flat in Singapore

The Rise of Furnished Monthly Apartments: a Trend in Singapore

Discover the growing popularity of furnished monthly apartments in Singapore. Explore the emerging trend and its impact on the city's housing market.

Person is using an iMac computer.

5 Tips & Hacks for Online Casino Success

Discover 5 genuine and effective tips to enhance your online casino experience. Level up your game with these practical hacks for true success.

Man wearing black cap with eyes closed under cloudy sky

Mindfulness in the Workplace: Developing Focus, Resilience, And Well-being

Discover the power of mindfulness in the workplace. Boost focus, resilience, and well-being. Enhance productivity and reduce stress. Find balance and thrive.

A person is playing a computer game in a big arena.

Visual Marvels: 5 Canadian Slot Machines That Will Blow Your Mind

Take your gaming experience to the next level with these 5 stunning and unique slot machines from Canadian game developers. Enjoy vibrant graphics.

A photo of Marylin Monroe in red dress.

How Tall Was Marilyn Monroe?

Explore the intriguing question of Marilyn Monroe's height and uncover the truth behind one of Hollywood's most enduring mysteries in this article.

Basket with charger, smartphone and watch

Digital Detox: Reclaiming Balance in a Hyperconnected World

Find balance in a hyperconnected world. Discover the benefits of a digital detox, break free from distractions, prioritize well-being with practical tips.

Woman covering her face with leaves

The Cultural Significance of Eye Shape in Chinese And Japanese Societies

Explore the cultural significance of eye shape in Chinese and Japanese societies. Learn how these cultures perceive and interpret eye shape.

Man in dark suit and white shirt

4 Steps You Need to Follow to Ensure Your Business Succeeds

Discover the essential 4-step process for ensuring your business's success. Learn valuable insights and strategies to thrive in today's competitive market.

Steve Jobs on the cover of book.

Famous Figures With Sanpaku Eyes: Marilyn Monroe, Steve Jobs

Discover famous figures throughout history who have been noted for their Sanpaku eyes, including Marilyn Monroe, Steve Jobs, and others.

Phone with TikTok logo

How Teens Recovered From the TikTok Tics

Many teens have been affected by the 'TikTok Tics'. Learn how the TikTok generation is recovering from this phenomenon and reclaiming their lives.

Colorful clothes are hanging on rack

How the Movement Who Made My Clothes Got Started

The Who Made My Clothes? movement is a global call to action to fashion brands and retailers to make their supply chain more transparent.

Woman with gray hair standing and looking at something

Meet the Genuine G.E.M. — I Feel the Same Way as Everyone Else.

Gloria Tang Sze-wing is a singer, songwriter, and composer. Her work has been featured in various stage musicals, TV dramas, and movie soundtracks.

Marilyn Monroe on the black and white photo

The Marilyn Monroe Effect: How Her Sanpaku Eyes Influenced Fashion And Beauty Trends in the 1950s And Beyond

Explore how Marilyn Monroe's Sanpaku eyes influenced fashion and beauty trends in the 1950s and beyond. Her iconic look continues to be celebrated and emulated.

Grey happy stone on the grass.

Things That Make Us Happy in Life And Help Us Live Longer

Discover the secrets to a long and happy life! Learn about the simple, everyday activities that can help you live longer and be happier.

Huge bee hive under the roof being removed.

40,000 Bees Rescued at the Singapore Association for the Deaf

Discover the heartwarming bee rescue at The Singapore Association for the Deaf. A story of conservation, inclusivity, and the importance of protecting bees.

Webpage of ChatGPT, a prototype AI chatbot

Future Trends And Developments in AI Prompt Engineering

Explore the latest trends and developments in AI prompt engineering, including personalized AI, ethical and explainable AI, hybrid models, and more.

Cubes connected with lines.

Crypto CEX Vs DEX: What Is the Difference?

Learn the difference between Crypto CEX and DEX! CEXs are centralized, owned by companies, and DEXs are decentralized, owned by their users.

Hand tossing the coin into jar

The Future of Crowdfunding: Innovations And Trends Beyond

Explore the future of crowdfunding beyond GoFundMe and discover new innovations and trends that are shaping the market, from blockchain to social media and AI.

