40,000 Bees Rescued at the Singapore Association for the Deaf

On 29th April 2023, an important bee rescue mission led to the safe relocation of approximately 40,000 Asian Honeybees. The rescue took place at The Singapore Association for the Deaf, where the bees had located themselves in the roof of the building.

Huge bee hive under the roof being removed.
Photo by Killem Pest

In a joint effort by pest control company Killem Pest, and bee relocation and conservation specialist The Sundowner, two bee nests with 20,000 bees each were safely removed from the roof eave, and relocated to The Sundowner Nature Experience Centre.

Killem Pest covered the full costs of the relocation, as part of the company’s commitment to supporting local charities and to mark its 30th anniversary this year. Nicole Zycinski-Singh, Managing Director of Killem Pest, shares that ‘since 1993, we’ve been committed to doing what we can to help the environment and to support local charities. The bee rescue at The Singapore Association for the Deaf involving 40,000 bees has been especially meaningful as it benefits both.’

Huge bee hive under the roof.
Photo by Killem Pest

Clarence Chua, founder of The Sundowner, says:

We managed to catch queens of the two nests, and gently vacuumed up all the workers. They could easily have been killed by another pest control company, but Killem Pest decided to sponsor this humane relocation. Overall a very satisfying job!

Where Were the Bees Moved To?

Clarence Chua:

We moved the two colonies to our rooftop in Siglap, were they will enjoy a safe space to forage from the flowers growing all around. Visitors will also get to interact with our rescued colonies to learn more about the wonder of honeybees.

Why Is It Important to Save the Bees?

Now, you may wonder why it is important to save the bees and to not exterminate them?

People tend to appreciate bees mostly for their honey. However, they do a far more valuable but invisible work called pollination

says Clarence.

Their pollination services are valued at up to USD $55 billion worldwide, and accounts for 70% of the food crop that we eat. Simply put, without these, humanity will be in big trouble.

Darren van Es, in charge of Killem Pest’s digital presence, is happy to see the company committing to environmentally-friendly approaches of pest control.

Modern-day pest control requires modern-day solutions. Our primary commitment is to help keep Singapore safe. But we also have a commitment to the organisms we share this country with, especially bees, since they are critical to planet’s ecosystem. We need to do everything we can to help the bees. And so, here at Killem Pest, we are proud to make active contributions to supporting the presence and conservation of bees in Singapore.

What Should You Do If You Spot a Beehive?

Bees are very clever and can be hard to spot. As was the case at The Singapore Association for the Deaf. If you do notice a beehive, especially the ones that are quite close to urban environments, you can reach out to The Sundowner and/or pest control companies in Singapore who offer bee relocation services. Take photos of the bee nest and the surrounding area so that they can assess how to reach and humanely relocate it.