The Must-Visit Bars in Singapore

It seems like a trip to Singapore is on the bucket list of many these days. This island country located in Southeast Asia ranks highlight in some of the key social indicators and has become a hub for business and trade — while also being one of the most expensive places to live in for foreigners and expats.

a bar filled with lots of bottles of liquor
Photo by Damien Kopp on Unsplash

Tourism has become a major industry in Singapore, with an incredible 18.5 million people visiting the country in 2018 alone; three times more than Singapore’s total population. Many of these tourists are flocking to the incredible bars and enjoying the country’s vibrant drinking scene. If you’re looking to be one of them in the next year or two, but aren’t sure where to go don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! Read on to find out what makes the list for our must-visit bars in Singapore.

Cat Bite Club

If you’re into cocktails and a bit of intrigue, Cat Bite Club is a must. This casual speak-easy mixes up an array of delicious drinks using agave and rice-based spirits. By bringing the culinary and cultural vibe of both Southeast Asia and Mexico, Cat Bite Club is a fun bar where you can spend a few hours trying out shaken up sips from some of the best bartenders out there. Look for the Cheshire Cat lit up in neon to find it along Duxton Road.

Employees Only

If you’re looking for a bit of a party, Employees Only is the place to do it. This Singapore-based bar looks and feels a whole lot like it’s New York City version, stays open late and is a go-to for a good time. Enjoy a few shots while you’re there with the partying crowd, or feed up on their iconic steak tartare.

Underdog Inn

Another bar that takes inspiration from New York is Underdog Inn. Located down the alley of Amoy Street, expect a graffiti-covered tavern that’s serving up delicious craft beers and cocktails, with some very interesting and unusual flavours to taste. This is one of those bars we recommend showing up hungry for too. Executive chef Pete Smit has become something of a legend for his gastronomy, with some delicious smoked meats on offer and snacks too. It’s perfect for a date night or if you’re looking for something a bit cool and different to impress friends.

Spago Dining Room By Wolfgang Puck

If you’re going to head to one place in Singapore during your visit, it has to be Spago. Set atop the Marina Bay Sands Resort is a garden-in-the sky experience, with some incredible views alongside fusion of global cruising and great cocktails. Yes it’s at the higher end of the price point, but you definitely won’t regret visiting it for the scenes alone. And enjoy a glass of cold champagne or beer while you’re at it! While on your way out, check out the Marina Bay Sands casino where you can play an array of table and slot games like Rainbow Riches.

Lulu’s Lounge

For something a bit eccentric and unique, you should head to Lulu’s Lounge. With paintings of burlesque dancers covering the walls, leather couches and leopard print this is a cool, creative hangout that’s serious about its cocktails.

Visit them for their early-hours jazz offering and enjoy some light bar snacks too, while you sip away the hours on one of their delicious drinks.

The Old Man

With its flagship in Hong Kong voted Asia’s Best Bar back in 2019, it’s worth checking out its Singaporean counterpart. The Old Man doesn’t have a sign on its door, but instead is marked by a single pineapple lamp. Once inside, you can enjoy some of their legendary cocktails, which are imaginative as they are tasty. Their bartenders are experts, so it’s always worth asking what they recommend based on your particular tastes. And as cocktail bars go, everything is reasonably priced so you don’t have to break the bank for a great night out!


Whether you’re diehard vegan or looking to add some plant-based food and drink to your diet, Analogue is the place to be for you. This plant-based bar run by award-winning Vijay Mudaliar is an eco-friendly haven for delicious boozy beverages, so you can feel good while you imbibe. They use substitutes like carob and vegan honey to mix up their delicious cocktails, which can be enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike. And if you’re alcohol-free, they have a range of amazing mocktails and other drinks available too.