The Evolution of Slot Symbols: From Fruits to Futuristic Icons By CasinoOnlineCA

Slot machine games are synonymous with casinos. Accompanied by poker and roulette, they represent visual icons of gambling. But slot games have come a long way since their first appearance. They have become an experimentative field for talented game developers to wrap their magic around. Today’s slot machine games come in more shapes and forms than ever.

Casino slot machine
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Join our CasinoOnlineCA website slot enthusiasts on the journey through the history of the slot machine, its various incarnations and all the reasons that make them so beloved and popular among both land and real money casino clientele.

All You Need to Know About Slots

General Information

What even is a slot machine? It is a gambling machine consisting of a screen with three or more reels. The reels spin, which results in various symbol combinations that denote a victory or a loss for a player.

The name derives from a coin-inserting machine, a.k.a, slot. Now that we’ve covered the definition, we’ll move forward to explain the main features of the beloved casino game type.

Easy Access

Let’s begin with establishing what makes slot machine games so widespread. Several factors are the first to come to mind. One is accessibility. Slot machines are easy to position anywhere. Besides the actual casino’s interior or website, you will find them in hotel lobbies and various transient places.

Wherever people gather is a good position for a slot machine. While they are waiting for something, they might just as well try a little spin. It is the simplest method of incorporating a casino feature in an otherwise non-gambling space.


Slot games are not difficult. You don’t need special skills, experience or knowledge like with some other famous casino games, poker, for instance. Anyone can play them instantly because they are all about luck.

The simplest way to join the gambling community is through games with plain, easy-to-master rules. Are you a newbie in the world of online casinos? Read this article to learn what it’s all about! And don’t worry. The lack of experience is not a complete obstacle, for there are plenty of games you can enjoy without prior knowledge.


Slot machine games are incredibly diverse, which we will touch upon in more detail later. They offer multiple settings, designs, colours, symbols and potential story backgrounds. No matter what appeals to you, there is a big chance you’ll find a fit among slot machine themes.

Interesting Facts About Slots

Did you know that the first slot machine prototypes appeared in the late 19th century? The first symbols ever included hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoes and a liberty bell. Soon, the symbol repertoire would evolve with the addition of nationalistic symbols, like flags and, finally, fruits.

Fruit slot machines are so ubiquitous that the machine itself is sometimes referred to as a fruit machine rather than a slot machine. Why fruits? They are sweet and colourful and bring positive associations.

According to our editor-in-chief and a seasoned player, James Segrest, the first video slot machine appeared in 1976. The development of technology led to easier production and installment of slot machines, so soon, they have become as synonymous with casinos as card games and roulettes. They are probably the first really “modern” addition to the classical gambling repertoire that has existed for centuries and included card and dice games.

Random Number Generators

With the rise of online casinos, slot machine games became even more accessible. However, contemporary casinos utilize Random Number Generators to ensure the random outcomes of each game. This feature makes people trust casinos more than they did in the past. Contemporary technology is constantly incorporated to improve the gambling experience and ensure a fairer environment.

A Short Introduction to Slot Themes

Casino slot machine
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We have already established that fruit symbols, accompanied by typical card symbols and patriotic signifiers, were the first themes of early slot machine games. But what about now? Unfortunately, we cannot provide a full description of modern slot themes simply because there are so many. Casino game developers went all in designing diverse settings for the games. In the next section, we will present some of the major subjects.


From the Egyptian tombs to Aztec pyramids, many historical periods and iconic cultural symbols are featured in the games. History buffs can pick and choose their favourite and enjoy the stunning graphics while waiting for their winning combination.


Myths, fantasy, fairy tales, horror. All the variants of the human imagination can be found among the slot titles. Classical mythology? Checked. Gothic horror? Checked as well. People love the fantastical, so no wonder the theme has found its place among the slots as well.

Natural Settings

The sea, jungles, mountains. All sorts of natural settings are available as a slot theme. Do you want to chill on the beach, splash among the waves, or hike in the deep forests? Turns out you can.


It is impossible to talk about any kind of gaming without warfare action games. You can choose between different types of battlefields and enjoy some imaginary conflict. Competition is one of the significant features of games, and adrenaline-rushing settings are synonymous with gambling.

Farms, Gardens, And Agriculture

Yes, the irony of people gaming online to pretend to grow their farms and gardens is not lost on us. Agricultural themes in the online realm are quite common. There is something fundamental about cultivating your piece of land that doesn’t disappear as a human instinct, even in virtual settings.

Narrative Slot Games

To spice everything up, some slot machine games are now actual stories with events, characters, missions, and levels. Narrative elements add to the immersion and enhance player engagement. There are various genres available, from adventure to mystery, for you to pick if you like the idea of a slot game with a plot.

The narrative thread adds some complexity to the otherwise simple game type, which is a win-win combination. Do you know what else can be simple? Instant withdrawals. Click here to learn more about no-verification casinos in Canada, where you can access your winnings immediately.

The Meaning Behind It All

So, why is all this diversity even important? What does it bring to the table? Let’s explore the meaning of the different options in the contemporary online slot machine scene, as well as the factors that enabled them.

Cultural Hommage

The world of online casinos is a global one rather than local. The sites accept players from everywhere. To honour that, the world as a whole became heavily featured in the theme choices. Slot games now contain various historical eras, natural backgrounds, and culturally significant symbols.

Game Variety

Online casinos like variety. Players appreciate them for their attitude. The fact there are so many different games available is among the factors that make online casinos the preferred option for many gamblers.

But how did it all come to be? The rapid development of technology in the past decades led to the emergence of games with superior graphics, realistic design, and amazing sound systems. It all enhanced the sense of awe and immersion.

The domination of the Internet, WiFi, smartphones and other relatively new things we cannot imagine our lives without anymore made the world a smaller and more accessible place. Our sense of space, location, speed and access to information has been transformed forever.


Slot machine games are not as old as other standard casino options. They represent an icon of a modern casino since their inception is tied to technological development starting with the late 19th century.

They are popular due to their simplicity, availability and imaginative setting designs, which oscillate between different backgrounds, natural motifs, history, culture, mythology, etc. There is something for everyone.

Online casinos have a huge slot machine game repertoire, which has significantly evolved since the early days. Do you want to give it a try? Choose your theme, sign up, and spin the reel!