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Entertainment & Culture, Person to Know7 April 2021
The Singer Who Wants To Start Conversations About Masculinity and Mental Health

Singer and Ermenegildo Zegna muse Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis tells us about breaking out of society’s stifling definitions of masculinity, how he speaks up about mental health issues — and why he isn’t afraid of being labelled a ‘mummy’s boy.’

Entertainment & Culture, Person to Know4 April 2021
Carina Lau Is Still In Love With Acting

Actress Carina Lau is a screen icon, style maven, and aesthete all in one. Here she shares about why she still enjoys acting, and the little things that make life worthwhile.

Person to Know10 March 2021
The Trans Woman Advocating for Sex Workers’ Rights

'Trans sex workers used to run away when they saw police officers, but now they know their rights.'

Person to Know9 March 2021
The Tailor Creating a Safe Space for Women — and Other Gender Identities — Through Clothes

'You feel annoyed at the system of gendered clothing, of having to look a certain way if you are a certain gender... You get very disgruntled, thinking like there are no options for you.'

Person to Know8 March 2021
The Model Helping African Women Build Their Own Businesses

‘The way men are conditioned in those more traditional societies, it’s like — ‘I am the head of this household, my household.’ It begins and ends there. But women tend to be more community-oriented. They interact with each other a lot more, and they share in the wealth.’

Art & Design, Person to Know15 February 2021
The Artist Who Imagined a New Californian Republic

The California-based artist Cole Sternberg talks about his practice, his current projects and exhibiting in a new show in Singapore.

Person to Know10 February 2021
The Professional Muay Thai Fighter Balancing Fighting and Fatherhood

“I was the smallest guy, the weakest guy in the gym — but I was the first one in, and the last one to leave,” says Evolve MMA fighter Amir Khan of his early days. “And that was new to me, I didn’t know that you could show respect in that way.”

Entertainment & Culture, Person to Know9 February 2021
The Singaporean Singer Who Wants to Give Trans Teens Hope

“I didn’t think I was going to make it past 16 or 18,” says trans advocate and singer Cayes Hong. “I felt that I was never going to be a real boy, so I might as well not try, and I might as well just off myself right now so that I didn’t have to go through the struggle.”

Entertainment & Culture, Person to Know8 February 2021
The Singaporean Singer Who Combats Stereotypes and Prejudice Through His Music

“It can be hard to feel a sense of belonging, even within the gay community,” says singer Willie Tay. “For gay men, it’s already difficult enough to find your place in life. And when they enter the gay community, people think: ‘There are all these groups, can I even be myself?’”

Person to Know, Entertainment & Culture7 January 2021
Barbra Streisand Is, as Ever, Firmly in Control

Since her breakout in the 1960s as a girl from Brooklyn, Barbra Streisand has remained singularly influential not by chasing trends but by knowing from the beginning that the only way to change the world around her was by convincing people to listen.

Person to Know5 January 2021
The Pianist That Wants To Bring Classical Music to a New Generation

The French-Georgian pianist Khatia Buniatishvili is a larger-than-life figure brimming with talent, ideas and a sense of urgency to introduce the next generation to classical music today.

Person to Know, Made in Singapore4 January 2021
The Writer Who Helps People With Mental Health Issues While Coping With Her Own

With The Tapestry Project, writer Nicole K creates a space for people with mental health issues to work through their conditions — even if it means aggravating her own.

Watches, Person to Know, Entertainment & Culture22 December 2020
Jon Chua and Amanda Chaang Reflect on the Gift of Time

The celebrity couple talk about how small moments in time played defining roles in the course of their relationship.

Person to Know, Trending27 October 2020
The Model Who Uses Her Voice for Change

On Instagram, Sharon Alexie speaks out boldly — sharing pictures of her life, showcasing personal artworks and confronting issues of race and identity as a biracial person of colour.

Art & Design, Person to Know24 September 2020
The Architect Who Designs Some of Singapore’s Most Intriguing Homes

Aamer Taher, the founder of Aamer Architects, opens up on his journey into architecture design and other art forms of painting and pottery.

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