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Decoding Fashion: Understanding Your Body Type Kibbe Style

Embrace Kibbe Style's unique system to categorize body types, learn how to dress yours for maximum effect, and feel confident in your fashion choices.

Woman putting clothes in a suitcase for the next vacation

Capsule Travel Wardrobe: Your Ultimate Guide to Stylish, Minimalist Packing

Dive into the concept of capsule travel wardrobes and discover how to pack efficiently, ensuring style and readiness for any travel experience.

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Wardrobe Capsule: the Ultimate Guide to Streamlining Your Fashion

Embark on your journey to fashion simplicity with our ultimate guide to wardrobe capsules, turning a chaotic closet into a minimalist dream.

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Clothes Combination Color Guide: Learn to Combine Colors Like a Pro

Elevate your style by understanding how to mix and match colors effectively, whether you're into minimalistic or bold fashion choices, with our article.

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The Iconic Omega Speedmaster And the Legacy of Luxury Watches

Uncover the full breadth of the Omega Speedmaster's impact on both the luxury watch industry and its synonymous relation with space exploration.

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The Wholesale Apparel Revolution: Trends, Benefits, And How to Find the Perfect Fit

Understand the revolution in wholesale apparel, transforming the fashion industry with affordable, trending options for small boutiques and large chains.

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The Undisputed Sartorial Savior for Summer: Why Dresses for Women Reign Supreme

Dive deeper into why dresses for women are the ultimate sartorial choice for summer, epitomizing comfort and style for the season ahead.

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How to French Tuck Your Shirt Perfectly

Discover the art of the French tuck! Learn how to perfect the styling trick for any shirt type, avoid common mistakes, and elevate your look effortlessly.

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Master How to Tie Ties: 12 Different Knots Explained

Learn different ways to tie a tie. Discover easy-to-follow steps, tips for the perfect knot, and advice for choosing the right style for your outfit.

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Fast Fashion And the Environment: How Your Wardrobe Choices Impact the Earth

Explore the world of sustainable fashion and its environmental impact. Discover how fast fashion affects the Earth, from excessive water use to pollution.

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Why Finding the Right Jeans That Fit Matters And How to Do It?

Discover why finding the right jeans matters for your comfort and style. Read our easy tips on how to find jeans that fit perfectly and make you feel great.

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Breaking Free From the Catwalk: Transitioning Into the Music Industry

Explore the journey from the catwalk to the music stage. Learn key steps for a seamless transition into the music industry, backed by real-life success stories.

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Moving to Asia: a Fashionista's Dream Come True

Explore why relocating to Asia is a fashionista's dream. Dive into the rich fashion culture, trends, and opportunities that await in this dynamic region.

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Unlocking Value: Exploring the Convergence of Fashion, NFTs, And Investment

Discover the intersection of fashion, NFTs, and investment. Learn how to unlock value in this unique convergence, navigating the digital frontier for profit.

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Why Do We Wear Black So Much? a Fashion Psychologist Explains

There are many different explanations for why we wear black so often. Here, an expert in fashion psychology looks at the main theories and what they mean for you.

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How the Barbie Movie Is Changing the Fashion Landscape

Explore how the Barbie movie revolutionizes fashion trends. Dive into its influence on style narratives and the industry's transformative shift.

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Color Wheel for Clothes: a Guide to Find Your Matching Colors

Elevate your style with the Clothing Color Wheel. Discover harmonious color blends, trendy pairings, and a guide to confident fashion choices.

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What Is an Inseam? How to Measure for the Perfect Fit

Discover your perfect fit with inseam measurements! Learn how to measure accurately and find comfortable pants that flatter your shape.

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How to Create a Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Men Must Have

Discover the art of minimalism with a stylish men's capsule wardrobe. Simplify your style, maximize your options.Build a functional capsule wardrobe.

A man posing in a dark turtleneck shirt.

3 Classic Pieces for Men’s Capsule Wardrobe

The goal for every busy man is to create a capsule closet, and today we will finally tell you how to achieve that look. The key here is versatility and balance.

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How the Movement Who Made My Clothes Got Started

The Who Made My Clothes? movement is a global call to action to fashion brands and retailers to make their supply chain more transparent.

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Why Are Dancing Drums Slots Such a Popular Game

Dancing Drums Slots is an slot machine game. In this article we'll look at why everybody ranks this game so highly and how it goes from strength to strength.

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Brand to Know: a Malaysian Line Producing Luxury Rattan Bags

Malaysian Line is a luxury brand of rattan handbags and accessories. Malaysian Line products are made from natural materials to provide the highest qualit

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The Costume Designer Who Creates Period Garments as Well as Superhero Suits

Costume designer Alexandra Byrne has worked on some of the most visually-stunning and critically-acclaimed films of the last twenty years.

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Extending the Fashion Packaging War to Fashion Invitations

The prestige of the fashion packager has been called into question. We see more and more brands extend their control over the packaging to fashion invitations.

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Futura: Modern Streetwear's Unsung Hero

Leonard Hilton McGurr known as Futura is an American artist and designer, best known for his co-authorship of the original logo for the Hollywood sign

A fashion design picture, with a man wearing futuristic glasses.

NFT And Future Fashion

Virtual reality is borderless, and fashion business has begun to explore it. This article explains how virtual goods are taking over the fashion world.

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Summer Fashion Tips for Hot Weather

Summer is here and summer fashion is about to be in full swing. Here are some excellent summer fashion tips that are perfect for living in a hot climate.

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7 Things That Will Make You Look More Elegant

To demonstrate a sense of style and great taste, it's not necessary to fill the wardrobe with expensive clothes, this article will help you to understand why.

Photo of a Hermes Kellydoll bag.

Bag Charm From Hermès

A pompous and self-important environment can be found in the fashion industry from time to time.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15202ST the Discontinued Icon

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch is a luxury watch that was introduced in 1972. The watch is known for its iconic design and its high-quality craftsmanship.

A person's hand with a watch.

TimberTex, the Sustainable Strap Developed By IWC

TimberTex is a sustainable strap developed by IWC to satisfy the needs of those who want to wear the watch and simultaneously care for the environment.

Omega seamaster 300 watch on a bronze box

Omega Commemorates the Year 2021 With a Bronze Seamaster

Omega has announced the launch of a new, limited edition Omega Seamaster that celebrates the upcoming year 2021.