Digital green jacket with trousers

Exploring the Artistry of NFT Fashion Design

Explore the intersection of art and fashion with NFTs. Discover how NFTs are revolutionizing the fashion industry with virtual fashion shows.

Green copywriter with the white paper

The Role of NFTs in Shaping Fashion Trends

Discover the impact of NFTs on fashion trends, from virtual fashion shows to digital clothing collections. Learn how NFTs are transforming the fashion industry.

Glowing phrase on black background

The Best Reason Why You Should Start Your Own Business

Starting your own business is an exciting opportunity to create something from nothing. Whether you're looking for financial freedom, control over a career path.

Different kind of gemstones on a table.

7 Gemstone Pendant Sets to Ace Your Winter Office Look (2023)

This article will discuss some of the best gemstones you can think of wearing to keep your office looking fresh and interesting without breaking the bank.

Social media in colorful alphabets

Why Social Media Needs Fewer Politics And More Constructive Conversations

Why social media would be better if it weren’t so political. Learn how political discourse can be toxic, lack nuance and context, misinformation.

Matcha tea set.

Kratom Tea Vs. Pill: Which One Should You Go For?

Discover whether Kratom tea or pill is the right choice for you. Learn about differences in potency, duration, taste, and convenience in this article.

Glasses and code on a laptop screen

Top 10 Challenges for IT Professionals: What You Need to Know

10 biggest issues facing IT professionals today, including cybersecurity, cloud computing, AI, big data, IoT, digital transformation, legacy systems.

The yellow lights are switch on

Unlocking Success in the Digital Era: Exploring the 7 Most Profitable Business Models

Discover the top 7 most profitable business models of the digital era and gain insights into how they have driven success for businesses.

A person is breathing out vape.

5 Mouth Watering Flavored CBD Vape for Teenagers to Try

Discover five mouth-watering flavored CBD vape options for teenagers. Learn about flavors, benefits, and safety considerations in this informative article.

The windmills are standing on the field

14 Game-Changing Green Tech Solutions Recommended By Experts for a Sustainable Future

Going green is easier than ever with these top 14 green tech solutions recommended by experts. From renewable energy sources to eco-friendly transportation.

CBD oil on dark background.

5 Different Oils That You Can Mix With CBD Oil for a Body Massage

Discover how to enhance the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil with a body massage. Learn about five oils to mix with CBD for relaxation in this article.

Green wheat grass powder on white background.

5 Criteria That a Red Vein Kratom Vendor Should Always Satisfy

Discover essential criteria for a reliable red vein Kratom vendor. Learn about quality, transparency, customer service, pricing, and variety in this article.

Young man with virtual reality glasses

The Future of Gaming

Get ready to experience the future of gaming. Discover the latest advancements in technology and innovation that are changing the way we play.

An elegant roulette wheel.

Roulette Strategy: How to Win at Online Roulette

Roulette is a classic casino game, that has been played for decades. In this article, we explore some popular strategies that can help you win at roulette.

Cards and poker chips on the wooden table

Tips And Tricks for Casino Newbies: How to Improve Your Odds And Win Big

Learn how to increase your chances of winning at casinos with these easy-to-follow tips and tricks. Get the scoop on the best strategies, game selection.

Colorful diagrams on the purple background

What Is Predictive Analytics? How Can This Tool Help Organizations?

Predictive analytics is a form of data analysis that uses statistical techniques to identify trends, patterns, and relationships in large datasets.

Horses running on grass.

How to Pick a Winner in Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the world's most popular sports. In this article, we give readers all the info they need to become sensible horse racing bettors.

A physical Bitcoin in front of charts.

Main Reasons for the Crypto Hedge Funds Increase

Crypto hedge funds are increasing, with the fiat currency counterparts also rushing for crypto options. Why is this the case? Read on to get answers.

Father and son brushing teeth together in bathroom.

How Dental Hygiene & Health Can Help Boost Your Confidence

Discover how good dental hygiene and health can boost confidence, improve appearance, self-esteem and overall quality of your life.

