6 Successful Ways to Make Money With Cryptocurrency

Every trader and investor’s goal is to generate worthwhile profits whenever they invest, and cryptocurrencies are no different from this goal.

Various crypto currency symbols.
Photo by Shubham Dhage on Unsplash

As a novice trader that’s still new to the crypto market, all the information and data presented before you can seem rather confusing at first. A similar feeling to how an inexperienced bettor would feel when needing to interpret Toyota save mart 350 odds. However, things will be overwhelming at first with every new venture. As time goes on, further experience will help make sense of it all.

So, we’ve put together this helpful guide that will provide you with six successful options you can explore to make money and profits from your crypto investment. If you’re keen on learning, stick around for more.

Your 6 Strategies

Three main mechanisms are involved when it comes to making money with cryptocurrency. These include:

Based on these mechanisms that we’ve just mentioned above, the following strategies can then be used so you can achieve successful crypto trading.


When you choose to invest, you’re using a long-term strategy to buy and hold crypto over a period of time. Generally speaking, crypto assets are best suited to buying-and-holding strategies.

Such strategies can yield worthwhile results because crypto assets are exceptionally volatile in the short term. Still, by choosing to hold them, you can have tremendous potential for growth to be seen in the long run.

You have to find stable assets that you know you can keep for the long term to start this strategy. With assets like Ethereum and Bitcoin, you can see a long-term increase in their value, and with such evaluations, you can consider such assets as safe investments.


Trading is designed to exploit short-term opportunities. The crypto market is highly volatile, with asset values rising and dropping daily. To master the game, you have to incorporate thorough technical and analytical skills so you can analyze performances and market charts as you go along.

As you trade, you can either take long or short positions. This will depend on what your analysis will tell you about what will happen to the asset. Therefore, this means you can capitalize on this knowledge and profit from the market irrespective of what’s happening in the market.

Lending And Staking

Staking is a way to validate crypto transactions meaning that you’ll own coins but won’t be spending them to keep in a crypto wallet. A Proof of Stake (PoS) will be used to validate all transactions relating to your coin. So, as you do this, you’ll be receiving rewards. In a nutshell, you’re going to be lending coins to the network allowing the network to verify transactions and maintain its security.

Crypto Social Media

If you can create and curate content for multiple blockchain-based platforms on social media, then you can receive rewards for this in the form of a native coin that belongs to the platform.


Cryptos generate value from mining, and mining continues to play an important part in the Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism. If you happen to mine a cryptocurrency, you’ll automatically be rewarded with additional coins. But to do this, you need an initial investment in specialized hardware and technical expertise.

Forks And Airdrops

To generate awareness, you find developers distributing airdrops and free tokens. Crypto exchanges might initiate an airdrop to establish a large user base relating to a specific project. When you become a part of an airdrop, you’ll automatically receive a free coin that you can use to trade, invest, or buy things.