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T | On Set21 October 2018
On Set | Geoffrey Chadsey

The painter and illustrator accepts T’s challenge to make something in less than an hour.

Entertainment & Culture, T | On Set17 October 2018
On Set | George R. R. Martin on Trump, Climate Change and More

The writer of “A Game of Thrones” fields questions from New York Times staffer superfine.

T | On Set9 October 2018
On Set | Ellie Kemper

The actress and writer showcases her comedic prowess.

T | On Set, Runway5 October 2018
On Set | The New Chloé By Natacha Ramsay-Levi

In her Fall/ Winter 2018 collection, Natacha Ramsay-Levi reconfigured the codes of Chloé.

T | On Set4 October 2018
On Set | Adam Selman

The fashion designer accepts T’s challenge to make something in less than one hour with only a few select items — and creates an entirely new persona for himself.

T | On Set24 September 2018
On Set | Playing Hide & Seek With Chanel — Amongst Vintage Furniture

They are designed from history but nestle comfortably into the present — Chanel Fall/ Winter 2018 accessories find themselves a place in a curious mid-century furniture vintage store in Singapore, Möbler.

T | House Tour, Art & Design23 September 2018
House Tour | Camp Kent

T visits the summer camp turned retreat designed by Alexandra Champalimaud for her family.

Beauty, T | On Set21 September 2018
On Beauty | A Trend For Facial Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine physician, Victoria Tan, on the rise of beauty facial acupuncture in Singapore — an alternative to aesthetic treatments.

T | On Set / 15 September 2018

On Set | Antoni Porowski

The “Queer Eye” star pays homage to a fellow street-food aficionado – with delicious results.

Trending, T | On Set20 September 2018
On Set | The Scene Stealer with Bvlgari

T imagines Bvlgari's Fall/Winter '18 collection of bags and accessories as a glamorous way to punctuate the everyday.

Art & Design, T | House Tour17 September 2018
House Tour | Flamingo Estate

Richard Christiansen, the founder of Chandelier Creative, shows off his newly renovated Los Angeles home that once headquartered an erotic film studio.

T | On Set, Jewellery16 September 2018
On Set | The Secret Garden with Swarovski

Journey through a hidden sanctuary with content creator Nellie Lim as she discovers Swarovski's Fall/Winter '18 collection.

Gourmet, T | How To13 September 2018
How To | Create A Crazy Milkshake

Peter Caporal, General Manager at Black Tap Soho, walks us through the Sour Power milkshake at the newly opened Black Tap in Marina Bay Sands.

T | House Tour10 September 2018
House Tour | Aerin Lauder

The mom of two and founder of the beauty and lifestyle brand Aerin invites T into her Upper East Side home.

T | On Set / 7 September 2018

On Set | A Night At TWG Tea

After the final retail staff left for the day, T sneaked into TWG's tea salon for a midnight tea party — gorging on macarons, sifting through the buffet of tea tins, and sipping their finest teas.

T | On Set6 September 2018
On Set | Lawrence Wong

Go behind the scenes with the 30-year-old Singaporean actor, Lawrence Wong, at his photoshoot with T Singapore.

T | On Set5 September 2018
On Set | Fernando Garcia

The fashion designer recalls his first encounter with the late Oscar de la Renta and the latter's enduring lessons and legacy.

T | On Set5 September 2018
On Set | Lara Stone

Supermodel Lara Stone in her element, on set for T Singapore’s September cover shoot in London.

T | How To3 September 2018
How To | Glow from the Inside Out with Mamonde

From dewy skin to “cloudless skin”, Korean beauty’s obsession with achieving an inner glow is undeniable. The secret: maintaining a balanced lifestyle, taking time for yourself and using the right products.

T | On Set2 September 2018
On Set | Zachary Quinto

The actor tells a joke with an S&M twist.

T | On Set / 26 August 2018

On Set | Jim Parsons

The actor reads "Egg Harbour" by Max McDonough.

T | On Set28 August 2018
On Set | Matt Bomer

The actor tells a joke written by his friend Nathan Lane.

T | On Set19 August 2018
On Set | Pierre Png

The Singaporean actor on his first Hollywood experience with the upcoming film "Crazy Rich Asians", the state of television in Singapore, and why it will always have a place in Singaporeans' hearts.

T | Illustrated Interview15 August 2018
Illustrated Interview | Anthony Bourdain

We look back at the interview in which Anthony Bourdain sketched his answers with a Sharpie and a ballpoint pen at a hotel in San Sebastián, Spain.

T | On Set14 August 2018
On Set | Front and Centre with Constance Wu

Talented, beautiful, and unabashedly outspoken, Constance Wu is an embodiment of the modern, bold, and confident woman.

T | On Set12 August 2018
On Set | A Gestural Abstraction

T takes a closer look at the often-unnoticed intricacies and nuances of the modern on-the-go woman with Bell and Ross’ BR S Diamond Eagle series of watches.

T | On Set10 August 2018
On Set | 5 Actresses on Their First (and Dream) Roles

Allison Janney, Idina Menzel and more share how they started and where they hope to end up next.

T | On Set7 August 2018
On Set | Massimiliano Giornetti, Creative Director of Shanghai Tang

The Italian-born creative director on his decision to shift Shanghai Tang's production from China to Italy.

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