How to French Tuck Your Shirt Perfectly

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There are so many fashion trends we see as we welcome the new season every time. However, there are several evergreen tricks you can always count on to take your every outfit to the next level.

One of them is the French tuck. If this is the first time you hear about the art of French tucking, continue reading.

Find out how to properly french tuck or half tuck any shirt type and which mistakes to avoid when learning this styling trick.

Short Summary

What Is French Tuck?

This styling trick refers to a specific way of tucking your shirt into your pants or skirt on the front but leaving the rest of the fabric loose.

When you decide to French-tuck your shirt, prepare to add another dimension to your entire look.

This simple, often overlooked technique can make any style look more elegant, even with a pair of jeans. People use it to emphasize their waist, give a new look to their oversized sweaters, flatten out the front of their dress shirt, and so on.

This loose-tuck fashion technique became quite popular recently due to Netflix's Queer Eye show, which referred to this trick as something we all should know about.

That said, it's important to know that French tuck is different from full and half tuck.

What Is Full Tuck?

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If French tuck is a more relaxed variation of this styling trick, full tuck is its more professional and elegant alternative.

Full tuck refers to shirts that are tucked in from the front, back, and side and are often used for businesses and elegant events, such as conferences and weddings.

Although you will notice that men wear this style more than women, especially with button-downs, women also wear them with blouses and button-downs.

What Is Half Tuck?

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The third variation of shirt tucking is a half tuck, also known as a one-hand tuck. This is a very chic and cool way to add a new dimension to your look if an untucked look seems more dull. In other words, tucking one-half of the shirt on the front might completely transform your look if you wear pants with dress shirts.

It's up to you to decide which part, left or right, will be tucked in. You can use this technique if you want to highlight your belt or waist, or just want to emphasize your silhouette.

French Tucking for Button-Down Shirts

Maybe the most difficult clothing item to tuck, button-down shirts require more work than oversized sweaters or t-shirts.

As they are easy to wrinkle, button-downs can create a messy look if you don't tuck them properly.

Add to all that, and the untucked shirts look even messier, so you'll want to know how to tuck them tight at the front and leave them to hang behind.

Here is how you will want to French tuck your button-downs:

What to French Tuck

If you're new to French tucking, you'll be happy to hear you can do it with any shirt you own, from T-shirts and sweaters to button-down shirts and blouses.

Because of its simplicity, French tuck works well with different fabrics, from wool and cotton to silk.

That said, even the bottom part of your outfit won't limit your French tuck. You will find it's quite easy to tuck in your t-shirt or a sweater with your favorite pair of jeans, pants, skirts, leggings, and even shorts!

Professional Tips When Tucking Your Shirt Hem

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Although tuck tricks work with almost every clothing piece you have in your closet, mistakes can still happen in the process.

To help you make your French tuck work, we've gathered useful tips from fashion experts, all in the list below:


French tuck can elevate your look and make you appear more fashionable wherever you go. However, it takes a bit of skill to tuck well and understand which style to choose.

These tips we shared above can help you learn more about important factors in choosing the right tucking technique, such as clothing pieces, fabrics, shapes, with or without the belt, casual and effortless over a perfect French tuck style, etc.

Whichever option you choose, check it in the mirror and feel good about yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are French Tucks Still in Style?

French tucks are still in style because of their ability to transform every look into a stylish statement. It can be worn on high-waisted denim, t-shirts, midi skirt, sweater, oversized sweaters and shirts, sweatshirt, blouse, leggings, and with any fabric you have in your closet. French tucks are also easy to use for loose-fitting items, and you can adjust different tucking options depending on the occasion.

Where Did the French Tuck Originate?

Tan France, the fashion designer in Netflix's Queer Eye show, popularized the term French tuck. On the show, Tan France shared that he has been French-tucking his shirt for the past 20 years after he saw it at a runway show in France. Tan France used this styling trick throughout the Queer Eye show and contributed to the popularization of the perfect French tuck.

What Is the Difference Between a French Tuck And a Full Tuck?

French tuck refers to the technique in which you tuck the front side of your shirt into your pants or skirt, while full tuck requires you to tuck in your entire shirt, leaving your shirt completely flat from all sides. French tuck, or front tuck, can be used with oversized items to create a bulkier look, like a sweater or t-shirt. French tuck is a great way to style loose-fitting items and emphasize your waist.