How Popular Is Horse Racing in Singapore?

The thrills of horse races cannot be compared with any other sport. Even though races last a couple of minutes, they are full of excitement especially if you place a bet.

Horses are running on a sandy track.
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This is also the reason why horse racing is increasing in popularity, even in regions where horse racing doesn’t have a long tradition. Countries from all around the world are starting to see the economic impact of the sport, and they are investing a lot of money in the promotion of professional horse racing.

Horse racing has always been a prestigious sport with a lot of money involved in the process. According to the latest horse race news, this makes it the perfect sport for an advanced and fast-developing country like Singapore.

So, how popular is actually horse racing in Singapore?

History of Horse Racing in Singapore

Even though Singapore isn’t the first country that comes to mind when you hear about horse racing, it actually holds a long history dating back to the early 19th century.

Since the first race was staged at the Singapore Sporting Club in 1843, horse racing in Singapore has a long history (later known as the Singapore Turf Club). Horse racing became one of Singapore's most popular activities during the early 20th century after quickly gaining popularity among both locals and foreigners.

The Japanese occupation of Singapore, which resulted in the closure of the racecourse and the destruction of many of the horses, dealt a blow to the sport during World War II. Horse racing slowly recovered after the war, and by the 1970s, it was once again a well-liked hobby in Singapore.

The Horse Racing Scene in Singapore Today

Today, hundreds of spectators tune in to watch live races at the Singapore Turf Club and online, demonstrating how popular horse racing is in Singapore. The sport also draws a lot of wagering, with many spectators placing wagers on their preferred horses.

The excellent caliber of racing in Singapore is one of the primary factors contributing to the sport's appeal. Some of the top horse races in the area are held at the Singapore Turf Club, and the horses and jockeys competing there are among the best in the world.

The Singapore Turf Club has also made attempts to increase public accessibility to horse racing. In addition to a number of educational programs and projects targeted at teaching the sport to younger generations, the club frequently offers public tours of the racecourse.

Biggest Horse Races in Singapore

Numerous horse races are held at the Singapore Turf Club throughout the year, and many of them are regarded as some of the best in the area. In Singapore, some of the most well-known and famous horse races are:

One of Singapore's most renowned horse races, the Singapore Gold Cup is contested in November. The race, which takes place over a distance of 2,000 meters, is accessible to horses aged four years and older.

Another significant horse race that takes place yearly in Singapore, typically in May, is the Singapore Airlines International Cup. The race, which takes place over a distance of 2,000 meters, is accessible to horses aged four years and older.

The Singapore Derby is a July event that is accessible to horses three years old and older. One of the most significant horse races in Singapore, the race is held over a distance of 1,800 meters.

The Singapore Guineas are a three-year-old horse race that takes place in May. One of the most significant horse races for young horses in Singapore, the race is held over a 1,600-meter course.

Challenges That Horse Racing as a Sports Faces in Singapore

Horse racing in Singapore has a variety of difficulties despite its popularity. The expensive nature of horse racing is one of the major obstacles. The sport is expensive, and many fans are turned off by the high entry fee. Plus, in Singapore gambling is banned and the government is very active in controlling anyone who does it illegally, which ends up stopping the racing industry from getting that revenue in the country.

The competition from other sports and entertainment options is another issue Singaporean horse racing is experiencing. Many young people today are less interested in horse racing than they were in the past due to the growth of internet gaming and other digital entertainment.