Canadian Slots With the Best Designs: Top 5

Did you know that 49% of Canadian players participate in casino slot games? This was revealed by a study by Ipsos Reid Lottery and Gaming. This shows that about half the players in Canada enjoy slot games in Canada. With this number of players, developers have invested creative and innovative energy to ensure that casino slot games are the best. There are numerous developers, and each developer has something unique to offer; therefore, players with the best online casino in Canada bonus offers can play these games for free. Slot games are mostly centred on themes; therefore, the amount slots is massive.

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We also considered these casino games with respect to the developers who have made it their duty to provide the gambling public with the best casino experience. Before we present you with the Canadian slots with the best design, it is essential to bring to light some important features of online slots.

Features of Slot Games

Simply put, these features are components on which the games are hinged. These are meant to make the gameplay more engaging and improve your chances of winning and the value of your wins. You should keep in mind that some of these features differ based on the machine design, but it remains somewhat similar.


This feature is one of the most popular slot-related symbols in slot games. These can be logos or appear as the main character in the game's theme. Wilds serve as substitutions to aid you in landing a winning combination that would not have been complete otherwise. If the slot is classic, wilds can substitute for all the symbols that pay except for the scatters and other jackpot symbols. Some types of wilds include:


Scatters are your friends while playing a casino slot game. Some slots do not have scatters, which is very unlikely; in such casino pokies, bonus symbols replace scatters. The scatters can trigger bonus rounds and free spins. This allows you to play free slot games. Usually, the casino slot machine will tell you how many scatters you need to trigger a bonus round.

The design of a slot depends on many factors apart from the graphics, audio, and gameplay. Players must consider factors such as RTP, variance and hit frequency.


An RTP is simply the total wagered amount returned to a player after a period of wins. In a nutshell, the RTP is the odds of winning a particular game. This factor decides how much a player will get overtime playing a casino game for real money or using a casino bonus (such as the no deposit bonus). The percentage is the mathematics used in describing the return to player rate. This means that the bigger the wager, the bigger the returns.

Variance And Hit Frequency

Variance or Volatility refers to the amount of risk attached to a slot game. It calculates how often a winning combination can be generated. Low variance means repeatedly getting small wins, and high variance suggests a very low occurrence of winning combinations with a bigger payout. This means that RTP and Variance are connected such that High RTP and low variance go hand in hand, and Low RTP and high variance suggest almost the same thing.

This is much like the variance of a casino slot machine. It is the measure of how frequently a player makes a winning combo on a playline. A percentage is used to represent the value of the hit frequency per 100 spins. So, if a slot game has a hit frequency of 40%, then a player has the chance of making 40 winning combinations out of every 100 spins made.

Types of Online Slot Games

Slots make up a huge fraction of most casino game selections, so variety is necessary. There are different types of casino slots that players can play, and some of these types include:

When playing slots on the best online casino platforms, you get rewarded bonuses such as the welcome bonus, the no deposit bonus and so on. You can use these bonuses to play your favourite slots and make real money. However, it is important to consider the wagering requirements attached to these rewards.

Casino Slots With the Best Design

We considered all the factors worth considering before making this pick. Our team of experts took it upon themselves to review resources from reliable sources such as OnlineSlotsX to sieve down the number of options to get the slots with the best designs in Canada. We considered all the factors that make a slot design remarkable, including audio, graphics, gameplay and even the theme.

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Down below, you can find some slots that have outstanding designs and features.

Ghost Pirates

We all know what NetEnt is capable of; this company has produced some of the best slots, including Ghost Pirates. The graphic is out of this world. The works of art and animation on the reels are spectacular, memorable, and unique. The game is easy to master, and from the onset, players get a hold of the game flow and different bonus features (free play, no deposit bonus, free cash and so on).

If we are rating the game based on its design, we would say that just playing the game is a win because the experience is outstanding. The game has a free spin mode that rewards players with 20FS alongside a multiplier of 3X. Let us not give all the accolades to the graphics because the audio also deserves to be applauded.

Drive Multiplier Mayhem

It should be no surprise that NetEnt has two games on this list. The company has never failed to deliver ground-breaking games, and we appreciate them for that. This casino slot game is thrilling, and the fun remains the same whether you are playing with real money or bonuses. The game is built on a racing theme, which would make the need for speed feel slow.

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This high-octane game has remarkable graphics that use the right colours to make players feel delightful. The game now exists in the category of Omni-channel, which allows players to enjoy mobile slots seamlessly. So even if you use a mobile device, you can get in on the racing fun. The multipliers allow you to win a thousand times your stake, so keep your eyes peeled for multipliers and do not take your eyes off the “Nitro meter.” If you are playing on any best payout online casino in Canada, you will enjoy numerous bonuses.

Grim Muerto

Play n’ Go went all out creatively on this one. The visuals will sweep you off your feet. Play n’ Go invested concrete creative energy and resources in developing this game. The reels take the idea of reels to a new and elevated level, making the whole gaming experience amazing and very engaging. There are numerous fun elements. The Mariachi band will ensure that you enjoy this experience. The decorative reels will allow you access to more winning combinations through the Guitar wild symbol.

The fun part is when three books open, and El Libro de Los Muertos shows you the path to amazing bonuses. The in-game artworks capture the Day of the Dead in bright and warm colours, and the audio steals the show. The audio design is the most peculiar thing about the game. This is one of the best online casino slot designs because of its uniqueness and rarity.

Slot RTP Reels Paylines
Ghost Pirates 95.28% 5 243
Drive Multiplier Mayhem 96.7% 5 15
Grim Muerto 96.0% 5 20
Royal Masquerade 96.0% 5 10
Fish Party 96.50% 5 243

Royal Masquerade

Lunge into the nocturnal mystery and romance at the royal masquerade costume ball; use this slot machine as a portal to another dreamy experience. The simple way to win is by lining up your comrades, dressed in regal attires as Kings, Queens and courtly characters with different roles.

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This video slot has 5 reels and 10 paylines. With an RTP of 96.51, you stand a chance to win big in this Venetian-themed game. It is not just about the Baroque costumes; the audio is also relaxing and soothing. Play n’ Go deserves a thumbs up for creating one of the best online casino slots in the industry. The slot is also generous with bonuses, rich in wilds and alluring animations. Players are offered 10,000 times non-progressive jackpot. The glamour might be enticing, so do not forget to gamble responsibly since it is a high variance slot.

Fish Party

We all know that Microgaming is about creating games that live beyond expectation, giving the casino something worthwhile and unexpected. First, the game is easy to start, and the whole fish theme gives it a cool vibe. The humour in the game is elegantly conveyed effortlessly. The 3D rendered cartoons-like graphics and audio all deserve gold stars. When you make a winning combination, a trumpet parade-like sound is played; it takes everything home. Some other exciting and well-designed slots include:

Top Slot Developers

All thanks to casino software developers; we have incredible slot games. These developers make an effort to make sure that slots are optimal and high quality to give players the best experience. Some of the best slot developers include:

The Wrap Up

Many other slots are impressive in terms of design. Casino software developers have been innovative, enabling players in Canada to enjoy amazing slots. The slots enumerated and discussed in this review have outstanding design, judging from different angles and criteria. Developers like Microgaming went all out to bring something new and different to the table. Play n’ Go welcomes us to the Royal Masquerade ball with amazing graphics and audio effects. Drive Multiplier Mayhem is packed with perks that allow you to improve your bankroll without stress. These casino games are available everywhere, including dollar deposit casinos in Canada. So, you have no excuse to try out one!