Soundtracks: the Secret Superpower of Video Games

It perhaps comes as no surprise to you that gaming is massive. It always has been and just keeps getting bigger and bigger. According to data on the website of consumer and market data company Statista, revenue in the video games market is expected to reach $282.30 billion, and between 2024 and 2027 market volume is projected to hit around $363.20 billion by 2027.

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Part of the success of a game is in the attention to detail, which helps designers and developers to create a higher quality of game. The level of detail can set games apart from each other, with players rejecting games that skimp on detail for ones that have more and they consider as being of higher quality. Music is one area of detail that increases the quality of a game. As well as adding to the atmosphere by generating excitement or tension, music creates realism in the game. Below is a look at the use of music in online slots, discussion of some of the soundtracks used in video games and of how game producers work to make their games high quality.

The Use of Music in Online Slots

Just like in video games, music matters for online slots. Through the use of tribal rhythms in the slot 9 Masks of Fire matches the theme of the game and enables the player to immerse themselves more in the gameplay. They make the game more memorable for the player.

Although the music isn’t the centrepiece of an online slot, it keeps the game engaging and helps the player to stay alert while playing. If the music is awful, the player can become irritated, and the game becomes memorable for all the wrong reasons. Playing online slots should always be enjoyable, not an experience the player wants to wipe from their memory as soon as possible.

Games That Implement the Soundtrack to Fantastic Effect

Some games are noted as much for their music as for the quality of the game itself. Here are some games with fabulous soundtracks:

Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed” spoils you with the beauty of “Venice Rooftops.” Although the chase tracks are highly enjoyable, the real masterpiece of the game is this track that builds a whole orchestra around a simple, repetitive melody. The build-up and transition from a synth track to the moment the guitar kicks in will give you the most pleasant goosebumps you’ll ever experience.


“Tetris” is a classic video game, as is the theme tune. Many just call the tune “The Tetris Song” and know it from the Nintendo GameBoy game. What a lot of people are less likely to know is that it started out life as a 19th century Russian folk classic called “Korebeiniki.” Several of the top orchestras in the world have performed their own version of the tune, versions which are epic as it is on the GameBoy.


Anyone looking for a good soundtrack as much as a good game should invest in “Halo.” The “Halo” series is one of the most popular in video gaming history, but its soundtrack, by Martin O’ Donnell (famous for his work on the “Little Shop of Horrors” soundtrack), is nothing to sniff at either. Actually, it’s the best-selling video game soundtrack ever. You’ll see why if you listen to the main theme, which combines a gentle choir, some major orchestral muscle and even a hint of electric guitar. Utterly majestic.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

The “Hitman 2: Silent Assassin” soundtrack, from Danish composer Jesper Kyd, is a refreshing blend of full orchestra and Latin chorus. You’d be forgiven if you thought were listening to the score from a Hollywood money. The Dane also likes to sprinkle light electronic music into his compositions, which keeps his work interesting to listeners, who can expect something different from him just about every time.

Keeping Games High Quality

Game developers will do several things to make their games high-quality. They’ll conduct research and aim for a broad audience. One of the challenges of designing and producing a successful game is staying loyal to hardcore gamers while still trying to attract casual gamers and new gamers.

Innovation is essential. Games makers may take inspiration from other games, but they must differentiate themselves from the competition, not merely imitate it. If they don’t innovate, they set themselves up for failure. Games makers take the weak points of a game and improve upon them, helping to exceed the competition in the quality of their game. Graphics and animations, difficulty levels and game theme are all potential areas a game maker could focus on to produce a higher quality game than the competition.

The soundtrack of a game is an important element that adds to the game’s atmosphere, fosters engagement and allows players to immerse themselves in the game. Other games that have enjoyable soundtracks include “Animal Crossing,” “Tekken 7” and “Street Fighter 5.”