Why Singapore Is Such a Good Place to Visit

Singapore, or the Garden City, is the fifth most visited place in the world. The island is known for its glamour and flashiness, often described as the most orderly and clean country. Their efforts are paying off as tourism is a key economic drive, positioning it among the top must-visit destinations for most people.

Cityscape in Singapore.
Image by tawatchai07 on Freepik

The country welcomed 11.2 million international tourists in 2023, tallying tourist receipts to SGD 24.5 billion in the first six months. Many believe Singapore is a hard-to-beat tourist destination for many reasons. Read on as we discuss pivotal places, bars, and restaurants that make people want to visit Singapore recurrently.

Apart from the support from the Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore has additional elements that favour its success.

1. Good Public Order

Singapore is among the busiest and largest ports in Southeast Asia. Nevertheless, it’s the sixth most peaceful country in the world. This score means it has lower rates of domestic violence, societal conflicts, and militarism.

The country has countable cases of tourist scams and the crime rate is significantly low. Its strict laws carry harsh punishments. For instance, some crimes, like committing a scheduled armed offence, are punishable by death.

2. Botanical Gardens

Singapore is committed to building a hygienic environment for its residents. It’s dubbed the Garden City for its many botanical gardens such as the Gardens By the Bay, Mount Faber Park, and Singapore Botanic Gardens. You can spend an entire day here playing your favourite double bubble game.

Singapore Botanic Gardens, located along Orchard Road, was accredited as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It features a rainforest garden with over 10,000 plant species. Gardens By the Bay is a great touring destination to see three waterfront garden areas and the world’s largest glass house.

3. Paradise for Foodies

The island is a great place to visit and explore different cuisines. The food is cheap, delicious, and in different varieties. You can dine at restaurants, hawker centres, food courts, and cafes.

Hawker centres like the Newton Food Center, Amoy Street Food Center, and Maxwell Food Center are renowned for their amazing dishes and delicious delicacies. Find the cheapest eateries and enjoy your meal in a clean atmosphere.

4. Iconic Buildings

Singapore invests heavily in infrastructure to remain relevant to tourists. From majestic skyscrapers to cool architectural structures, the country is filled with wondrous designs to pique your interest. Tanjong Pagar Center is the tallest skyscraper in Singapore with a height of 290 metres.

Marina Bay Sands has everything world-class integrated into the resort. It looks like a deck of cards with three main towers and a broader base linked by a lobby. The Ocean Financial Center is designed to promote the use of sustainable energy. It’s 245 metres tall with a vast solar array for power.

5. Art And Culture

Besides celebrating the national holidays of most countries, Singapore hosts many exciting happenings from across the globe. Merlion Park is among the most popular cultural attractions. It features a popular statue of a lion’s head on a fish’s body beside the River Singapore.

It also features different places of worship, including the Budha Tooth Relic Temple. It’s common to find devotees from one place of worship paying respect to another. Some temples like Thian Kong Keng are historical artefacts built in the early 19th century.

6. Bars And Restaurants

Singapore might be a small island, but it has an extensive assortment of restaurants and bars offering cuisines from around the globe. You can visit the Lolla, a casual restaurant along Ann Siang Road and try world-class dishes from Asia’s best female chef, Johanne Siy.

The country also features the best bars in Asia. Visit 28 Hong Kong Street, Operation Dagger, ManHattan Bar, or Jigger & Pony for speciality cocktails: request Sips, Double Chicken Please, or Paradiso for the best cocktail experience. When the World’s Best 50 Bars by The World’s 50 Best was released, these came among the top 10.

7. Shopping Experience

Singapore packs more malls per square kilometre than all countries. Tourists who relish shopping find Orchan Road quite mesmerising. It’s a 2.2-kilometre stretch of megamalls with pristine complexities, bars and restaurants. You can also tour more centres like Far East Asia for cheap food and fashion.

If outdoor markets are your thing, Singapore has countless options to offer. Visit markets like Bangkit Market, Bugis Street, Chinatown Street Market, and Chinatown Singapore for the best open-air shopping experience. You can spend an entire day exploring what Chinatown has to offer.


Singapore’s main revenue source comes from tourism. That’s why the country’s tourism board has invested heavily in infrastructure, while the legislature passed strict laws to secure foreigners.

Whether you’re travelling on a business trip or a family vacation, the island has many memorable places to visit. You can visit botanic gardens, street malls, outdoor markets, or restaurants. Your tour will be memorable and eventful.