Here's How to Keep Your Phone From Freezing Up

Fall is here, and winter is coming soon. Extreme cold makes the cell phone particularly vulnerable. Too low temperatures are just as bad for the phone as very high temperatures.

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Almost every one of us has probably experienced a situation where you play games or casino games on such websites as online canadian casino for a long time and your phone overheats. But what should you do if you are in the opposite situation?

It can simply shut down, for example. This can be prevented with the following tips.

Protecting Cell Phones From the Cold: Why Actually?

There is a simple reason why it is advisable to protect your cell phone from the cold: Devices have a limited comfort zone as far as temperatures are concerned. Anything above or below that can cause problems and may even be dangerous for smartphones. The cell phone battery and the display of your device are particularly affected.

Possible Consequences for Your Cell Phone Battery

Most newer iPhones and Android smartphones use lithium-ion batteries, which work best at temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius. Cell phone batteries contain a viscous electrolyte substance. Due to oppositely charged, mobile ions, it is conductive and allows lithium ions to migrate from the negative to the positive pole. This can even lead to the cell phone battery life being shortened or the entire power supply being paralyzed. So protecting your phone from the cold means first and foremost paying close attention to the needs of the battery.

Some Tricks to Protect Your Cell Phone From the Cold

Of course, you can't always keep your smartphone in the right operating temperature range. After all, you'll want to use it outside, whether you're taking a walk, playing sports, or heading to work. To protect your phone from the cold, follow these tips.

Dress Your Phone Warmly

What we do in winter, you can also do with your phone: wrap it up warm. A warming cover made of wool, rubber or neoprene, for example, isn't always pretty, but it helps.

Samsung lovers can find stylish protection with the new Samsung Galaxy phone cases designed specifically for this purpose. These cases not only keep the phone warm but also ensure it remains stylish and functional, even in the coldest conditions.

Use a Headset

If you don't already do it anyway, we highly recommend a headset for making calls with your smartphone in the truest sense of the word. That way, you can keep your phone in your pocket where it won't cool off.

Regulate the Power Mode

It is also advisable not to use smartphones too intensively in cold environments. Avoid power-intensive applications. For example, adjust the display brightness and take pictures without flash. Updates should always be performed in a warm environment. This also applies to charging. It's better to let the phone battery warm up to room temperature first.

Turn Off Your Phone

If your phone does go into deep freeze due to the cold, don't panic. In most cases, it will come back on if you warm it up against your body for a short time. And if all that doesn't help: take a spare battery with you. Changing the cell phone battery for Samsung's S series is quite easy with a few tricks.


Despite wintry temperatures, you shouldn't have to do without your smartphone. With a few tricks, you can protect your phone from the cold. You don't need much, just be aware of the seven tips above and follow them when it's icy outside. Your phone battery will thank you. By the way, do this when your phone gets hot. You can also make your phone last longer and never pay for repairs again.