The Alluring Gaze: Uncovering the Truth About Marilyn Monroe's Eye Color

The iconic Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe charmed audiences with her beauty, talent, and magnetic presence. One of the most unusual aspects of her appearance was her mesmerizing gaze, highlighted by her beautiful eye color.

Marilyn Monroe sitting on a green platform.
Marilyn Monroe (at that time Norma Jeane) photographed by Bruno Bernard (of Hollywood) in 1946.

However, there has been speculation and debate surrounding the true nature of Marilyn Monroe eye color. Did Monroe have brown eyes, blue or green, or maybe hazel tint?

In this article, we look at the eyes of Marilyn Monroe, discover the truth about their color, and explore the various theories, personal accounts, and historical records that shed light on this intriguing aspect of her persona.

Short Summary

The truth about Marilyn Monroe's eye color remains a mystery and subject of debate. There are speculations that her eye color could have been brown, green, or hazel.

Marilyn Monroe experimented with contact lenses to intensify her eye color and create a memorable appearance.

Marilyn's sister, provides insights and confirms her blue eyes in her book.

The official autopsy report confirms Marilyn Monroe's blue eyes, providing conclusive evidence.

Early Life

Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles, California, and had a tumultuous early life. Monroe's mother struggled with mental health issues, and her father's identity remained unknown. Raised in foster care, Monroe experienced a lack of stability and a constant search for identity.

Despite these challenges, her passion for acting emerged young, giving her a sense of purpose and escape from difficult circumstances. Little did she know that her journey would lead her to become one of the most renowned actresses of all time, with her eyes becoming an integral part of her iconic image. Her eyes are one of the most iconic examples of sanpaku eyes.

The Transformative Power of Hair Color

One of the most iconic elements of the transformation of Marilyn Monroe was her hair color. While she initially had brown hair, her decision to dye it blonde profoundly impacted her appearance and contributed to her legendary status as an actress.

Marilyn first dyed her hair blonde to secure a role in the film "All About Eve." The transition from brunette to platinum blonde became inseparable from her name and played a pivotal role in shaping her image.

This transformation changed her physical appearance and marked a significant turning point in her career, distinguishing her from other actresses and solidifying her position as a true Hollywood icon.

Marilyn's platinum blonde hair became her trademark and was often emulated by fans and aspiring actors, further solidifying her status as one of the most iconic actresses ever.

The Mystery of the Color of Marilyn Monroe's Eyes

One of the enduring mysteries surrounding Marilyn Monroe is her true eye color. While many perceive her eyes as a vivid blue, debates and speculations suggest that her eye color may have been brown or green, or hazel. The uncertainty stems from various factors, including lighting, camera filters, and artistic interpretations that could alter the appearance of her eyes in photographs.

To uncover the truth, we must delve deeper into the evidence and accounts that shed light on the actual Marilyn Monroe eye color.

Marilyn Monroe Eye Color And the Art of Makeup

Makeup played a significant role in enhancing Marilyn Monroe eye color and accentuating her mesmerizing gaze. Skilled application of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara brought out the vibrant blue hue of her eyes, making them appear even more captivating on and off the screen.

The artistry behind Marilyn Monroe's makeup further elevated her iconic eye color and contributed to her overall allure. The careful selection of makeup shades and techniques was instrumental in highlighting the unique characteristics of her eyes and making them a focal point of her beauty.

The Role of Contact Lenses

It is worth noting that Marilyn Monroe was one of the early adopters of contact lenses in the entertainment industry. Contact lenses allowed her to experiment with different eye colors and enhance the captivating effect of her gaze.

While natural Marilyn Monroe eye color may have been brown, she often wore blue contact lenses to intensify the blue hue and create a more striking and memorable appearance.

The use of contact lenses added to the mystique surrounding her eye color and contributed to the transformative power of her gaze.

The Genetic Possibility: Blue Eyes And Brown Hair

Marilyn Monroe's mesmerizing combination of blue eyes and blonde hair has become synonymous with her image. While her natural hair color was brown, the genetic possibility of having blue eyes and brown hair existed. This combination is relatively rare but can occur due to specific genetic variations.

This unique blend of features further enhanced her beauty and made her stand out from other actresses.

The Autopsy Report: Confirming Marilyn Monroe Eye Color

To find a definitive answer about Marilyn Monroe's eye color, we can turn to the official autopsy report conducted after her untimely death on August 4, 1962. This report provides valuable evidence regarding her physical characteristics, including her eye color.

According to the report, Monroe's eyes were described as blue. This official documentation helps dispel any lingering doubts or speculation about her eye color, confirming that her mesmerizing gaze was indeed adorned with beautiful blue eyes.

Personal Accounts: Insights From a Sister of Marilyn Monroe

There have been several books written about Marilyn Monroe, but Berniece Miracle, Marilyn's sister, sheds light on the truth about Marilyn's eye color in her book "My Sister Marilyn: A Memoir of Marilyn Monroe." Within its pages, Berniece shares intimate details of their childhood and confirms Marilyn's mesmerizing blue eyes.

Through Berniece's heartfelt recollections, readers gain valuable insights into the deep bond between the sisters and the influence of their mother's eyes, emphasizing the profound significance of Marilyn's eye color. Berniece's account adds an authentic and profound dimension to our understanding of Marilyn Monroe, transcending her Hollywood image and providing a glimpse into the woman behind those captivating eyes.


Marilyn Monroe's eyes color will forever be shrouded in mystery and speculation. While theories have circulated about her eyes being brown, green, or hazel, the prevailing belief, supported by the autopsy report and personal accounts, is that her eyes possessed a vivid shade of blue, adding to her enigmatic and iconic status. Her gaze, captured in countless photos and films, continues to captivate and mesmerize audiences.

The true beauty of Marilyn Monroe's eyes lies not in their specific color but in the emotions they conveyed and the stories they told. They reflected joy, vulnerability, seduction, and an undeniable magnetism, making her an eternal symbol of glamour and fascination.

While we may never have a definitive answer about the exact shade of Marilyn Monroe's eyes, their impact and significance in shaping her iconic image cannot be denied. They were a testament to her timeless appeal, forever etching her name in the annals of Hollywood history and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of millions.

Her soft and bright eyes, twinkling with mischief and sparkling like stars in the night sky, continue to enchant and captivate audiences, reminding us of the enduring legacy of this legendary star.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Was Marilyn Monroe Eye Color?

Marilyn Monroe most likely had blue eyes, and strong evidence supports this belief. Her sister Berniece Miracle in her book "My Sister Marilyn: A Memoir of Marilyn Monroe" mentions Marilyn blue eyes, adding credibility to this claim. Additionally, Marilyn Monroe's autopsy reportedly confirmed the her eyes were blue.

What Was Marilyn Monroe's Real Hair Color?

Marilyn Monroe real color of hair was brown. However, she gained fame and recognition for her iconic platinum blonde hair, which she adopted early in her career. The transition from brunette to blonde became inseparable from her name and significantly shaped her image as famous blondes.