The Rise of Online Gaming – Why We’re So Hooked-up

Online gaming is bigger than it’s ever been before, and if you’re a passionate online gamer, you’ll already know that the tech has been racing ahead lately. It’s phenomenal what games now let us do, and there are games for pretty much any niche you can think of! Globally, we probably pour millions of hours into playing online games each week, and the amazing creators behind some of our favorite pieces are always finding new ways to challenge players. But what makes us love gaming so much?

Child is playing computer games.
Photo by ExplorerBob on Pixabay

The sheer diversity of games is an incredible aspect that a lot of people somewhat take for granted, but gaming’s often an expensive hobby. If you’re new to gaming, you might be surprised by just how much it can cost, both to buy games and sometimes to participate in them. Payment can come in various different forms – whether that’s using Tether in casino games, collecting coins or gems, or paying real cash for access to certain special areas of the game.

The gear to start gaming isn’t cheap either; you can shell out a lot of cash on high-end computers and games consoles, even before you’ve purchased your first game. If that’s the case, what’s causing so many people to jump on the bandwagon and why do we spend so much money for the privilege of pushing a handful of buttons in different combinations? Let’s figure that out!

You Get to Socialize With Literally Anyone!

Gaming is something lots of us do when we want to socialize with friends and family, although there are many solo games too. Being able to play online massively expands that benefit – suddenly, the whole world is at your fingertips. Want to play against somebody on the other side of the globe who you’ve never spoken to before, and will probably never speak to again? No problem! Want to play with your best friend while you sit side by side on the couch and eat popcorn? Also, fine!

Gaming often requires a good chunk of teamwork from you and the people you’re playing with, too. You need to be able to strategize together, compromise when necessary, and watch each other’s backs to succeed in a lot of online games. When we play online, we get the opportunity to build really strong friendships based on this – and online gaming has become something of a lifeline for loads of people, including those in the younger generations. It’s pretty likely that the COVID-19 pandemic was a big factor in driving this to an even higher level.

For a lot of people, the socializing aspect is the biggest reason to play. Bonding over games – whether you’re part of a team or you love a bit of competition – has helped people build up communities and form friendships, or even romantic relationships, across the globe. Unlike offline gaming, which is probably something you’ll do solo, online gaming is very much about the people you’re playing with.

The Tech Is Getting Better And Better

Even if you’re new to gaming, you’re probably aware that there’s some pretty phenomenal tech progression going on in this field, and developers are constantly breaking new ground. That means gamers are constantly being offered brand new worlds where almost anything is possible – no wonder we’re hooked. Add in the fact that new concepts like VR have captivated people everywhere, and it’s not surprising we just can’t put the controllers down – even when we’ve poured hours into the game. Many of us can hardly wait to find out what’s coming next in these fantasy worlds, and the developments are a big part of what keeps most of us invested.

There Are Tons of Cool Options

When they say, “there’s something for everyone,” they really mean it. No matter how weird and wonderful your niches are, you’re bound to find games you’ll love, which is a huge draw for people. If you’re a mystery enthusiast, you’ll find a plethora of games. If you’re into fantasy, the gaming world is your oyster. If you want to practice golf, go fishing, check out the wild west, face demonic monsters, travel the globe, steal cars, or just stack colorful bubbles and watch them burst, you’ll find things that work for you.

There are immersive games, strategy games, puzzle games, brain-training games, language-learning games, games of chance, and so much more. That means pretty much anyone can find things that match their interests and help them build new skills, while still getting the crucial dopamine hit that has made online gaming so popular.

It’s Super Convenient

A lot of the activities we do during our leisure time involve a higher degree of effort than gaming does. You can play a computer game from the comfort of your living room, in an easy chair, with snacks and drinks on hand, at any time of the day or night. A lot of other hobbies and activities have time and space restrictions (like opening hours, entry costs, etc.), but to enjoy an online game, you just need a console, the game, and a reasonably comfortable seat! There are no restrictions, no outside pressures, and no time limits for you to think about – so just sit back and have fun.