The Best Tesla Models Compared

Teslas are known for their reliability and good performance in the electric vehicle market. In addition, the ever-improving range and excellent capacity have made the brand stand out from rivals like the Mach-E by Mustang.

T Tesla logo on the back of a black car.
Photo by Austin Ramsey on Unsplash

Here are some of the best models the Elon Musk giant has recently launched. We will draw comparisons between these electric vehicles to prove our point better. So let's get right into it.

The Model S

Released in 2012, the Tesla Model S has made a name among EV fanatics. The Model S Plaid gives the most top-notch range for any other Tesla. Its top speed touches an astonishing rate of 200 mph, and the AWD electric motor attached to it can accelerate up to 60 mph in just 2 seconds!

As you'd expect, these specs are costly. The Model S stands on the pricier side of Tesla electric vehicles, with a starting price of $89,990. But at that price, you get some of the best features Elon Musk must have envisioned for his company.

The Model Y

Talk about family-friendly electric vehicles; the Model Y is on the list. Who says an EV has to be a stuffy little machine you can't take out on those family ice cream trips?

The Modey Y can be configured into a five- or 7-seater to hold your entire family comfortably. Its beautiful glass roof makes it seem even roomier. And if you want to carry luggage, the 76 cubic feet of cargo space will more than take care of that.

You also get two wireless charging stations and two USB ports in the backseats. That means your devices will never run out of battery while driving one of these bad boys.

The Model X

It only gets better if you need a Tesla for the daily commute than their Model X. The range of this one makes it an excellent option for traveling long distances. You can stretch it to 360 miles with a single charge.

But it doesn't end there. The Model X, like the Model Y, comes with the option of seat configuration. So you can hold up to 7 people in this particular Tesla. Plus, the cargo space is enough to carry your things with ease on the go.

And now, the most attractive feature of the Tesla Model Y is the falcon wing doors. These open towards the outside and up. Not only does this give your car a sleek look, but it also makes it easy to navigate compact parking spaces.


Like all other technology, the world of electric vehicles is highly dynamic. There's intense competition, and an improved spec rolls out every other day. The list of great Tesla EVs doesn't end this briefly, and it can completely change in a matter of a year or two or even a few months.