7 Things That Will Make You Look More Elegant

To demonstrate a sense of style and exquisite taste, it is not necessary to fill the wardrobe with expensive clothes. It is enough to pay attention to a few key things. An expensive-looking image is not always a set assembled exclusively from very expensive things. In this case, the word “expensive” means rather “exquisite and noble” because clothes with a very high price tag can also look cheap. If your goal is to demonstrate your own fine taste and great dressing skills with the help of a wardrobe, it is enough to pay special attention to a few key things.

A man is buttoning his suit.
Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash

Perfect Fit Jeans

Perhaps someone will be surprised that the list of clothes opens with such a seemingly simple and everyday thing as a pair of jeans. But many of us wear jeans all the time - because they are convenient, comfortable and allow you to quickly make a variety of sets. It is quite possible to look expensive in jeans - but they must be great jeans.

First, they must fit perfectly. If you sew yourself, the best option is to work hard and create a pair whose fit will satisfy you completely. Second, choose classic cuts, such as straight, slightly tapered, or delicately flared jeans with a medium or slightly high fit. Pay attention to a fairly dense fabric for jeans. Do not choose too stretchy and thin denim. And refrain from excessive decor, whether it be embroidery, rhinestones, contrasting scuffs and holes with picturesque frayed edges.

If you do not wear jeans at all, carefully select the bottom that you wear most often. A skirt or trousers should fit perfectly and be impeccably sewn from quality fabric. A good style is especially important for live dealers when they are hosting live casino games. You can check them here at online Casino in Canada and get the possible experience while choosing both male and female dealers.

White Wide-Cut Shirt

It is a versatile item that will help in the preparation of many sets for all seasons. For an expensive-looking shirt, what matters is a model that definitely suits you, a good fit, quality fabric and fittings. It is also worth considering that even the best shirts, especially white ones, lose their original gloss from constant wear and washing, so this shirt should be updated regularly.

White T-shirt

Another thing worth buying or sewing before each new season is a classic white t-shirt. When it comes to t-shirts, the easiest colour to go for is white – it’s versatile and refreshes any look. Pay special attention to knitwear: choose the highest quality. The moderate oversized cut is preferred: too tight T-shirts do not add high cost to the image.

Cashmere Sweater Or Jumper

A cashmere sweater or jumper is just the thing that you can invest in once so that later you can wear it with pleasure for several seasons or even several years. Choose calm neutral colours (grey, beige, milky), a classic model and no decor.

Silk Blouse And/or Dress

Silk itself plays an important role. Silk clothing, with proper care, is the same long-term investment as cashmere, so a dress or blouse made from chic natural silk will serve you for a long time and will pay off more than once. To keep the item relevant, choose timeless cuts and prints. In this case, it is also better to refuse unnecessary details.

Quality Coat

Choose an excellent quality fabric with a high content of wool or cashmere for a status coat. Colours are also traditional for such a coat: the easiest way is to stop at one of the shades of camel wool. Of course, in the case of a coat, the quality of tailoring is especially important - if you sew such a coat with your own hands, it is better not to rush and do everything as carefully as possible.


Shoes are one of the important elements of the image, which can significantly affect the overall impression. Firstly, a pair must be made with high quality - such brands can be found in the middle price segment. Secondly, in order for shoes to make a status impression, it is better to opt for models that are close to the classics. Finally, carefully select shoes to fit in size and do not cause discomfort when used. Even the highest quality shoes or boots will soon deform and lose their decent appearance if they are too small or narrow. And, of course, shoes should also be taken care of on time. Neatness is one of the signs of an image that looks expensive.