5 Mouth Watering Flavored CBD Vape for Teenagers to Try

Vaping might be overwhelming for young adults, especially if they are new to it. They may have many questions about which best e-liquids to choose, which flavor to choose, how to take care of their vape, and how to incorporate vaping into their daily life.

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Therefore, we've compiled a list of the five best vape juices you can try this year. To get yourself the best vaping experience possible, it is essential to have the best flavor of e-juice. However, finding the best flavor of e-juice is a never-ending quest, as there are many of the best flavors available in the market.

Here are the best-rated cbd vape juices from experienced vapers to enjoy your vaping experience.

What Is Vape Juice?

Vape juice is a liquid that is turned into vapor by using electronic cigarettes. It's also called E-liquid, E-juice (or e-juice), Vaping liquid, or E-cig juice. No matter how big or small the vape device is, you must use it with e-liquid to make vapor.

Moreover, vape juice comes in various flavors, thicknesses, and nicotine levels. Some E-liquid is made from necessary ingredients and some are not. Base liquids (PG/VG), flavorings and sweeteners, and nicotine are the three main types of these ingredients.

Mouth Watering CBD Vape Flavours

Tobacco Flavor

This is the flavor that people who have quit smoking reach for the most, and many different brands make many different kinds of tobacco-flavored juices.

However, we understand that some people will want to stick with the tobacco flavors they are used to, which is fine. There are sweet, cigar, and spiced tobacco in addition to your regular tobacco blends.

The great thing about tobacco-flavored e-juices is that their vapor will not leave a lingering scent on your clothes like cigarettes would.

Tobacco-flavored e-juices also produce a much cleaner smell and taste because you aren't combusting tobacco or the thousands of other harmful chemicals in an analog cigarette.

Fruit Flavor E-Liquid

When people start vaping, they sometimes want a big change, and a fruity-flavored e-liquid can give them that. Generally, fruity flavors are some of the most popular In the market, and vape users tend to choose them first.

Most of the time, you can count on a mixed-berry flavor for a perfect taste and smell. There are a lot of different fruit-flavored e-liquids to choose from, and your taste will be a big factor in deciding which one to try first. For example, if you don't like banana or raspberry flavors, you might like apples or lemons better.

Menthol E-Liquid

Customers can choose from several different menthol e-liquids, but the one they like best is the original Menthol E-Liquid. It's a great juice to vape on its own, or you can mix it with other flavors to give them a stronger throat hit and a blast of cool, refreshing menthol.

This relaxing cannabis liquid is also a great way to start vaping for young adults who are used to smoking regular menthol cigarettes. The Sweet Menthol E-Liquid is excellent for vapers who like it to taste sweeter.

Desserts Flavored E-Liquid

If you always choose cake over chips, try a vape juice that tastes like dessert. The best flavors of dessert vape juice make you feel like you're eating the real thing. There's an excellent chance that your favorite dessert flavor is available as an e-juice.

Desserts have complex, sweet, and savory flavors that can satisfy even the sweetest tooth. From apple pie to cheesecake to ice cream sandwiches, there are a lot of low-calorie desserts to choose from.

Drink Flavored E-Juices

If you like the taste of some alcoholic drinks but don't want the buzz or the calories, flavored e-juices are a godsend. Even if you don't like alcoholic beverages and prefer root beer floats or milkshakes, you can find a vape flavor that tastes just like any drink you can think of.

Some of the most popular drink-flavored e-liquids are slushies, mocktails, punches, colas, and milkshakes.

What Are the New Flavors to Try in 2023?


Did you know that you can even buy e-liquid that tastes like a cocktail, and some brands put the most popular cocktails into bottles of vape juice? Well, yes! People often choose mojitos and pina coladas for their e-liquids which are also some popular summer drinks.


A glass of ice-cold lemonade is a great way to cool off in the summer, and many vape juices taste like lemonade. Classic flavors like yeti lemonade and just juice lemonade are available. Still, you can also buy pink lemonade, blackcurrant lemonade, and raspberry lemonade, so you have a lot of great choices in vape juices.

Bubblegum E-Liquid

If you want a taste of the 1990s, try bubblegum e-liquid. It's a classic for a reason and can get vaped on its own or mixed with another fruity e-liquid for a candy twist. Bubblegum e-liquid is a must-try for any vape lover with a sweet tooth because it tastes like a mix of watermelon and strawberry.

Custard Flavor

The custard-flavored e-liquids come in neutral creamy flavors, making them the perfect custard-flavored options. These E-liquids have the same rich, smooth flavor as the popular dessert topping.

This classic topping flavor is so popular that you can get it alone. Custard e-liquids are rich enough to stand independently but are often mixed with other delicious flavors like dessert, pastries, fruit, and even tobacco-based e-liquids.

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Wrapping Up

If you're new to vaping, we suggest using a flavor you already know to make the transition as easy as possible. There are many different tobacco and menthol flavors that smokers who want to switch to vaping will surely love. However, if you want to try something different, there are a lot of other tastes out there like trying an innovative diy cbd vape oil. In addition, Choose fresh, fruity, complex flavors that taste like sweets, drinks, or desserts. If you still need to decide on an e-liquid, check out some great e-liquid flavors that we have mentioned above.