Tips for Decorating Your Home With Khaki as a Base Colour

Khaki is a fantastic base colour for your home with its earthy neutrality and ability to create warm and inviting spaces. Its versatility allows you to use it as a foundation for your home’s colour that you can build upon with different colours, textures and personalities. If you are looking for a different base colour for your home, khaki is a great option and here are some tips that will help you use it to create a cohesive look and feel in your home.

Khaki, jacket, cuffs
Image by lijiayao from Pixabay

Choose the Right Shade

There is one main khaki colour code, which is the one that many people know about. You might not realise that there are various shades of this earthy tone. You can pick from light tans, deeper olive greens or even deeper shades.

Lighter shades like beige-khaki can help you create a breezy and airy space, while you can use darker olive-khaki shades to make a sophisticated, cosy, and grounded ambience.

Use Lighting for an Extra Touch

A crucial consideration when choosing a shade of khaki is how much light your home or the rooms where you use this colour gets. If you have limited natural light, consider lighter khaki shades that will brighten the space. Darker khaki can create a better ambience in rooms that receive ample sunlight.

You can also use artificial light to change how rooms painted in khaki look and feel. Warm lighting can create a more welcoming ambience, while cool lighting can make the space feel modern. Like adding other decor elements, experiment with different lighting options to find ones that work well with the shade of khaki you pick and that help you achieve the desired mood in different spaces.

Pick Beautiful Colour Pairs

Its earthy tones and slight yellow tint make many people think that it is more challenging than it is to find colours that can pair beautifully with khaki. This is not the case because you can pair khaki with a wide range of colours. A popular option is neutral colours. These include grey, cream, and white which can all help you create an elegant and timeless look.

Being an earthly tone itself, khaki also pairs well with other earthy colours; for example, yellows, greens, and browns work well alongside it to create an inviting and warm space.

You can also experiment with different brighter colours. Teal, mustard yellow, and navy blue are just some of the many colours that can provide the contrasting pops of colour rooms painted in khaki need.

If you want to go even bolder, consider accenting the space with rich reds, greens, and deep blues. Because of how bold these combinations are, experiment by painting a small section of a wall or adding paintings that use them before committing, especially if you are buying a new home. You may find the combination of earthy and bolder colours too overwhelming, which is why it is so important to experiment first.

Experiment With Different Textures

Khaki is one of the colours that pairs well with different textures. These add depth and visual interest to it, especially in spaces where it could look too bland and uninteresting painted in it. Start by mixing fabrics like velvet, wool, cotton and linen for your curtains, furniture and accent pieces to see how they work.

Many homeowners also see excellent results by layering different textures. This works so well because khaki provides a neutral starting base to which the different textures add a new dimension. You can also use this layering to create tactile experiences that can transform your space to be more interesting and attractive to spend time in.

Consider Adding Natural Elements as Part of Your Decor

It is now common for homeowners who embrace modern or contemporary home designs to incorporate natural elements into their decor. Khaki already gives you the earthy tones you need to get started. This colour provides the canvas that can become a great backdrop for dried botanicals, live plants, natural fibre accessories, and wooden furniture. Combine all these to create an organised and cohesive look.

When you do this, remember that some natural elements like live plants need care, and you might be allergic to some. Knowing which ones belong to either category can help you avoid any issues associated with having them in your home.

Even though some people do not think it is, khaki is a very rich colour. This is especially true if you choose the right shades and know how to incorporate elements that complement them in the spaces you use them. It is also a versatile and timeless choice that can help you create an invoicing, warm, cosy, and comfortable space if you follow the tips above.