The Instant Advantage: How Instant Games Add Variety to Online Casinos

Feeling like playing a few casino games, but time is not on your side? Worry not! ice casino online and other brands have a wide variety of games for you to play. Dive into their cracking selection of instant win games that promise tons of quick thrills, decent wins, and an experience like no other. If you decide to play instant win games, there’s a wide variety to pick from. These are the ones that you can quickly play and know your results within a few seconds. However, despite their increasing popularity online, very few people know what instant win games are all about. This guide is about putting this straight. Discover more about instant games, the popular categories online, and how they introduce diversity to online casinos.

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What Are Instant Win Casino Games?

Instant casino games are not quite new in the iGaming industry. They’ve been around since the mid-early 2000s. Unlike traditional casino games, which require extended gameplay and strategy, instant ones offer you quick and immediate gratification. Playing it from start to finish will only last less than a few minutes – usually under two minutes. Casino games such as blackjack, poker, or baccarat might require a proper understanding of the card rules and strategic decision-making to compete against others. This is not the case for instant-win games. They are designed for quick enjoyment, allowing you to discover if you are a winner within seconds.

Types of Instant Win Games Online

There are different types of instant win games you can play on the internet. The most common ones include Slingo, scratch cards, and crash ones. All of them offer different advantages and features, as described below:


This is a relatively new casino game that only made its way to the internet around 2010. It is a fun fusion of Bingo and slots. This genre creates a fast-paced and thrilling type of entertainment. Initially popular as a casual game on the internet, Slingo is now a staple in the online gambling industry, introducing different types of themes and styles of play. Slingo games are usually available in a 5x5 grid setup, just like the classic Bingo game. The only difference is that on the 5x5 grid setup, there are slot reels at the bottom section. Every spin of the reel generates numbers, which are then automatically marked off, but only if there are any matching ones. As you play Slingo, your objective is to create vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines by matching the numbers on the grid setup.

Many people might argue that Slingo is the same as online slots. As mentioned, they do incorporate elements from online slots, but they are not the same. In some Slingo games, you can encounter various obstacles and power-ups. These add strategic layers to the gameplay.

Crash Gambling

Crash gambling came at a slightly later time than Slingo games. They are a totally new type of online casino entertainment that combines the element of luck and strategy to win. They require you to place a bet and watch it increase gradually as a multiplier coefficient increases. The higher the coefficient increases, the bigger the expected returns. To win, you must cash out before the multiplier coefficient ‘crashes’ from the screen. The ’crashing’ can happen anytime. It can be immediately after the multiplier coefficient starts increasing, or it can take a few seconds or minutes to happen. It’s up to you to decide the best time to cash out. However, while you decide this, you must note that the higher your multiplier coefficient increases, the higher the risk.

How Are Instant Games Adding Variety to Online Casinos?

The most obvious way instant games add variety to the online gambling niche is by breaking away from conventional rules. Take, for instance crash, games. These bring some elements seen in arcade games to the casino niche. Although they may seem quite direct and easy to play, you must have some skill to cash out your bet. They also introduce a variety of themes. This is especially true regarding Slingo games based on different themes. These are those that look like scratch cards, some based on classic arcade games, as well as fruity-themed Slingo ones. Whatever theme you can imagine or think of, rest assured you can find it in Slingo games.