Clean And Recharge Your Crystals With These Simple Steps

Buying crystals and relying on them for their meditative and therapeutic abilities is not a circumstance where you can expect them to perform at their total capacity without any upkeep whatsoever.

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According to Tarra Tae, founder of Full Circle and an Akashic instructor, a crystal is a piece of nature that requires constant maintenance and exposure to sunshine or moonlight, just like greenery and plants.


To begin, cleanse your crystals regularly.
We remove any energy that does not belong in the crystals as we cleanse them.
Crystal consumers say Tae, have a lot of common assumptions.
Many people mistakenly believe that cleaning crystals indicates that they are "dirty" or contain negative energy.
That, however, is not the case."
They are like sponges, soaking up any energies they come into contact with."
Removing energies that aren't meant to be there, she says, would "restore it back to its natural state."

Crystals can be cleansed using five simple procedures.
One glass of water, please.
If you put it in a sink full of water, you can imagine that the water will wash it clean.

Sage leaves, a mint plant, can also be used as a substitute.
Sage leaves can be available in various forms, including dried and fresh.
Tae suggests lighting a single loose-leaf and twirling it around the crystals one at a time.
As you breathe in and out, imagine the smoke cleaning the crystal and removing unwanted energy.

Alternatively, Palo Santo, a wood revered in South American civilizations, can be used in the smoke process.
Essential oils derived from the herb have purportedly been developed for topical application to treat mild physical disorders.
Light a small wood area and place the crystals in a circle around it.

For those who don't like the smell of the smoke, Tae recommends using aromatic scents to clean crystals.
She thinks frankincense is the best choice.
"It's excellent, but really pricey... We use it for cleansing because it's a spiritual oil that does a great job."
Rub the crystals in your palms with one to three drops of oil.
The oils should be visualized as removing any bad energy from the crystal, as in the previous techniques.

Many metaphysical instructors have extolled the use of salt or earth to cleanse crystals.
Put the crystals in a glass dish and add enough salt water to completely submerge them.
For deep cleansing, the crystals are often soaked for an extended time.
On the other hand, Tae warns against it since some soft crystals may begin dissolving in salt water.
Furthermore, Tae believes that the soil in urban areas, such as Singapore, is often polluted.
"Natural, fertile soil is what you want to use."

However, cleaning your crystals is only one part of crystal maintenance.
As Tae explains, "you need to recharge your stones regularly."
"A weekly reminder is the norm.
If they're on top of it, they'll do it every other week.
Using the light of the sun or the moon, you can recharge the device."


"The more stones you employ, the more exhausted they become.
You'll notice that the colors of your stones begin to fade as they wear out.
If you want to know, you don't need to be a psychic."

"As long as there is some sunshine, we use the term "sun."
No need to place it right in front of the sun."
Tae believes that the sun's rays are a source of energy "vibrancy and energy...
Use the sun if you want the stone to be protective and energizing."

White quartz is used to hold the crystals in place.
For a large cluster like this, 15 minutes of charging is required.
It is a bright orange-red color "assists you in achieving your objectives and maintains your concentration. It enhances one's inventiveness and self-confidence."
For a bit of pebble-like, it takes about five to ten minutes of charging to fully recharge.

But Tae advises against placing the crystals in direct sunlight for long periods, as UV rays might cause discoloration.

"As for the moon, the same applies.
Nobody is being asked to charge under a full moon here.
During the night, the moon's forces are everywhere."

For example, amethyst, rose quartz, moonstone, and amethyst are all known for their healing powers.
Calmness, meditation, and addiction relief are all possible benefits of amethyst.
It's easy to tell which stones are from the sun and the moon.
Tae adds: "You utilize the moonlight if you want the stones to have a loving, relaxing effect.
They can be left overnight without fear."