How to Use Jewelry to Improve Your Style

Jewelry is one of life's little pleasures and perhaps the most fun (not to mention effective) way to elevate your personal style to new levels. Whether you want to add interest to basic pieces, pull together a cohesive look, or maybe even make a bold fashion statement, the right jewelry can completely transform your style. This post will explain how to choose the most flattering items to generate fabulously fashionable silhouettes. With the strategies presented, you will feel confident wearing the perfect pieces to complement your existing beauty.

A woman in black wearing a gold necklace.
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Mix And Match Your Metals

Jewelry is typically constructed using a range of different materials that have a certain aesthetic appeal. When it comes to earrings and rings, these usually involve various metals like gold, silver, platinum, and alloys mixed with varying amounts of each. The key to mixing metals is to choose a combination that works with your skin tone. Pairing yellow gold with rose gold for warmer complexions can create a harmonious look. White metals like silver and platinum can make a vibrant style statement for cooler tones. Generally speaking, gold earrings for girls look better when paired with similar colors because pairing them incorrectly can result in an unsettling clash of hues. Nonetheless, mixed metals' beauty is that they allow you to get more use out of all the jewelry you already own.

Layer Your Necklaces for a Unique Look

Layering necklaces is an age-old technique used for decades to create a stylish yet slightly rebellious statement. It adds a visual dimension that helps your upper body stand out and maintain the limelight. When partaking in this tip, it's essential to vary the lengths and thicknesses for maximum impact. Generally, you'll want to start off with your longest, most prominent necklace that will be closest to your neck. Then you will layer up proceeding to go from longer lengths to the shortest until you have achieved your desired look. You can also use the first tip in the post regarding mixing metals to add further complexity that will only enhance your outfit.

Let Some Items Do the Talking

In most cases, less is more, and as such, you should allow a few statement pieces to do the heavy lifting. You can make a fashion statement for each time you want to wear it. For example, you might choose one outstanding set of earrings, necklace, bracelet, and ring to stand at the forefront of your look.

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But Allow Others to Blend Into the Background

Conversely, to the previous paragraph, there may be times that you want your jewelry to take a backseat and blend into the overall look that you're trying to achieve. This is more prevalent when at work since you want to remain stylish but also avoid being too ostentatious.

Choose Your Jewelry According to Mood

Allowing your mood to guide your selection enables you to express your elegance in a more authentic way. Choosing jewelry based on your mindset lets you send a clear non-verbal message about how you feel each day. Follow your intuition and let your jewelry reflect your emotions. This thoughtful approach makes your personal style feel more authentic.

Your jewelry selection is one of those things that is both frustrating and highly enjoyable. When you choose wisely, you will look sublime, a masterpiece of beauty and elegance. By using the tips outlined here, you should always be able to select the right piece for whatever theme you're going for, and always looks amazing.