Handshake with the business partner

How to Attract And Retain Top Talents in the Organization

Attracting and retaining top talent is key to the success of any organization. Learn how to build a culture that motivates, rewards, and develops employees.

A big wooden roulette wheel.

How Roulette Players Self-Sabotage

Roulette players can sabotage their winning chances knowingly or unknowingly. Here are ways to avoid that. Includes tips on what to do instead.

The typewriter with paper.

The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Businesses

Get up to speed on the impact of emerging technologies such as AI, VR and IoT on businesses. Learn how these advances can help you optimize processes.

A person is blowing out smoke with his electronic cigarette.

Why Is a Flavored Weed Pen Better Than the Traditional One?

Discover why flavored weed pens are the better choice for a more enjoyable and discreet cannabis experience. Read more about it here.

Crickets on the ground

Insect Flour Is Just the Beginning, a Revolution in Food Production Is Coming

Insect flour is a sustainable, nutritious alternative to traditional sources of protein. Learn more about the potential of revolutionary food production method.

A person is blowing out smoke with his electronic cigarette.

How to Use a THC Vape Pen: 5 Tips to Get the Most Out of It

THC vape pens are becoming increasingly prevalent as an easy, discreet way to consume cannabis. Here are 5 tips for starting to use them.

A flask on the table with oil in it.

Why Is There a Need to Only Buy Lab-Tested CBD Vape Oil?

Learn why lab-tested CBD vape oil is a must for consumers. Discover the benefits of buying lab-tested products for safe and effective vaping.

A photo of green hemp plant.

The CBD Hemp Dosage Handbook: Finding Your Perfect Balance

If you're considering taking CBD oil, this article will be your guide, providing easy-to-understand steps to find the perfect balance that works best for you.

Computer and laptop on the desk.

The Benefits And Challenges of Remote Work for Businesses

Remote work is becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to operate. Discover the benefits and challenges of this new working style.

Gray and black laptop computer showing charts.

What Is a Cash Flow Statement?

Learn what a cash flow statement is, its importance in evaluating a company's financial health, and its role in providing insight into liquidity and solvency.

The welcome page of dancing drums game.

Why Are Dancing Drums Slots Such a Popular Game

Dancing Drums Slots is an slot machine game. In this article we'll look at why everybody ranks this game so highly and how it goes from strength to strength.

Horses are running on a sandy track.

How Popular Is Horse Racing in Singapore?

Horse racing has always been a prestigious sport with a lot of money involved in the process. This article discusses why horse racing is popular in Singapore.

Woman is sitting and meditating

How to Meditate When You Struggle to Sit Still

Learn how to meditate even when you have a hard time sitting still. With these simple steps, you'll be able to meditate anywhere, anytime.

Green poker chips on table

The Most Popular Gambling Cities in the World

Unforgettable atmosphere, unbelievable impressions and unique gambling experiences - this is all about gambling in the best gaming cities in the world

Guy with comic books standing

Kiasu's Survival

Johnny Lau is an award-winning comic artist and illustrator. His passion for drawing began at an early age and he has been creating comics, illustrations.

Lot of blue blobs on a gray background.

Artificial Intelligence Generated Art

AI-generated art is a new and exciting way to create art. The AI produces all the artwork, based on a set of rules and set of training sets. Learn how it works.

Photo of a casino table, playing blackjack.

Key Points When Choosing Sports Betting Sites in Newly Legalized States Like Maryland

Gambling in the US has been subject to strict regulations over the years. However, things are changing and gambling is becoming accepted across the country.

Man smillinng next to the wooden wall

By Day Buddhist Monk, By Night Makeup Artist

Meet the Makeup Artist - a real life Buddhist Monk who specializes in applying makeup to monks and nuns. A Buddhist monk by day, a makeup artist by night

Woman with close eyes deeply breathing

Decoding Doona Bae's Many Faces

Bae Doona is a South Korean actress. She has appeared in films such as 'A Girl at My Door', 'The Host', and 'The Ring Virus'.

