Tiffany & Co.'s Colors of Nature High Jewellery Collection

Few can claim a lineage like Tiffany & Co. and its Blue Book Collection in the world of exquisite jewelry.
Since its introduction in 1845, the line has been famous for exemplifying the maison's savoir-faire, notably its mastery in rare jewels.
Tiffany & Co.'s Blue Book Collection reads Colors Of Nature for its 2021 edition and emphasizes colored gemstones and natural beauty.

Butterfly shaped jewelry
From Tiffany's 2021 Blue Book Collection, Colors of Nature

A short glance through the collections shows a brilliant diversity of colors and hues reminiscent of the vast outdoors.
Verdant greens and electrifying blues capture rolling green hills and limitless azure oceans.
"Colors Of Nature" also has a fascinating mix of cuts and gem types, such as trapezoid diamonds that flow into graduated custom-cut sapphires on a green tourmaline necklace.
The mix of cushion, emerald, and oval cuts creates a distinct style that is uncommon outside of the "Colors Of Nature" collection.
Even more striking is Tiffany & Co.'s distinctive "cracked ice" cut on the butterfly and turtle brooches; each diamond is specially cut to the setting and produces a mosaic appearance.

"Colors Of Nature" also includes some "Tiffany Firsts" — rare and one-of-a-kind gemstones with a long history with maison, such as tanzanite and morganite.
While the grade of the gemstones is undeniably outstanding, the criteria for selection go beyond what can be seen.
The most crucial — and most challenging — criterion is to select a genuinely exceptional diamond, one that takes your breath away.
It's frequently more about a gut sensation, which may be pretty personal.
Each gemstone must have something special about it, an inner beauty that draws us in.

Turtle shaped jewelry
From Tiffany's 2021 Blue Book Collection, Colors of Nature

The jewels in "Colors Of Nature" have been rigorously evaluated, and each item has been hand-selected with care.
Sourcing gemstones for our collections is a quest to locate the rarest, most beautiful, and strangest gemstones in the world, and we travel widely in pursuit of these natural wonders that inspire these creations.
It sometimes takes years to obtain the appropriate stone for a given design, but other times the stone exposes itself, and we know straight away that we have to have it.

Tiffany & Co. will also start the second phase of its Diamond Craft Journey in 2021, marking yet another milestone in the company's illustrious history.
Clients are given access to the whole craftsmanship path of their jewelry, from its place of origin to where the precious stones are cut and polished, as part of this project.
This provides a level of openness seldom seen in the luxury jewelry market, emphasizing Tiffany & Co.'s admirable dedication to social and environmental norms.

The same steadfast attention to detail distinguishes "Colors Of Nature" from other fine jewelry collections.
A notable example is the 278-carat multiple-gemstone necklace, which has seven different types of gems: aquamarines, tanzanites, pink, orange, and green tourmalines, a rubellite, and a morganite.
The sheer quantity of precious jewels involved needs a precise approach to workmanship and design — a task that Tiffany & Co. has nearly conquered.
"Colors Of Nature" captures the maison's concept of everyday beauty, both within and without, with its vivid colors and striking patterns.