Exercises for Drooping Eyelids: Tips And Safety Considerations

Do you ever look in the mirror and notice that your eyelids have started to droop? If so, you're not alone. Ptosis, or droopy eyelids, is a common condition experienced by many as they age or due to other underlying factors.

While some people opt for surgical procedures to address this issue, others are turning toward non-invasive alternatives, such as exercises specifically designed for the eyes and lids. But do these really work?

In this article, we'll take an in-depth exploration of what is a droopy eyelid and whether exercising them can bring back their youthful appearance! So let's jump right into it - what exactly does research tell us about how effective these exercises truly are?


What Is a Droopy Eyelid?

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A droopy eyelid, which is known medically as ptosis, actually happens when your upper lid (on one or both eyes) starts to sag or droop inferiorly from its normal position.

Usually, the problem is because of weak muscles around that lift your eyelids and may be from normal aging, injury, or certain medical conditions.

Waking up one morning and realizing your one eyelid looks like it's much lower than the other. You might have a problem opening the eye fully, or that your vision becomes blurry.

Daily activities such as putting on makeup around your eyes or wearing contact lenses can be more difficult to do. This not only may not look nice, but it also can reduce your self-esteem.

Ptosis is likely to be slight and very commonly involved in one of the eyes but also both. In severe cases, it can involve a significant part of the capsular bag lids and interfere with vision, especially when both are involved.

Causes of Droopy Eyelids

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Because of varied etiological factors, there are various reasons that can cause droopy eyelids. Knowing the causes is important in order to prescribe what kind of treatment can be required to understand the cause.

Some of the common ones include:

What Are the Exercises for Droopy Eyelids?

Non-invasive options, such as exercises, are sometimes explored when it comes to correcting droopy eyelids. That being said, the medical community is still debating how effective these activities can be in improving or reversing ptosis.

Still, some claim that these simple exercises can easily improve the appearance of droopy eyelids. Here are a few that some claim may help strengthen the muscles around the eyes:

Basic Muscle Stimulation Exercise

One of the most commonly recommended exercises for firming the muscles around the eyes is the basic muscle stimulation exercise.

Comfortably sit in a chair, relaxing each and every muscle of the face. Put the index and the middle finger on each temple, then gently, being in contact with those temples, close your eyes tightly.

While doing that, try to lift up your eyebrows as much as possible while feeling the resistance from the fingers applied till reaching that stage.

Keep it for several seconds, then relax. Make sure to do this exercise 10–15 times a day to stimulate the muscles around the eye and sagging eyelids.

Resistance Workout for Droopy Eyelids

Another among facial exercises that is often recommended when considering how to firm droopy eyelids is the resistance workout. To carry out this exercise, try to sit in an upright position with the back straight and relaxed.

Place your index fingers on the outer corners of your eyes and lightly push them towards your temples, creating resistance in order to try to close your eyes when pushing against the resistance created by your fingers.

Hold this position for some seconds before releasing the pressure. Do these exercises 10 times in a controlled manner with gentle pressure applied.

The underlying idea of this exercise would be that resistance will activate and strengthen those muscles, which help in lifting lower eyelids up, possibly improving the look over time.

Eye Patch Workout

The eye patch workout is gaining popularity as an exercise to help strengthen droopy upper eyelids. To perform this workout, you'll need either an eye patch or some adhesive tape.

Begin by covering one of your eyes and keeping it shut while using the uncovered eye for various movements like looking up, down, left, and right - plus focusing on objects both near and far, which engages different muscles around that eye, too!

Do these exercises daily for a few minutes at a time, then switch off between each side so they get equal stimulation. Proponents of this method believe regular workouts can improve overall strength in those lids over time – giving them less reason to sag!

Trataka Yogic Eye Exercise

Practice Trataka, a yogic eye exercise that can help to strengthen the forehead muscles around your eyes and improve vision. To get started, find a comfortable spot and place an object - such as a candle flame or dot on the wall - at eye level.

Focus your gaze steadily on this point without blinking for as long as you comfortably can; keep good posture while maintaining relaxed breathing throughout.

When your eyes start to feel tired or watery, close them gently and visualize the afterimage of what you were looking at in your mind's eye before continuing with another round of practice.

With regular daily sessions lasting several minutes each time, you'll be able to increase coordination between both eyes while reducing eyestrain – potentially even addressing droopy eyelids!

Diagonal Stretch Exercise

This diagonal stretch exercise is an easy way to strengthen and increase flexibility in the muscles around your eyes. Sit or stand comfortably, then take your fingertips and place them on either corner of one eye; gently pull towards the temple while keeping a steady gaze forward.

At the same time, lift up your eyebrows as high as you can manage without straining yourself for several seconds, before repeating this action with the other eye.

Incorporating it into regular practice could potentially improve eyelid drooping and enhance muscle weakness near those areas!

Rapid Lids Exercise

The rapid lids exercise is an easy and effective way to build muscle strength and tone around the eyes and improve droopy eyelids. To start, gently close your eyelids.

Then flutter them quickly for 10–15 seconds - make sure it's a gentle but rapid motion! After that, take some time out to relax your eyes by keeping them closed. Do this exercise several times throughout the day if you want optimum results.

Safety Considerations While Performing Droopy Eyelid Exercises

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When tackling exercises to help combat droopy eyelids, safety must always be the number one priority. To ensure you exercise in a safe and effective manner, here are some key tips to keep eye health on top of mind:

It is important to keep in mind that while certain exercises may potentially be beneficial for some individuals, they should never replace medical advice or treatment plans recommended by specialists who specialize in conditions such as ptosis.


Eyelid exercises may seem like an attractive, non-invasive solution for droopy eyelids, but the jury is still out on their effectiveness.

Some have reported success with regular practice; however, it's vital to use caution and get professional advice from a healthcare provider or eye specialist before incorporating these activities into your routine.

Safety first! Controlled movements are essential when performing such exercises—gentleness is key! In cases of severe ptosis, though, plastic surgery might be the most effective route.

Everyone has unique needs in this regard, so individualized guidance from experts can help you determine what treatment plan works best for you personally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Eye Exercises Work for Droopy Eyelids?

When it comes to eye exercises for droopy eyelids, there is much debate over their effectiveness. Some have reported improvements; however, results may vary from person to person. To ensure you're taking the right course of action given your unique circumstances, consulting with a professional is recommended.

How Do You Fix Droopy Eyelids Naturally?

Exercises, cold compresses, and the right skincare regimen are all natural remedies for droopy eyelids. Nevertheless, it's best to consult a healthcare professional so that you can get tailored treatment options that suit your individual needs.

What Is the Best Exercise for Drooping Eyelids?

Finding the best exercise for drooping eyelids can be a challenge, as its effectiveness may vary from person to person. From eyebrow-raising, resistance workouts, and Trataka yogic exercises to eye exercises to diagonal stretches - there are several options you could explore. It's always wise to experiment with different techniques under professional guidance in order to identify what works for your specific needs!

Can Droopy Eyelids Go Back to Normal?

At times, droopy eyelids may correct themselves over time or with medical treatment, depending on the cause. For an accurate diagnosis and suitable plan of action tailored to your circumstances, it is best to seek advice from a qualified eye specialist or healthcare professional.