11 Makeup Tips for Almond Eyes From Makeup Artists

Makeup is a powerful tool for enhancing our natural beauty. And understanding the unique features of your eyes can take your look to the next level. Today, we're focusing on almond-shaped eyes – but what exactly does that mean?

Almond-shaped eyes are characterized by a visible eyelid crease and an iris that touches the upper and lower lids. Those eyes are elongated and have inner and outer corners that taper to a point, although they typically have less eyelid space than rounder shapes. Almond eye shapes offer endless possibilities for makeup, including graphic liner and dramatic cut creases. If you haven't tailored your eyeshadow to your eye shape before, now's the time to start.

So grab some brushes as we delve into fantastic makeup tips for almond-shaped eyes straight from professional makeup artists who know all about working them!

Short Summary

1. Apply a Light Eyeshadow

Enhance the shape of your almond-shaped eyes by utilizing a simple tip: brush a light eyeshadow across your entire lid. It's easy to do and can make an enormous difference in how wide open or lifted your eye looks.

Not sure which hue suits you best? Try several from a neutral eyeshadow palette and see what works—it could be that blending peach and champagne is all it takes to brighten up your gaze.

Be versatile—don't be afraid to create a bespoke shade by mixing two or more colors until you get the look you're after!

2. Highlight Your Inner Corner

If you're looking for a top tip on making the most of almond-shaped eyes with your make-up, look no further than this little gem: highlight those inner corners.

Yep, eyes of almond shape can get all sneaky and appear smaller compared to rounder shapes - but fear not! A quick swipe of shimmery or glowy shadow or highlighting product in the inner corners (near the tear ducts) can give the illusion that they're bigger and brighter.

This trick is clever because when light hits that shimmer or glow, it reflects, adding instant luminosity – like a mini spotlight on your gorge almond-shaped peepers.

So, next time you do your eye makeup, grab that sparkling shade and show your inner corners some extra love. Pair it with sexy, smoky eye makeup or a bold, colorful look to maximize the hypnotic effect.

3. Consider a Bright Eyeliner

To accentuate almond-shaped eyes, try a simple tip: go for vibrant eyeliner. Though dark liner is good at shaping eyes, it can shrink them visually.

With brightly colored eyeliners—blue, purple, pink, or even white—you'll have an easy way to shake things up and make your peepers appear wider.

For example, a flash of electric blue liner near the lash line will open up almond eyes in an instant and inject some life into your makeup look overall. So don't be afraid to experiment with different hues – use your eyeliner to express your natural shape!

4. Use a Lighter Color on Your Bottom Waterline

If you want to make your eyes pop, try this sly little trick: lighten up on the bottom waterline. Using black eyeliner on the top lids and a lighter hue under the bottom lashes adds depth and dimension that highlights your eyes' natural beauty.

Picture putting, say, a pale beige or pearly white liner pencil in your lower waterline. It doesn't look anything special, but it's surprisingly transformative. Not only does it open up your eyes, but it enhances their color as well.

That dark upper lash line against a lighter lower lash line creates an optical illusion of larger, brighter eyes—eyes that are seriously hard to look away from.

5. Curl Your Lashes

Curling your lashes is yet another tip for makeup if you have almond-shaped eyes. This simple step instantly lifts and widens the eyes, making them look more awake – a game-changer regardless of eye shape.

Start with clean lashes to achieve beautiful curled effects. Open the curler and place it at the base of your eyelashes as close to the roots as possible. Gently close the curler, then pulse it open and close it for about 10 seconds. You're creating a gentle squeeze on your lashes.

When you release, you'll see an instant difference: longer-looking, lifted-upward lashes that help define those almond-shaped eyes even more.

6. Accentuate the Outer Corners of Your Eyes

You can draw attention to the outer corners of your almond-shaped eyes for a more enhanced look. This technique adds extra drama and gives your eyes an elongated, stunning look!

Use a deep brown or black shade of eyeshadow and apply it to the outer corner of your eyelid. Blend this inward towards the center, creating a seamless transition for maximum impact.

Take it even further by extending the shadow slightly past your natural outer corner - so easy to do with almond-shaped eyes! That subtle cat-eye effect will add some real wow factor!

Another way? Winged eyeliner flicking upwards at those edges. This lifts them beautifully and makes everything far more defined.

7. Create a Blended Smoky Eye

Almond-shaped eyes enhance your natural beauty – and they're perfect for creating a blended smoky eye!

