Most-Followed Sports in Singapore

There are plenty of beautiful sights and famous places in Singapore. However, while one may not immediately think of sports when it comes to this popular Asian country, Singapore actually has a rich and proud sporting culture, both recreationally and as a participant in professional competition.

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Image by Vladvictoria from Pixabay

There are a fair few sports there that its people love playing recreationally, watching, taking part in professionally, and betting on. Some of them may surprise you, since they aren’t the kind of sports outsiders may immediately think of associating with the nation. Here’s a look at the most followed sports that Singaporeans just can’t get enough of.


As in many other parts of the world, football (soccer) is extremely popular in Singapore. Despite the country having very strict gambling laws, and only allowing sports gambling through the famous Singapore Pools, there are plenty of offshore online sportsbooks, compared here, that provide ample opportunities for punters there to bet on their favorite football clubs.

Aside from the spectacle of the local SFL football league which is passionately followed by residents, major football leagues like the English Premier League and Spain’s La Liga are also very popular there. Huge clubs like Liverpool, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Barcelona have massive followings there, and betting on them often adds to all the excitement for Singaporeans who follow football religiously.


Given the country’s colonial past, plus its proximity and cultural similarities to countries like India, cricket is another sport that’s very popular there. Boasting their own national cricket team, Singapore have improved a lot and compete in various international tournaments, though are yet to qualify for a cricket world cup.

Regionally, the country has a rivalry with Malaysia, and the sport is followed closely when it comes to major tournaments like the world cups, and the very popular Indian Premier League. For the same reasons, betting on cricket is also often common in Singapore.


Although a sport more closely associated with the USA, basketball has a huge following in Singapore. Internationally, the country has a very decent team and is often among countries that do well in international basketball competitions.

When it comes to gambling on the sport, players are chiefly attracted to international tournaments, and most notably, the NBA championships. With continuously growing popularity, basketball has always been one of the country’s favorite and most-followed sports.


Another sport both well-loved by Singaporeans and one they’re very good at in international competition, Badminton has always been a favorite in the country. A game of skill, stamina, and finesse, Singaporian Badminton players have a great reputation on the national stage and have often done very well in various tournaments.

In fact, Singaporean Badminton players have won gold once at the World Championships and twice at the Commonwealth Games, giving them a proud heritage in the sport. Badminton as a sport in general has been steadily rising in popularity. As a result more and more sportsbooks offer it as a sport that can be bet on now. Getting the most out of the betting experience requires selecting the best odds, and through its popularity with online gambling, the sport now has more betting options available to punters than ever.

Horse Racing

With a proud heritage in the sport, horse racing is both highly popular and big business in Singapore. Globally, one of the richest sports in the world, Singapore is no stranger to the allure and lucrative nature of it, attracting some of the best horses and jockeys in the world to compete there.

With the famous racing course, Singapore Turf Club, being around since 1842, the country has a long history of horse racing. Around the world, horse racing is synonymous with elite betting opportunities, high fashion, and big money. Singapore is no stranger to any of these things as its people closely follow and bet on the sport.


Globally, tennis ranks in the top three for the most popular sports to bet on. As a result of that, and Singaporeans being avid followers of the sport, it often makes for one of the most popular sports in the country. Singapore has had its fair share of professional tennis players over the years.

Though none have made that much of a big splash in the rankings, the game’s popularity continues to grow there. The country also has its own national tennis leagues and domestic tournaments that are very popular among players, spectators, and sports bettors alike.


Among the sports that has seen some of the largest growth in recent years, golf has always been very popular in Singapore. Both recreationally and professionally through tournaments like the HSBC’s Women’s World Championship and the Singapore Classic, which forms part of the European Tour, the country has an avid golfing heritage.

Boasting some truly beautiful courses like the Marina Bay 18-hole course, the country is renowned for its smart architecture, beautiful designs, and cleanliness. These are all ideal traits for golf courses so it’s no surprise the country has so many great ones.

Formula One

Beginning in the ‘60s, the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix has become one of the most popular races of the F1 calendar. The famous and beautiful Marina Bay Street Circuit became the inaugural night race and street circuit venue designed for F1 races held in Asia. A twisty circuit, although it’s one of the slowest, the amount of bends make it a tricky one to navigate and one that demands high levels of skill and focus from drivers.

Although the race took a long break from Formula 1, since 2008, it has been a regular fixture on the F1 calendar. 2024 is no different as Singapore is set to host its annual F1 race there in September. With a long and illustrious history in the sport, Singaporeans are devoted F1 followers, and the sport is also often a favorite among sports bettors too. A huge business there, defined by Singapore’s love of high tech devices, and the country’s exceptionally high standards, the country seems set to remain one of the few Asian countries to maintain such a regular footprint in the F1 scene.