Why (and How Often) Should You Service Your Car?

Regular car maintenance is a critical aspect of vehicle ownership, crucial for ensuring smooth, safe, and efficient operation.

black Audi R8 parked beside road
Photo by Evgeny Tchebotarev on Unsplash

In Singapore, with its unique driving conditions and climate, proper vehicle servicing is even more important to maintain the health of your car.

The Importance of Regular Car Servicing

Regular car servicing is indispensable for maintaining the health and efficiency of your vehicle, especially in Singapore's unique driving environment. The benefits of consistent servicing extend beyond just keeping your car running; they play a crucial role in various aspects:

Enhanced Safety

Regular maintenance is essential for the safety of both the driver and passengers. In Singapore, where road conditions can vary and traffic can be heavy, having a car in top condition is crucial for safe navigation.

Servicing ensures that critical safety components like brakes, tires, and suspension systems are functioning correctly.

Faulty brakes or worn tires can lead to accidents, making regular checks vital. For example, brake pads may wear out unevenly depending on your driving style, and only regular checks can ensure they are replaced in time.

Reliability And Performance

In the busy streets an unreliable car can be a significant inconvenience. Regular servicing ensures that your vehicle is dependable. Issues like engine problems, battery failures, or electrical glitches are often caught during routine checks before they lead to breakdowns. This reliability is crucial for those who depend on their vehicles for daily commuting or work.

Vehicle Longevity

Regular servicing can significantly extend the lifespan of your car. In Singapore's humid climate, components like the engine and transmission are prone to quicker wear and tear. Servicing helps in identifying and addressing minor issues like leaks or rust before they escalate into expensive repairs.

Fuel Efficiency

A well-maintained vehicle is more fuel-efficient, which is particularly important given the high fuel costs in Singapore. Issues like under-inflated tires, dirty air filters, or old spark plugs can reduce fuel efficiency. Regular servicing ensures these components are in optimal condition, helping to save money on fuel in the long run.

Resale Value

The used car market in Singapore is quite active, and a well-maintained car can fetch a better resale price. Regular servicing records act as proof of good maintenance, making the car more attractive to potential buyers.

Preventive Maintenance

Regular servicing acts as preventive maintenance. It is far more cost-effective to prevent a problem than to repair it after it occurs. For instance, replacing worn-out belts or hoses during a service check can prevent a roadside breakdown.

Compliance With Warranty Requirements

For new cars, regular servicing is often a requirement to keep the warranty valid. In Singapore, where many cars are under warranty, skipping a service can mean you’re no longer covered for certain repairs.

Environmental Responsibility

Well-maintained cars have a lower environmental impact. They tend to emit fewer pollutants, which is important in a densely populated area like Singapore.

For Singaporean drivers, the general rule of thumb is to service your vehicle every 10,000 kilometers or every six months, whichever comes first. This is considered minor or regular servicing and includes oil changes, filter replacements, and checks of critical components like brakes and tires.

In addition to regular servicing, major servicing is recommended every two years or every 40,000 kilometers. Major servicing is more comprehensive, involving extensive checks and maintenance tasks like engine overhauls and transmission repairs.

Choosing a Car Service Provider

When selecting a Car Service, it's important to choose one that is reputable and uses quality parts and equipment. Look for providers that are licensed and have good reviews from previous customers.

The cost of servicing can vary, with minor services generally being less expensive than major ones. On average, minor servicing in Singapore can cost between SGD $100 to $200, while major servicing can cost upwards of SGD $500.

Regular car servicing is an essential part of vehicle ownership in Singapore. It ensures the safety, reliability, and efficiency of your vehicle while also contributing to its longevity and resale value. Adhering to the recommended servicing intervals and choosing a reliable service provider are key to keeping your car in top condition.