The Kibbe Body Type Test: a Comprehensive Guide

Are you tired of not knowing what clothes suit your body? Discover your body shape with the Kibbe Body Test and find out how to celebrate it.

Forget old classifications! Image consultant David Kibbe's system uses bone structure, facial features, and body flesh to suggest styles just for you.

Fashion will become fun once you know your Kibbe type. No more feeling like beautiful looks aren't meant for you when they don't look right (or feel good). It's about learning to show off what you love about yourself through clothes that fit well, too!

We will delve deep into this game-changing test so that soon enough, there will be harmony in everyone's wardrobes. Get ready for a style transformation like no other!

Short Summary

How to Approach a Kibbe Body Type Test?

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According to David Kibbe's classification system, the Kibbe Body Type Test helps you determine your body type. For this, you'll need minimal clothing (like a swimsuit or underwear), good lighting, and a full-length mirror.

Stand up straight in front of the mirror and take a photo that shows your whole body. Make sure it's well-lit. Keep the camera at chest height so you don't distort anything in the picture.

You'll also need a pen and paper nearby because this test has three sections: one about bone structure, one about flesh on top of your bones, and another about facial features.

For each question's number, write down only its corresponding letter (A, B, C, D, or E). The test will later determine whether your answers fall more into Yin (softer) categories versus Yang (sharper) ones.

When answering these questions, please use whichever answer seems closest overall, even if none feel exactly right. Look for general trends rather than getting hung up on specifics. Detailed descriptions should help clarify things if needed.

Also, keep in mind that small deviations are normal and will not radically change everything we're working toward.

We aim to capture what seems most dominant from all those patterns to generate possible clusters that may yield an accurate Kibbe Body Type match for you!

Part 1: Bone Structure

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In the initial part of the Kibbe Body Type Test, you'll look at your bones. Remember, we're not interested in how much flesh you've got on top of them – this bit is about structure alone.

Why does this matter? Bone structure affects how clothes hang on your body—and that's one of the main ways we identify your Kibbe type!

1. How Long Is Your Vertical Line?

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When determining your vertical line in the bone structure category of the Kibbe Body Type Test, think about how tall you seem to others rather than how tall you actually are. There are five possible vertical lines:

2. What Shape Are Your Shoulders?

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When determining your Kibbe body type, it's essential to assess the shape of your shoulders. As you answer this question, please pay attention to how your posture affects how they look.

Also, take note of whether your shoulders are asymmetrical or uneven, meaning one may appear slightly higher or lower than the other. Here's what each one means:

3. How Long Are Your Arms And Legs, And What Shape Are They?

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To determine this, take a photo of yourself from the side at chest level with your arms hanging loosely at your sides. Take note of where your fingertips fall on your thighs. Be careful not to reach or extend your arms in any way, as this can give a false idea of their length.

Here are the options for describing arm and leg length:

4. What Are the Size And Shape of Your Hands And Feet?

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Understanding whether your hands and feet are long and narrow, large and broad, moderate in size, small and delicate, or small and slightly wide can help you pick accessories such as shoes or rings that harmonize with your body overall.

Here's what each category means:

Part 2: Body Flesh

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In the second part of the Kibbe Body Type Test, we will be looking at your body flesh. Please remember that we are not talking about body fat here. Instead, we're considering the overall look of your flesh, including skin and muscles.

For instance, you might have chubby cheeks that are still quite soft, even if you're actually slim. Alternatively, someone could be carrying extra weight overall yet still boast firm skin on their cheekbones.

By examining factors like these ones closely, you can get further insight into how your bodily flesh contributes to its overall appearance – and, therefore, which kinds of styles or clothing choices might best suit it!

5. What Is the Overall Shape of Your Body?

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When you take the Kibbe Body Type Test, it asks about the overall shape of your body. Here's what they mean:

6. What Shape Is Your Bust Line Or Upper Torso?

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As you consider the shape of your bustline or upper torso, remember that this has nothing to do with your weight. It's just about the shape. Here are some more details about each answer:

7. What Shape Is Your Waistline?

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Analyzing the shape of your middle area compared with your bust and hips, you will find several descriptive terms used in the Kibbe Body Type Test:

8. What Shape Are Your Hips?

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The next question in the test concerns your hip shape. Here, you'll have a few choices:

9. What Best Describes the Flesh on Your Upper Arms And Thighs?

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When assessing the skin on your upper arms and thighs for the Kibbe Body Type Test, remember that this question isn't just about how often you hit the gym. Instead of making assumptions, try to answer based on what you can observe yourself physically.

To answer correctly, gently pinch the skin on both your upper arm and your thigh. Don't worry about whether they're big or small—pay attention to how they feel!

Part 3: Facial Features

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For the last part of your Kibbe Body Type Test, we'll be looking at your facial features. To get an accurate idea of what we're working with here, please take a makeup-free, straight-on photo of yourself!

That way, you can determine which styles of clothing and types of makeup will bring out your best features based on your Kibbe type.

