Crypto CEX Vs DEX: What Is the Difference?

Depending upon your location and desired payment process, there are numerous places to invest in crypto. In this article, we will discuss the best place to buy cryptocurrency. Here are some popular options:

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When it comes to exchanges, CEX and DEX are two distinct forms of platforms. What is CEX? CEX is an exchange controlled by an entity. This type of platform allows transferring funds and storing them until they decide it's time for trading or withdrawal. Additionally, this form of trading involves margin trade, futures contracts plus many more sophisticated functions that increase its versatility and usage on the market. On the flip side though, its centralization feature makes it prone to hacks and other malicious attacks which are constantly looming in cyberspace nowadays.

In contrast to a centralized platform, decentralized exchange functions on a decentralized network. Unlike other platforms in which individuals must deposit funds into an account held by the platform itself, users of a DEX can connect their own wallets directly and execute transactions through smart contracts - autonomous programs that enable trustless trades between entities. What's more, is that these networks can be considered heavily armored against malicious attacks due to their distributed nature.

To sum up, the CEX vs DEX primary distinction is that CEXs are centralized services as opposed to decentralized ones.


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