Bag full of coffee beans

The Rise of Singapore's Third-Wave Coffee Culture

Third-wave coffee culture is taking over the world and has been a driving force of change in Singapore. From premium coffee to innovative cafes

A girl is looking at a tablet and writing to her notebook.

How Technology Is Reviving Education's Future

This article discusses how today's most innovative educators are using technology to make classrooms more dynamic, engaging, and personalized.

A businessman in suit holding a bitcoin.

Impact of Bitcoin on the Economy

Although the Bitcoin narrative is still young, it has already begun to change the world economy. This analyzes the economic impact of bitcoin revolution.

A gold looking bitcoin and ethereum coin.

Re-defining Money; the Rise of Crypto

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm and providing unbelievable investment returns and a new outlook on stock markets. Why are cryptocurrencies popular?

Woman touching her face

Artificial Intelligence Powered Beauty Start Ups Proven HelloAva

HelloAva's top-notch beauty technology is powered by artificial intelligence to help you find the perfect products for your skin, hair and nails.

Rattan bag on the table

Brand to Know: a Malaysian Line Producing Luxury Rattan Bags

Malaysian Line is a luxury brand of rattan handbags and accessories. Malaysian Line products are made from natural materials to provide the highest qualit

One woman in red, the other in white

Rosalyn Lee And Sonia Chew Explain How They Adapt And Cope Under Pressure

Pressure is inevitable. It's how you deal with it that matters. Rosalyn Lee and Sonia Chew share their best tips for adapting and coping under pressure.

Women with face tattoos sitting

Tattoos That Cross the Invisible Line

Tattoos are a significant aspect of human cultur. Tattoos were used in ancient times as rites of passage, marks of status, symbols of religious, spiritual devotion.

Woman standing near mannequins

The Costume Designer Who Creates Period Garments as Well as Superhero Suits

Costume designer Alexandra Byrne has worked on some of the most visually-stunning and critically-acclaimed films of the last twenty years.

Art project that uses 18000 plastic cups

An 18,000-Plastic-Cup-Artwork Reflects Singapore's Undiscussed Waste Situation

Plastikophobia by Benjamin Von Wong is a clever and also thought-provoking exhibition of the environmental impact of plastic pollution.

Plastic dress from bags

Extending the Fashion Packaging War to Fashion Invitations

The prestige of the fashion packager has been called into question. We see more and more brands extend their control over the packaging to fashion invitations.

Man sitting on the wall full of graffiti

Futura: Modern Streetwear's Unsung Hero

Leonard Hilton McGurr known as Futura is an American artist and designer, best known for his co-authorship of the original logo for the Hollywood sign

T Tesla logo on the back of a black car.

The Best Tesla Models Compared

Here are some of the best models Tesla has recently launched. We will draw comparisons between these electric vehicles to prove our point better.

Yellow and white plastic box lot.

Warehouse Logistics: Challenges, Benefits & Best Practices

To understand what warehouse logistics is, we must first understand what logistics refers to. This article discusses the key challenges of warehouses logistics.

Arcade machine with lights turned on inside room.

Canadian Slots With the Best Designs: Top 5

Did you know that 49% of Canadian players participate in casino games? This article introduces the best game developers who design the best looking slot games.

A gold bitcoin in front of a chart.

5 Reasons to Try Cryptocurrency Gambling

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about cryptocurrency gambling and give you some reasons why you should try it.

Broccoli and some other vegetables on a plate.

Vegan Diet: Are Vegan Food Healthy?

Veganism is a way of living that tries to exclude the use of animal products, such as meat, eggs, dairy, and honey. This article shows the benefits of the diet.

A photo of a computer screen with a trading chart on it.

Trading Forex Vs Futures: Key Differences

Financial markets and the terminologies can be confusing sometimes. This article will explain the differences between Forex and Futures trade for beginners.

Lot of playing cards on a table, with an ace card up.

General Overview of the Gambling Market in Australia

Gambling is popular in Australia and the industry is worth an estimated $20 billion annually. Keep reading for an overview of the Australian gambling market!

The PS VR2 headset and two controllers.

The Hottest Topic: PS VR2

PS VR2 is an upcoming virtual reality headset from Sony. Not much is known about the device yet, but it promises to be great. Here are the latest news about it.