10. What Shape Is Your Jawline?

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As you determine your jawline in the Kibbe Body Type Test, be sure to take a photo of your face straight on without smiling too much. Here are the options for describing your jawline:

11. What Shape Is Your Nose?

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In the Kibbe Body Type Test, you might encounter different choices to describe the shape of your nose. Here's what each option means:

12. What Shape Are Your Cheekbones?

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In order to determine the shape of your cheekbones in the Kibbe Body Type Test, focus only on the bones and not the flesh. Here are descriptions for each choice:

13. What Shape Are Your Eyes?

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While assessing your eyes' shape in the Kibbe Body Type Test, you've got several options to pick from:

14. What Shape Are Your Lips?

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If you're trying to determine the shape of your lips, you'll have the following options:

15. What Best Describes the Flesh on Your Cheekbones?

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When assessing the flesh on your cheekbones for the Kibbe Body Type Test, think about how they feel and look when you smile or have a neutral expression. Here's what each one means:

16. What Best Describes Your Hair?

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When taking the Kibbe Body Type Test, please note that the final question about your hair is not as important as the others. If you need to learn how to answer this question or are unsure, skip it! But if you understand your natural hair texture well, go ahead and respond. Here are options for describing your hair:

Test Results

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Now, let's add up your responses and determine your Kibbe archetype. For each category, tally the scores separately by noting which letter appears most frequently or has the highest point value.

Mostly a Answers (Dramatic)

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You're a pure Dramatic if you mostly picked A for every question because your bone structure, facial features, and even body flesh are all characterized by sharp Yang elements.

If you answered mostly A for bone structure but then had a few E or D answers when it came to body flesh and facial features, these details are more Yin than the rest of you.

In this case, we'd call you a Soft Dramatic because overall, there's still lots of sharpness going on—but with some Yin thrown into the mix, too.

Mostly B Answers (Natural)

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If you chose mostly B answers in all the categories, then you are a pure Natural. Your body is characterized by elongation, broadness, and bluntness – which is Soft Yang.

However, if you have mostly B answers overall but some A answers in the bone structure category specifically, then you're a Flamboyant Natural.

This means your body flesh and facial features are likely broad and blunt with a hint of muscularity (like Naturals have), while your bone structure itself is long and lean, more like that of a Dramatic.

Lastly, suppose most of your answers are B in the bone structure category overall, but you also selected quite a few D or E responses for body flesh and facial features specifically. In that case, this puts you in Soft Natural territory. You tend towards petite or lush Yin.

Your actual bones would still be broadera and blunter (Yang) even though they might not look it from how Yin your flesh appears - being either more petite and delicate or lush and curvy.

Mainly C Answers (Classic)

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If you mainly selected C answers for all three categories, then your type is Pure Classic. Your bone structure, flesh, and features are a blend of Yin and Yang: neither very angular nor incredibly rounded or long compared to short.

When most of your answers for flesh and facial features are C's, but there are some A's or B's in bone structure, Dramatic Classic is best for you.

While your bones lean slightly more Yang than Yin, overall (based on flesh and facial features), you still look balanced between the two.

Conversely, if mainly C responses describe your bone structure – yet with a few D's or E's when it comes to fleshing out one's figure and facial characteristics– this would indicate being a Soft Classic.

Mostly D Or E Answers (Romantic)

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If most of your answers in all sections are E, then you are a Pure Romantic. This means that your body features – such as bone structure, body flesh, and facial characteristics – are very soft with slight curves. They have lots of Yin energy.

When most of your answers are D or a mix of D and E (with some A sprinkled in), then you're Theatrical Romantic. Your bone structure, body flesh, and face still tend towards softness, roundness, and overall Yin like the Pure Romantics, but perhaps less so. You might also have some Yang elements coming through here or there in your bones or face.

Mix of A/B Answers And D/E Answers

If your responses consist of an equal mix of A/B and D/E, you are considered a Gamine body type because there is no clear dominance of Yin or Yang in your bone structure, flesh, or facial features.

However, if within this mix, you have slightly more A or B answers than D/E, then you would be classified as a Flamboyant Gamine subtype.

Conversely, if there are slightly more D/E answers than A/B in the mix, then you fall into the Soft Gamine subtype. Here, although some individual features may veer towards Yin or Yang overall, roundness and softness might be present – maybe even in your fleshing.


By taking the in-depth test to identify your Kibbe Body Type, you'll be on your way to a fashion journey that's all about you. Knowing more about your bone structure, body flesh, facial features, and hair texture, we can help you bring out your best self.

Whether you're a Romantic, Flamboyant Gamine, Soft Dramatic, or another type from the Kibbe body type system – we celebrate that everyone is an individual mix of Yin and Yang.

Armed with this knowledge and self-confidence, selecting clothes that flatter your body shape and expressing who you are will become second nature. Say hello to no more wardrobe wobbles, and welcome aboard. This is going to be fun because it's all about YOU!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Soft Natural Mean in Kibbe?

Soft Natural means that one has a mix of Yin and Yang features. You have some softness and curve but also moderate width and bone structure.

Which Body Type in Kibbe Has Slightly Rounded, Symmetrical Features?

This would be a Classic archetype. It is slightly rounded and symmetrical, and everything blends harmoniously with this one!

What Is the Rarest Body Type in Kibbe?

The rarest body type would probably be Dramatic Classic. It's not expected to find someone who is both balanced like a Classic person and elongated like a Dramatic person because those two things don't usually go together.

Is There an Ideal Body Type in Kibbe?

Remember, there isn't one. The system aims to help you work with what you've got, enhance your attributes, and find overall harmony through your sense of dress.