5 Popular Malaysian Streamers That You Should Watch for Entertainment

Live streamers have been popular ever since the MCO era since everyone is stuck at home looking at the internet for entertainment. New streamers have emerged from every part of Malaysia. In this article, we will talk about popular Malaysian streamers that you can watch during your free time, when not playing games themselves on platforms like 7 slots casino.

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Photo by Axville on Unsplash

1. Prx4v41

Prxd4v41, whose real name is Ahmad Khalish Rusyaidee bin Nordin, has been streaming on the Twitch channel for quite some time. Gathering a huge esports crowd around the country, he has been streaming video games like Valorant, Dota 2, Cs Go, and more. Currently, he has been streaming Valorant more recently as of late. He doesn't usually use a webcam for his stream and only showcases his gameplay for his audience.

For his Twitch stats, In the last 30 days from November 2023, he has streamed for 30h 55m with a peak of 2 468 viewers and an average of 632 viewers. Most of his viewers enjoyed his esports content and were willing to engage with him using his emotes.

He is also active in the esports scene. In the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive, he is in the team Paper Rex. With his passion for the FPS genre, he also joined the Valorant esports scene in the Valorant Champions 2023 tournaments. He is the streamer to look out for if you are into FPS esports in Malaysia.

2. Istarxb

Istarxb is your typical e-girl streamer in Malaysia. Mainly focuses on games like Dota 2, which takes up 65% of her streams, and just chatting with her viewers. The channel is heavily anime and Dota 2 inspired, you can find her Dota 2 cheer badges and anime emotes as an example.

Her Twitch stats are as follows. In the last 30 days, istarxb has streamed for 14h 30m with a peak of 424 viewers and an average of 148 viewers. She mostly streams at weekends and plays solo Dota 2 ranked matches to entertain her audience.

If you are looking for female streamers that are successful in Malaysia, look no further. If you want to talk to her, it is also available during her Just chatting streams to share your thoughts.

3. KingJeffo

If you are looking for an RPG-themed live streamer, look no further. KingJeffo has been a long-time Final Fantasy fan since young, and recently, he has been streaming Final Fantasy content for his audience. Starting around the MCO era, he has been sharing his experience, build, and thoughts on different games.

He has streamed for 23h 40m with a peak of 79 viewers and an average of 39 viewers. He has been streaming on the weekends and occasionally on Mondays too, with most of it focusing on Final Fantasy and occasional Valorant content.

4. Maxhaz3

Maxhaz3 is a compilation of a general gamer streamer. He has been playing different genres of games on his streams, and he seems to be enjoying chatting with his fans a lot recently. Maxhaz3 continues to build a growing community. His streams are known to feature a variety of content, including games like Hades, Just Chatting, and Gloomhaven, which have collectively garnered substantial attention. His consistent streaming schedule includes hours-long sessions on Mondays and Tuesdays.

In terms of viewership, Maxhaz3 has attracted an average of 46 viewers, resulting in an impressive 1,127 hours watched over the last 30 days. His commitment to content creation is evident in his streaming schedule, where he dedicates hours to engaging with his audience and sharing his gaming experiences. With a focus on several popular games and an active community of followers, Maxhaz3's Twitch presence is marked by steady growth and engagement within the platform.

5. Shykuroboo

Shykuroboo, a distinguished Twitch Partner, has demonstrated a strong presence on the platform over the last month. During this period, he streamed for approximately 19 hours and 5 minutes, amassing an impressive average viewership of 62, with a peak viewership reaching 108 viewers. Notably, he maintains a growing community of followers, with a current count of 13,113 Twitch followers, including 143 new followers joining in the last 30 days. Shykuroboo engages with his audience through a dynamic range of content, including sessions of Just Chatting, music, Resident Evil 4, and Valorant.

With a well-established presence as a Twitch Partner, Shykuroboo has avoided any bans on the platform. Despite limited information regarding his age, birthday, and location, he maintains an active streaming schedule, which includes sessions on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Here are the top few Malaysian streamers that we would suggest you watch during your free time. Choose the genre you like the most and hop into the stream with them!