6 Reasons Why Air Conditioner Unit Is Not Cooling Properly in the Afternoon

Issues of air conditioners not being able to provide cool air during the daytime, but can function properly at night, pose a significant concern, especially for homeowners. The inconvenience can be further heightened, especially for people who stay in a tropical country with hot weather all year round and have to do many indoor activities during the day. A warm room due to an ineffective air conditioner can be an uncomfortable situation that disturbs work, focus, and even your rest time.

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It’s important to understand what are the contributing factors that can affect the air conditioner’s lack of cooling capacity, specifically during the day. Let’s thoroughly explore all the reasons behind an air conditioner that only seems to cool efficiently at night.

1. the Outdoor Temperature Is Very Hot

When an air conditioner fails to provide cool air during the day, it may be attributed to the external temperatures that are very hot. Especially if your house has lots of windows or glass mirrors. Indeed, using mirrors in a house can help to enhance its aesthetics, but it can also contribute to elevated temperatures by reflecting and intensifying sunlight, leading to discomfort. Improper selection of glass can affect the performance of the air conditioner. The reason is that the heat temperature from outside is not completely absorbed by the glass, which ends up making the room hot. In such cases, the scorching heat from the sun can significantly impact the temperature inside the room.

As a consequence, the air conditioner needs to exert more effort, resulting in a reduced or insufficient cooling effect. Thus, this occurrence might contribute to your air conditioner's experience in cooling efficiency during the day, even though the system is found to be functioning normally upon inspection.

Given that this issue stems from weather-related factors, there may be limited technical solutions that you can do to tackle this. But some things that you can do are, purchasing dark-colored blinds to cover your windows, or using mirror film to block reducing sunlight glare and UV rays. It is also advisable to schedule more frequent maintenance services during the summer to optimize the air conditioner’s performance.

2. Incompatibility of Air Conditioner Capacity With Room Size

Before purchasing an air conditioner, it is crucial to determine the size of the room to select the most suitable air conditioner unit with the appropriate capacity. Choosing the wrong capacity can result in inadequate cooling. The mismatch can also harm both your monthly electricity expenses, as well as energy consumption. Therefore, it is very important to choose an air conditioner unit not only based on your personal preferences but also in consideration of the room’s dimensions.

If your current air conditioner capacity is not compatible with your room size, this can only contribute to why your air conditioner can only work well during the night. The intense glare from outside, on top of the incompatible air conditioner size, can contribute to why your unit is unable to work efficiently during the day. To fix this issue, you may want to consider upgrading to a higher-capacity air conditioner unit.

3. Room Occupancy

Individuals have varying body temperatures, and the number of people in a room can influence the air conditioner’s effectiveness in cooling. More occupants in a room can result in higher temperatures and a prolonged air conditioning process to reduce the room temperature.

4. Problem With Air Conditioner Fan

The main function of the fan in the indoor unit is to spread the cold temperature from the evaporator so that it can reach every corner of the room. But if the fan is weak and can't work properly, it is only natural that the performance of the indoor air conditioner unit won’t be optimal. The slow rotating fan is generally caused by three things, it can be due to a dirty fan propeller, the weak dynamo motor, and the inadequate capacitor's ability.

Maybe this problem will not be as influential at night when the temperature outside is much lower, but it will certainly be different during the day when the air outside tends to be hotter. Hence, if you notice that the fan on your indoor air conditioner unit is not operating at its usual speed, it is advisable to promptly contact a technician for an immediate inspection.

5. Weak Compressor Engine

A compressor can be said to be the core of the life of an air conditioning machine. If the compressor performance has decreased, this will result in a decrease in air conditioner performance. It will then influence the air conditioner's ability to cool a room.

A quality compressor is characterized by its ability to function effectively with amperes below or equivalent to those specified on the nameplate, and it maintains normal freon pressure. However, if the compressor heats up quickly and the compressor amperage increases beyond the maximum limit, it could be the ultimate sign that the air conditioner compressor is already weak.

You can hire a professional technician to check and make sure whether your unit compressor engine can still work normally, or whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

6. Unclean Indoor Air Conditioner Unit

The issue of air conditioners not cooling properly due to dirt accumulation is a common problem encountered in air conditioning units. Hence, if you find that your air conditioner is not providing sufficient cooling during the day, and you usually never encountered this issue before - it’s important to recall the last time maintenance was conducted. Especially if it’s currently during summer, your air conditioner unit may need more frequent servicing.

The dry season tends to make dirt buildup on the air conditioner happen much quicker compared to the rainy season. Thus, it is crucial to understand that air conditioner maintenance should not be postponed until an issue happens. Establishing regular maintenance even when the air conditioner is functioning well, is a proactive approach for optimal performance. If you are ever in need of a professional air conditioner technician, you can check out www.luceaircon.sg. Luce Aircon's professional team can help tackle all your air conditioner needs. From regular cleaning and maintenance to fixing major issues such as weak compressor engines that happen in your air conditioner unit.