Woman wearing green knit cap and blue mask.

Here's How to Keep Your Phone From Freezing Up

Winter is coming soon and extreme cold makes the cell phone particularly vulnerable. This article contains tips how to keep your phone from freezing up.

Person holding pencil near laptop computer.

Cloud Services for New Projects

Everything is saved in databases. To keep everything working smoothly a robust IT insfrastructure is needed. That's why Cloud Services are essential.

Four playing dies on a table.

Where Do Casino Newbies Learn About Casino Tricks?

We look at some of the top internet gambling training programs and tutorials accessible right now to help players in the thriving online betting world.

The birds eye view of Tokyo.

The Current Situation of Gambling in Japan

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the current situation of gambling in Japan, and why the government has been reluctant to legalise gambling.

A man posing in a dark turtleneck shirt.

3 Classic Pieces for Men’s Capsule Wardrobe

The goal for every busy man is to create a capsule closet, and today we will finally tell you how to achieve that look. The key here is versatility and balance.

The birds eye view of London.

5 Things to Consider Before Investing in UK Real Estate

Real estate investment could be problematic if not done correctly, especially in a foreign country. This article will help to start your foreign investment.

Illustration of two in front of the background with label NFT.

Buying NFTs in 2022? Here Is How To!

NFTs managed to gain a lot of attention and attract more people, but many people don't know how to buy. This guide provides detailed insight into buying NFTs.

Football player in red jersey shirt and white pants.

6 Key Things You Need to Know About Sports Betting

Sports betting is very popular activity. From the outside looking in, sports betting can seem a little difficult. Here are the 6 key things to know about it.

A physical bitcoin coin in front of the Singaporean flag.

Is Cryptocurrency Popular in Singapore

Singapore has always been one of the top countries in terms of cryptocurrency acceptance. This article will help you understand why it is so popular there.

A persons hand with the palm facing towards the camera.

Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Whole Foods Palm Scanning

The ease of shopping is crucial for customers. Let's get to know Amazon whole foods palm scanning better and check out the reason behind its rapid success.

Lot of people are sitting inside a Japanese Pachinko.

Why 6Takarakuji Is the Only Online Casino Guide You Need

There are many sites available to play online, and it's crucial to compare them and find the best for your requirements. This article will help you with that.

A vacuum cleaner cleaning up some very dirty floor.

4 Must-Have Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Even when one of the chores on the long list of responsibilities gets eliminated, the relaxation homemakers feel is immense. Learn how the robots can help.

A blackjack table in an elegant casino.

Deck Penetration in Blackjack: What You Need to Know

In this article, we discuss what deck penetration in blackjack is, how it affects the game and strategies you can use to take advantage of it.

A mobile phone's screen with the Twitter icon in the middle.

Bots in Social Networks, a New Reality Or a Global Problem

Bots interfere with an objective assessment of the number of audiences in social network accounts. Today we will talk about how bots affect social networks.

Small sized drone flying over the palm of a person.

Is Drone Racing a Future of E-sport?

Drones are very popular among modern generations because of their technical oddities and stunning looks. This articles explains why they are the new e-sport.

A person holding a switched on light bulb.

Top African Startups You Should Watch

Africa is teeming with promising young companies worth taking a closer look at. This detailed guide will overview some African startups and their challenges.

A woman is looking out from behind plants.

5 Important Reasons to Include Tallow in Your Skin Care

Do you want to know more about tallow and how you can include it in your skincare routine? Here are five important reasons why you should use tallow.

A horse is running in a horse race.

Horse Betting: What You Need to Know Before You Start

One of the most followed sports is horse racing. If you are new at this, don't worry; just read our guide to learn all there is to know about this sport.

A person is playing a computer game in a big arena.

Types of Globally Recognized Esports

While it still unusual how Esport became famous, its popularity has spread worldwide to many countries. Learn about the different type of games used in Esport.

A man looking at his mobile phone.

Ways to Gamble Safely And Avoid Casino Scammers

As a result of advances in technology, lot of money related activities are available online. Learn how to stay away from the scammers when you playing online.

