New Britney Spears Song Is in the Works

In a recent interview, Britney Spears attacks her family and previews a new song, saying, "I haven't forgotten what they did to me."

Britney Spears singing
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Even though Britney Spears enjoys Christmas as a free woman, it does not appear like she will be spending Christmas with her family.

According to the artist, she is "coming to remind my white 'classy' relatives that I haven't forgotten what they did to me" and that she has a "new song in the works," according to the Daily Mail.
An accompanying video of Spears demonstrating her vocal range was accompanied by a lengthy commentary.

"Guys, I only just discovered this today...
... in the aftermath of what my family attempted to do to me three years ago...
I needed to be my own cheerleader...
They indeed weren't, as God knows "the vocalist penned a song
She might be alluding to when she was purportedly compelled to enter treatment at the beginning of 2019.
Spears boasted on numerous achievements, such as the fact that she had sold approximately 100 million records globally.

"I'm reminding myself as well as the rest of the world of who I am," she continued.
"Yes... I intend to be my own best cheerleader."
Spears continued by saying, "I'm going to let you know what I mean ;)!!!!!" about her prospective new song.

Indeed, this isn't the first time Spears has spoken out against her family and people she believes have harmed her throughout her career.
Her father, Jamie Spears, and her former management team, according to the starlet, are to blame for having her weep during that notorious 2003 interview with Diane Sawyer.
Jamie brushed off the charges, prompting Britney's attorney, Mathew Rosengart, to stand out against her.

"According to Rosengart, "rather than abusing and insulting his daughter, even while claiming to 'love' her," Mr. Spears and his lawyer should "concentrate on addressing the following core issues, on beginning with, which we have been asking for months:
In his capacity as a suspended conservator, would he now reimburse himself for the millions of dollars in combined pay and commissions from Britney's work that he received before he was terminated?
What were the total sums of money he earned through his daughter's will and estate administration?
In what capacity did he sanction a $500,000 payment to Tri-Star Entertainment after Britney Spears went on hiatus?

Are there any facts to back up the charges in the extended New York Times report about a listening device installed in his adult daughter's bedroom? Does he have any proof to back up his claims?"

Spears has been released from conservatorship, but she still has several financial issues to settle in court.