Bag Charm From Hermès

A pompous and self-important environment can be found in the fashion industry from time to time.

Photo of a Hermes Kellydoll bag.
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"I believe that fashion takes itself way too seriously," said American designer and Moschino CEO Jeremy Scott in a widely quoted 2013 interview.

It's simply a matter of personal preference, people.
Nothing more than a change of clothes.
"It's not intended for you to consider of it as a church and to pray to a blouse," says the author. "It should be playful and joyful."

The luxury brand Hermès, which has been in business for 184 years in France, is an example of a company clearly on the same page as its clients.
The Kellydole is a bag charm first created in 1999 by Jean-Louis Duma, a descendant of the Hermès family and former chairman of the board of directors.
Kellydole, a smiling humanoid bag that is a miniature duplicate of the brand's classic Kelly handbag, was inspired by "mischievous imagination," according to Hermès.

A play on words appears in the band's name as well: "Kellydole" is an abbreviation for "quelle idole," which is French for "what an idol." In English, the phrase translates as "what an idol."
In this collection, Hermès updates the Kellydole to be more contemporary for the twenty-first century.
Additionally, in addition to two of Hermès' most popular leathers, Tadelakt calfskin and Mysore goatskin, the latest edition of the charm comes in a vibrant spectrum of primary hues including red, yellow, and blue, as well as gold and silver.

In the Kellydole's four flappable limbs and clasp (which also functions as the nose), you can fit a pair of earbuds (without the charging case), a ring, or another similar-sized trinket — and nothing else — in your pocket.
Instead of being based solely on its function, it has a strong emotional attachment.
On the other hand, its self-effacing smile reminds us all that the worth of some things should not be measured in terms of their utility but rather in terms of the joy that they bring us instead.