A fashion design picture, with a man wearing futuristic glasses.

NFT And Future Fashion

Virtual reality is borderless, and fashion business has begun to explore it. This article explains how virtual goods are taking over the fashion world.

A single Cardano coin stands in front of the plants.

6 Things to Know Before You Buy Cardano

Cardano is a third-generation decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project. This article outlines 6 things you should know about Cardano.

A street with full of clothes and people.

Summer Fashion Tips for Hot Weather

Summer is here and summer fashion is about to be in full swing. Here are some excellent summer fashion tips that are perfect for living in a hot climate.

A person is holding a mobile device with a blockchain application.

Online Gambling Trends: What the Future Holds in Technology

New technologies have led to a surge of gambling apps that have changed the way we use games. We will discuss how blockhain technology changed gambling.

Table with cards, playing baccarat.

Baccarat in Different Countries: How Popular Is This Game?

Baccarat is a popular game that is enjoyed in many countries. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the most popular places around the world!

Bitcoin in front of stock market chart.

Beginners Guide for Trading With Cryptocurrency

The more you know about crypto, the bigger your chances are of making a profit from trading. This article will guide you to start trading.

Person holding a mobile phone, with NFTs displayed on it.

Best Ways to Make Money From Crypto

NFTs were not popular a few years ago and no one was investing in them but now thousands of NFTs are made every day. This article will explain how NFTs work.

Picture of Thermal Power Plant situated in India.

India Needs $250 Billion Investment By 2030

To fulfill its promises, India needs $250 billion investment to be carbon neutral by 2030. This article will give you some insight of the progress.

Various crypto currency symbols.

6 Successful Ways to Make Money With Cryptocurrency

Every trader and investor’s goal is to generate worthwhile profits whenever they invest, and cryptocurrencies are no different from this goal.

Plant-based meat burger with lettuce and cheese.

The Era of Plant-Based Meat Startups

Ever since people have started searching for meat alternatives, the meat industry has seen in decline in sales. This created new industries around the world.

Person working on blue and white paper on board.

How to Synchronize the Buyer With Internal Planning And Production?

This blog post will discuss how Cross-sectoral Resource Planning works and how your business can benefit from it.

Person removing the battery from an electronic vehicle.

Innovative Battery Startups Changing the Future

With the ongoing surge of technological advancement, new battery startups have entered the market to make our lives easier. These startups worth your attention.

A man is buttoning his suit.

7 Things That Will Make You Look More Elegant

To demonstrate a sense of style and great taste, it's not necessary to fill the wardrobe with expensive clothes, this article will help you to understand why.

Microsoft store sign, 4 squares next to each other.

Microsoft Power BI: the Perfect Platform for Your Business

This blog post will discuss the benefits of using Microsoft Power BI for your business and how it can help you achieve success!

Marina Bay buildings in Singapore

Top 7 Blockchain Startups in Singapore

Singapore is now in fourth place among the world leaders in blockchain technology. The following article is a rundown of the top 10 most fascinating ones.

A gold coin like Bitcoin

Crypto Trading in Singapore

Singapore is a hub for cryptocurrencies with many crypto exchanges and startups. Learn what kind of regulations are surrounding cryptocurrencies in Singapore.

Little girl standing in a brick wall, with 'For Woman' graffiti on it.

5 Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is an entire month dedicated to showcasing and exploring women’s history. Check out the following 5 things that you can do to celebrate!

Photo of a Hermes Kellydoll bag.

Bag Charm From Hermès

A pompous and self-important environment can be found in the fashion industry from time to time.

Close-up photo of playing cards

Things to Look for in a Good Online Casino

You may think that an online casino is just like any other website, but there are some points that every good casino should have.

A woman's hand is giving money

Top 10 GoFundMe Alternatives

In this article, we will explore the best GoFundMe alternatives for everybody.

Maisie Williams speaking at the 2019 San Diego Comic Con

Maisie Williams on TikTok, And Saving Dolphins

This is an interview that was done with Maisie Williams - who plays Arya Stark to the HBO show 'Game of Thrones' - on the red carpet for 'Mind Games'

Macro photography of black ceramic Gautama Buddha miniature

Clean And Recharge Your Crystals With These Simple Steps

Crystals are often used for spiritual growth, but can also be used to cleanse and recharge. Follow these simple steps to cleanse your crystals.

