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How to Determine Your Eye Shape And Why It Matters

Explore different eye shapes like almond, round, hooded, monolid, upturned, etc. Learn how to choose makeup styles that highlight your individual beauty.

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Sanpaku Eyes: a Guide to the Japanese Superstition

The Japanese term sanpaku means 'three whites', generally referred to as 'sanpaku eyes'. In which the white parts of the eyes are revealed, either above or below the iris.

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DIY Beauty: 9 All-Natural Recipes for Glowing Skin

Discover the magic of all-natural DIY beauty with these 9 incredible recipes for achieving radiant and glowing skin, from honey and turmeric to cucumber.

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How a Healthy Body Empowers Your Journey to Beauty And Vitality

Discover the intrinsic link between a fit physique and radiant beauty. Embrace wellness for a transformative journey to vitality and allure.

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Beyond Aesthetics: the Health Benefits of Manicures And Pedicures

Discover the health perks of manicures & pedicures. Beyond enhancing beauty, they promote skin health, improve circulation & reduce stress.

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Artificial Intelligence Powered Beauty Start Ups Proven HelloAva

HelloAva's top-notch beauty technology is powered by artificial intelligence to help you find the perfect products for your skin, hair and nails.

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4 Must-Have Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Even when one of the chores on the long list of responsibilities gets eliminated, the relaxation homemakers feel is immense. Learn how the robots can help.