Famous Figures With Sanpaku Eyes: Marilyn Monroe, Steve Jobs

Sanpaku eyes are a condition where the white part of the eye is visible either above or below the iris. It is said to indicate a spiritual or physical imbalance in a person and has gained popularity in Japanese culture and alternative medicine.

Steve Jobs on the cover of book.
Photo by AB on Unsplash

Throughout history, several famous figures have been known for their sanpaku eyes. One of the most iconic is Marilyn Monroe. Her wide-set eyes and prominent upper eyelids made her an ideal beauty standard of the 1950s, but they also showcased her sanpaku condition. Some believe that her struggles with mental health and addiction may have been related to her spiritual imbalance, as indicated by her sanpaku eyes.

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, was also known for his sanpaku eyes. His intense focus and drive toward perfection made him a visionary in the tech industry but also made him prone to burnout and stress-related illnesses. According to some sources, Jobs was interested in Eastern philosophy and alternative medicine, which may have led him to explore the concept of sanpaku eyes.

Other famous figures with sanpaku eyes include musician Ozzy Osbourne, artist Vincent Van Gogh, and actress Kristen Stewart. Each of these individuals has had struggles with mental health, addiction, and personal challenges, leading some to speculate that their sanpaku eyes may be a reflection of their inner turmoil.

Despite its association with spiritual or physical imbalances, sanpaku eyes are not a definitive diagnosis of any condition. It is simply a physical characteristic that some people have, and it is up to individual interpretation as to whether it holds any more profound significance. For example, some people believe that it can indicate a person's level of stress or fatigue, while others believe it is purely a matter of genetics.

Regardless of their origins or meaning, sanpaku eyes have become a fascination in popular culture, with many people seeking to learn more about their significance. While it may not be a definitive indicator of anything, it does add to the unique characteristics that make each individual who they are. As a result, Sanpaku eyes have been the subject of various theories and interpretations in different cultures. For instance, in Chinese face reading, it is believed that the condition can indicate an individual's health, personality traits, and prospects.