Tuesday Tarot With Dior

There are four cards face down. Which one do you prefer? Keep that in mind as we reveal the cards one at a time, from left to right.

Tarot cards on the table
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In the vast universe of tarot, generic readings hold a unique space. Unlike personalized sessions tailored to an individual's specific queries, generic readings cast a broader net, offering insights that can resonate with a wider audience. These readings, often found on a nice site or platform, provide general guidance, tapping into the collective energies of the moment. While they might not delve deep into personal intricacies, they offer a general overview, setting the tone and providing direction for the days ahead. It's a wonderful way for newcomers to get acquainted with the world of tarot or for seasoned enthusiasts to gain a quick pulse on prevailing energies.


Christian Dior was well-known for his superstitions. He liked the number 8 (his maison was founded in Paris's 8th district) and believed in fate and chance.

"Chance always comes to the aid of those who really want something," he wrote in his memoir Dior by Dior. He was inspired by his maternal grandmother's life of divination. And one encounter with a fortune teller summed up his life. "You will be penniless, but women will be good to you, and it is because of them that you will succeed," he recounted, palms up. You'll make a lot of money and have to cross a lot of rivers."

Monsieur Dior would keep lucky items in his pockets, such as gold coins, a four-leaf clover, and lucky talismans. With that, Maria Grazia Chiuri, Christian Dior's newly-appointed artistic director, delved into the maison's roots and created a series of snakeskin clutches embroidered with tarot cards - lucky cards that one could carry around. We consulted a tarot card reader to shed some light on our careers' future and promises, just as Monsieur Dior did with major work-related decisions.

There are numerous Tarot decks on the market, some published by traditional publishers and others created by independent artists. "Different cards have different personalities, but The Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot knows how to turn a difficult problem into a simple, solvable hiccup with a lighthearted tone." And it works really well with clients who have more clarity, especially clients who need help decoding (life problems)... These cards are excellent problem solvers."

The 26-year-old founded [Foxglove Tarot] Bali. Aside from customers who come into her studio, she primarily does Tarot readings via Skype or Google Hangouts.

The majority of her clients are either from other countries or from other cities in Indonesia. She was attempting to break away from the traditional tarot reading style. She sometimes goes from market to market - bazaars - and sets up a stand. But it was exhausting for her. She quickly discovered that online sessions were more intimate, focused, and productive.

What path will your career take in 2017?

The Lovers

Unlike everyone else at your workplace, you are most likely the happiest and most content coworker. You take your time in the morning, sipping your coffee and greeting everyone in the hallway. Everyone enjoys being around you because you cheer up those who are having a bad day and are always willing to help anyone at any time. Your office or team is fortunate to have you as a team player.

However, in 2017, you must be able to express yourself more than you did last year. When you have a brilliant idea for a new project, you tend to keep it to yourself until someone asks you to share it with the team. Then, you remain silent because your teammates may have a stronger point of view, and you're wondering if your idea can contribute as much as theirs.

This year, you'll have another opportunity to promote yourself, and I recommend that you take advantage of it. For a change, your ideas must see the light of day. So breathe in, breathe out, and have faith in yourself.

The World

If you chose The World, you might be in charge of a team, a business, or a project. On the other hand, you could also be the type of person who has no time to waste because everything around you is moving too quickly, and you're almost drowning in paperwork. Sometimes you think about life outside of work, but that doesn't seem like an appropriate reality for you.

For you, 2017 is neither a good nor a bad year. One thing is certain: 2017 will be a year of choices for you, whether it is moving to another company or hiring new employees, such as a new graphic designer. This year, you must make some difficult decisions in your career. And your choices will have such an impact on those around you. Choosing your path won't be easy unless you know what's ahead. And, being the meticulous individual you are, you are prepared to calculate all the risks.

Finally, you must listen to your gut instinct and your logical self. Will the potential salary offer be worth it if it does not allow you enough flexibility to work on your projects?

The Sun

You, like the Sun, have a sunny disposition toward everyone and everything. You believe that everything happens for a reason, but you also believe that without hard work, you wouldn't be wearing Manolo Blahnik heels right now. As a result, you have a go-getter attitude and an infectious enthusiasm for success.

You've set your sights on a promotion or a pay raise in 2017. However, your drive to succeed will help you overcome obstacles, and your ability to win everyone's hearts will help you advance quickly.

But before you sign your new contract, wipe that smug look off your face. When you're 90% of the way to your goal, losing focus or relaxing is easy, thinking you've already secured the deal. But, in reality, you may miss out on the biggest opportunity of your life because you should have noticed the smallest details in your work.

It's fantastic to be upbeat and determined! But don't forget to use your abundant energy to focus on your goal.

The Magician

As The Magician, you are one of the most dependable employees in the office. You have a lot of valuable interests and skills, and you use this strength to juggle multiple responsibilities at once. Everyone at your workplace looks up to you as the go-to coworker who knows everything about everything. Your confidence is always high because your opinion is frequently heard and unchallenged by your peers. This indicates that you are not afraid to express yourself.

However, your intuition has been telling you to slow down in 2017 because you were confronted with a bitter side of your ambition last year, causing you to hold your horses. It also cautioned you to approach success with caution, acting only when a window of opportunity presented itself. You may have aspired to be the best in your field. But it will only be possible to climb if you are supported.

Try to be more courteous than last year. I understand that office politics isn't your strong suit. But, in the end, to get the job you want, everyone needs to know that you're a collaborative team player, not just the smart kid in class.