Top 10 GoFundMe Alternatives

Crowdfunding has been increasingly popular among people looking for ways to raise large amounts of funds in a short period. The need for crowdfunding varies greatly. You would see students raising funds for their education, parents raising funds for their kids' medical bills, scientists looking for capital for their research work, and other different purposes.

A woman's hand is giving money
Photo by Katt Yukawa on Unsplash

As of late, crowdfunding sites are growing at a substantial rate. As a result, more and more people are generating apps that can help you raise funds for various causes.

The most popular crowdfunding app among these is the GoFundMe app, but it doesn't end here.

Instead of being a neutral crowdfunding service, GoFundMe has been discriminating between their fundraisers based on their political views.

After shutting down the Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022 donation page, GoFundMe has caused much stir on the internet. GoFundMe then announced they would distribute the money and give the $10 million raised of their choice. Then, after a massive outcry, GoFundMe announced that they would refund the donations instead of seizing the $10 million.

In this article, we will explore GoFundMe alternatives for the masses.


GiveSendGo is one of the biggest donating sites in the world. Its popularity has soared over the past year after several political causes were blocked by the GoFundMe platform.

GiveSendGo promises to support causes, regardless of political ideology, and stand for freedom of expression.


GiveCampus is an excellent app for crowdfunding if you are a student or a parent/guardian seeking to get your kids their college. Through this app, you can raise money for school-related projects, co-curricular, and tuition fees, which go directly to the institution to pay these expenses off. GiveCampus is also a volunteer management platform for non-profit educational institutions.


As an alternative to GoFundMe, FundRazr is a platform that assists ordinary people, institutions, organizations, and non-profits to raise funds for causes that matter to them. There are two kinds of fundraisers this app offers; you can either get an all-or-nothing in which case you need to reach your desired goal before accessing the collected funds, or keep-it-all, in which case you get to keep whatever cash you end up raising.


There aren't many websites where people can execute their creative ideas, but Kickstarter is one of these rare apps. People who love to try out new ideas and create a new spin on things. Here people can sell their ideas and get funding for their projects. In addition, inventors can test their products before bringing them out to the market. The only catch here is that the fundraiser works on the all-or-nothing principle - either you raise it all or get nothing.


Patreon is a membership platform directed to serve artists and content creators to get the best out of their artworks by getting regularly paid. At Patreon, you can get a subscription service through which an artist's subscribers can earn rewards and perks by following their work. It is an easy way to pay artists for the work they are already creating and put a price on their hard work by collective effort.


For small business owners who want to expand their business or sustain their existing one, WeFunder is a helpful crowdfunding app where you can collect funds for your business. In the turn of their capital, investors will get a small stake in your company which is necessary to make them root for your business and become instantly gratified with its success. This way, they can invest in companies they love and care about. It's a personalized form of capital-raising that benefits both parties somehow.


Fundly is another online crowdfunding platform. You can use it to raise money for non-profits and other causes by sending out an email to your friends and family members and donors, and other supporters via social media networks such as Facebook.

On Fundly, there is no upper limit to the amount of money you can raise. Also, there is no minimum amount of money you must raise to withdraw the funds, unlike some crowdfunding services. Without restrictions, users can focus on their cause and raise as much money as they need to accomplish their goals.


SeedInvest is an equity crowdfunding platform aims to bring together investors with startups. The app focuses on getting high-net-worth individuals, venture capital firms, and other essential personnel with deep pockets to become a part of this platform and help out startups that need funding to sustain themselves and take their initiative to execution. For the investments to reach the small business owners, they need to meet their minimum fund's requirement. This broadens the horizon of investment opportunities and maintains the credibility of entrepreneurs.


Having a middleman when dealing with real estate transactions can be a nuisance. RealCrowd eliminates the need for having a middleman to deal with the work associated with commercial real estate equity investments. Created by experienced real estate investors, this rare website promotes real estate investing with no fees.


As we mentioned earlier, crowdfunding is not limited to a specific niche. Instead, there is something for everyone. You can raise funds for practically any cause that comes to mind. All you have to do is pitch it well. For example, the Experiment is a crowdfunding website for scientists who need funding for their research projects. You can post open-access data and journal publications for the investors to review and, in turn, get excellent funding opportunities.


While GoFundMe used to be a great initiative and a pretty popular one, it is not the only crowdfunding app available. Our list of alternative websites will help you out when searching for funds according to your specific niche. So make use of these websites and have fun pitching your ideas!