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T | On Set14 August 2018
On Set | Front and Centre with Constance Wu

Talented, beautiful, and unabashedly outspoken, Constance Wu is an embodiment of the modern, bold, and confident woman.

T | On Set12 August 2018
On Set | A Gestural Abstraction

T takes a closer look at the often-unnoticed intricacies and nuances of the modern on-the-go woman with Bell and Ross’ BR S Diamond Eagle series of watches.

T | On Set10 August 2018
On Set | 5 Actresses on Their First (and Dream) Roles

Allison Janney, Idina Menzel and more share how they started and where they hope to end up next.

T | On Set6 August 2018
Prized Possession | Gemologist Patrick Lee's Brooch

Singaporean gemologist, Patrick Lee, on the lavender gemstone brooch he made for his wife.

T | On Set5 August 2018
On Set | Amy Adams

The actress tells a knock-knock joke that she learned from her 7-year-old daughter.

T | On Set2 August 2018
On Set | Danish Singer, Christopher Lund Nissen

The 26-year-old Danish singer-songwriter on his latest single, titled "Bad".

T | Illustrated Interview29 July 2018
Illustrated Interview | Sonny Liew

Sonny Liew is a Malaysia-born, Singapore-based comic artist whose works include titles for Marvel Comics and DC Comics. It took him one hour to sketch these answers using a Pentel pocket brush pen and then digitally coloured them in Photoshop.

T | On Set27 July 2018
On Set | Natasha Lyonne

The American actress, or Nicky Nichols from Netflix's Orange Is The New Black tells T a joke.

T | On Set / 25 July 2018

On Set | Henry Golding On 'Crazy Rich Asians' At The Cartier Social Lab

The 31-year-old British-Malaysian actor shares the story of his leap into television and film, and discusses Asian representation in Hollywood.

T | On Set25 July 2018
On Set | Constance Wu Talks Representation In “Crazy Rich Asians”

"Where I think the industry needs to go in terms of representation is having more narratives that are centred around Asian-American stories."

T | On Set20 July 2018
On Set | Laila Gohar, The Chef Who Makes Food Art

Egyptian-born culinary artist Laila Gohar was given an hour to make a dish — or art for T.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture13 July 2018
On Set | A Doctor Removing Tattoos In The Singapore Boys' Home

Family physician Dr. Kevin Chua drops by Singapore's juvenile detention and rehabilitation centre monthly to help the boys erase inklings of their past.

T | On Set12 July 2018
Prized Possession | Botanical Artist Lucinda Law's Reader's Digest Book

The Singaporean botanical artist on her prized possession — a book.

T | On Set5 July 2018
On Set | Leon Foo, Founder of Papa Palheta

Leon Foo, founder of local coffee company, Papa Palheta, met T at The Great Room for a conversation on communicating the craftsmanship behind a cup of coffee to a digital audience.

T | On Set / 2 July 2018

On Set | Industrial Designer Olivia Lee

Singaporean industrial designer Olivia Lee met T at The Great Room for a conversation on the shifting definitions of design and analogue craftsmanship.

Entertainment & Culture, T | On Set4 July 2018
On Set | Solving Singapore's Hidden Poverty Through Education

Lydia Lok, a policy officer turned educator on how education can alleviate Singapore's hidden poverty, one child at a time.

T | Illustrated Interview2 July 2018
Illustrated Interview | Graphic Designer Julie Joseph

The illustrator and graphic designer, Julie Joseph, recently produced a series of surrealist videos for Van Cleef & Arpel's Alhambra. She sketched her answers in half an hour, using a 0.1mm ink pen while sitting in a garden in Marrakech.

T | On Set29 June 2018
On Set | Singaporean Filmmaker Boo Junfeng

The celebrated Singaporean filmmaker Boo Junfeng met T at The Great Room for a conversation on the relevance of celluloid filming's craftsmanship in today's digital landscape.

T | On Set27 June 2018
On Set | Glenn Ligon

The artist remembers seeing a self-portrait by Adrian Piper nearly 20 years after discovering her work.

T | House Tour25 June 2018
House Tour | Cary Leibowitz

The artist and collector invites T into his eclectic home.

T | On Set / 19 June 2018

On Set | In the Studio With Manuel Solano

The 30-year-old visual artist, a standout in the New Museum's 2018 Triennial, at work in his studio outside of Mexico City.

T | How To, Trending18 June 2018
How To | Throw A Tea Party For One

The roomy Burberry Belt Bag is a curious pandora's box.

T | On Set13 June 2018
On Set | A Traveller’s Tale With Loewe

The irreverent spirit of the second collaboration between Loewe and Paula's Ibiza culminated in pieces that found a home in the lush tropics of Singapore.

T | On Set12 June 2018
On Set | Aimee Mullins

Backstage at the Santos de Cartier Social Lab in San Francisco, the 41-year-old American athlete spoke to T about prosthetics, and how she contested the fashion industry's standards.

T | On Set8 June 2018
Prized Possession: Comic Artist Sonny Liew

The Singapore-based comic artist on his prized series of role-playing game books.

T | On Set6 June 2018
On Set | Jeremy Sharma

The Singaporean multimedia artist on his sound sculpture, now showing at the Aloft at Hermes.

T | Illustrated Interview5 June 2018
Illustrated Interview | Christine Nagel

The 59-year-old Italian-Swiss perfumer for Hermès sketched her way through an interview with T.

T | On Set1 June 2018
On Set | Doona Bae

The 38-year-old South Korean actress on breaking into Hollywood.

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