Yellow and black coated wire

The New Age Selfie Is Having Your Aura Photographed

Aura photography is a new trend in self-care that many are turning to for its relaxing properties.

A few half rotten apples on the ground

Three Singapore Start-Ups Fighting the Ugly Side of Food Waste

New start-ups in Singapore are fighting food waste with a range of solutions. They're part of a movement to reduce the 1.3 billion tons of waste each year.

Lauren Tsai is smiling to the camera

Lauren Tsai, Model, Artist And Actress of Netflix's Terrace House

Meet Lauren Tsai is a model, artist, and actress in Tokyo. She spends her days with many artistic endeavors, and recently starred in Netflix's Terrace House.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15202ST the Discontinued Icon

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch is a luxury watch that was introduced in 1972. The watch is known for its iconic design and its high-quality craftsmanship.

Green tea plantation from birds eye view

TWG: Taha Bouqdib's Breakfast Tea - the Complete Story of a Local Legend

TWG Taha Bouqdib's Breakfast Tea is a Middle Eastern blend of tea and spices that will fill your morning with the aroma of the Mediterranean.

Photography of people sitting on theater during nighttime

Met Opera Musicians Who Have Been Working Without Pay Since April

Musicians of the Metropolitan Opera have been working without pay since April, when negotiations failed to produce a new contract by the deadline.

A person's hand with a watch

TimberTex, the Sustainable Strap Developed By IWC

TimberTex is a sustainable strap developed by IWC to satisfy the needs of those who want to wear the watch and simultaneously care for the environment.

Letter forced into the post box

Who Look After Singapore's Undelivered Mail

The Postal Services Department of Singapore, also known as SingPost, is the authority that looks after undelivered mail.

Omega seamaster 300 watch on a bronze box

Omega Commemorates the Year 2021 With a Bronze Seamaster

Omega has announced the launch of a new, limited edition Omega Seamaster that celebrates the upcoming year 2021.

A poster with a castle built from Lego.

The New Brickman LEGO Exhibition in Singapore

The world's largest LEGO exhibition is coming to Singapore! With more than 1.5 million LEGOs, the show features a small-size copy of the most iconic landmarks.

Parfume surrounded with pears.

The Underrated Fruity Scent of Pear

The sweet, juicy scent of pear is always underrated. Get your hands on a fruity fragrance for a refreshing experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Letter T written on a paper.

The Letter T

The letter T is a versatile character with many different uses. For example, a single T can be part of a word on its own or represent several consonant sounds.

Marilyn Monroe in 1961.

The History of Famous Celebrity Irises And Their Meaning

Celebrity eyes are a popular topic in the world of fashion, and cosmetics. The colors and meanings of these famous irises may not be what you thought they were.

Britney Spears singing

New Britney Spears Song Is in the Works

In a recent interview, Britney Spears attacks her family and previews a new song, saying, "I haven't forgotten what they did to me."

Eye shadow palette, in a shape of a dinosaur.

Eyeshadow Palettes Get More Color in the Spring

Here is the latest Sephora eyeshadow palettes. The palettes now feature creative picture prints, 3D textures.

Butterfly shaped jewelry

Tiffany & Co.'s Colors of Nature High Jewellery Collection

Here is the latest Tiffany & Co. High Collection, the Colors of Nature. The exceptional craftmanship and rigorously selected stones will take your breath away.

White ceramic mug on book, filled with marshmallow.

Who Could Resist Eating a Marshmallow?

The marshmallow test is an experiment to measure a children's ability to delay gratification. With unexpected correlation with the child's life success.

Mark Chao is receiving an award

Let's Meet Mark Chao

Mark Chao is know from the Netflix hit Eternal Love role, now he is focusing on his business. But who is he behind the scenes?

Kim Kardasian in black dress

Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian

What happens when a reality TV star earns millions, is respected in the fashion and beauty business, and has found an even higher, more critical purpose?