Not only is this classic look sultry, but it's also a great way to make the most of your natural beauty. Adding depth and dimension to your eyes ensures all focus will be on them.

Start by sweeping a neutral base color over your eyelid to create the look. Then, add a slightly darker shade to your crease for definition. Blend in a deeper color over the outer corner of your lid and blend halfway across towards the center.

Lastly, don't forget about bringing some eyeshadow underneath along your lower lash line for extra drama!

Hollywood stars like Blake Lively and Adriana Lima are fans of this captivating smoky eye look with their striking almond-shaped peepers – so why not try it out?

8. Consider a Cut Crease

If you have almond-shaped eyes, you're in for a real treat. One foolproof way to make them look even more stunning? A cut crease!

But wait – what exactly is a cut crease? Imagine a sharp, defined line of eyeshadow right in your eyelid's crease (above where your lid folds). It's like an optical illusion that helps accentuate your eye shape.

Apply your base eyeshadow shade all over your lid to get the perfect cut crease. Then, using a small brush, slowly build up the color in the crease itself – paying special attention to creating that super-sharp line.

Remember: Don't blend too much if you want those lines to stay nice and crisp.

Want to take things up another notch? Use concealer around the edges – it'll help sharpen everything up and give it an even cleaner look.

9. Make the End of Your Brows Light

Your almond-shaped eyes can look even more gorgeous with a slight adjustment to your eyebrows. Instead of going for thicker, bolder brows, consider thinning them out and lightening them up.

A lighter touch at the tail end of your eyebrow will create an uplifting illusion, opening up your eyes and giving you a little extra lift.

Try extending the tail end of your brow a tad higher. Then, stroke in feather-light strokes to get that softly groomed effect. By keeping things light toward the ends, you'll draw attention to that lovely almond shape—and make your eyes stand out.

10. Create a Winged Shadow Effect

Creating winged eyeliner is a breeze if you have almond-shaped eyes. The shape of this eye type is ideal for making a stunning wing that adds glamour and elegance to your beauty regimen. The sultry siren eye trend can provide some pointers if you want to elongate almond-shaped eyes.

To get the look, apply dark eyeshadow thinly along your lash line on top, carrying it up slightly at the outer corner to form a small flick. Use a little smudging brush to blur where necessary – what you're aiming for is not overtly sharp but very striking.

The upshot? Eyes that are incredibly arresting and alluring without being too "done."

11. Consider Making Cat Eyes

Making cat eyes is a technique every makeup artist knows well, mostly because it enhances almond-shaped eyes. It's all about the eyeliner in this classic look, which creates a winged shape that elongates the outer corners of your peepers to resemble a feline's.

For an awesome result, apply a thin liner along your upper lashline, then build up the line as you reach the outer corner – think of it as 'winging out' more and more.

Add to the flicked-up illusion by using gel or liquid liner formulas for precision – try several until you find one that works best for you.

If drama's your thing, amplify your cat eye by extending the line further before connecting it with your lower lash line. And voilà: a gaze inspired by our furry friends.


If you want to make a splash with your makeup, learning to apply it like a pro can completely transform the focal point of your almond-shaped eyes.

By understanding your eye shape and using the right techniques, you can enhance their natural beauty and create stunning, guaranteed showstoppers.

From playing around with eyeshadow placement to perfecting the cat-eye flick, these expert-backed tips will help you showcase your almond-shaped eyes like never before.

So feel free to experiment with different products — we've got guidance from professional artists who know what they're talking about.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Mean to Have Almond Eyes?

The eye shape known as almond eyes features a visible crease in the eyelid and an iris touching both the top and bottom lids.

What Eyeliner Makes Almond Eyes Look Bigger?

For bigger-looking almond eyes, go with a thin or medium-sized winged liner that follows the eye's natural shape—avoid thick lines that can overpower this more delicate shape.

What Makeup Looks Best on Almond-shaped Eyes?

There are many makeup looks to play up those almond-shaped beauties. Still, some popular ones include cat eyes, neutral smoky eyes, and shimmery shadows (think bronze or gold) to accentuate their loveliness even more.

Which Eye Shape Is Most Attractive?

Beauty is subjective, and what makes someone attractive varies from person to person. But symmetrical eye shapes are more attractive because of their balanced proportions: Think almond- or oval-shaped peepers here.