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Art & Design, Made in Singapore8 April 2021
The Artist Who Uses Yarn as a Subversive Force

Usually associated with grannies and stay-home moms, yarn is the material of choice for artist Kelly Lim, and appears in much of her work — work which subverts all expectations of culture and femininity.

Gourmet, Made in Singapore1 April 2021
In Geylang, A Shrine To The Stink

At Mini Star (HK) Fermented Beancurd in Singapore, their signature stinky tofu, or fermented tofu, is an ode to stench in a toothsome way.

Made in Singapore, Travel23 March 2021
The Singaporean Luxury Hotel for New Mums

Singapore’s first luxury confinement facility, Kai Suites, aims to provide much more than plush beds and 24-hour infant care: It wants to help mothers with their mental and emotional wellbeing as well.

Entertainment & Culture, Made in Singapore20 March 2021
A New Singaporean Podcast Series Featuring Thought Leaders Across Industries

Hosted by author Paige Parker, "Pass the Power" is a new podcast that will feature a slate of notable personalities, including the likes of diplomat Tommy Koh and restaurateur Violet Oon.

Art & Design, Made in Singapore, Watches & Jewellery15 March 2021
State Property’s Exquisite, All-Occasion Jewellery

“Fine jewellery plays a very vital part in many intimate moments in our lives — marriage, births, the passing down of a legacy,” says co-founder Imram Afzal. “We started State Property knowing that we wanted to create pieces with longevity, but also pieces that would not add to the growing throw-away culture.”

Travel, Made in Singapore13 February 2021
What a Staycation At Singapore's Most Iconic Hotel is Like

Once seen as the less exciting alternative to an exotic destination holiday, the staycation takes on a new dimension amidst the art and architecture of Marina Bay Sands.

Entertainment & Culture, Made in Singapore12 February 2021
Why We Exchange Red Packets During Chinese New Year

The significance behind ang pows dates far back into Chinese history but still remains today.

Gourmet, Made in Singapore11 February 2021
What 5 Different Dialect Groups Eat During Chinese New Year — And The One Dish That Every Dialect Group Has in Common

Veteran chef Damian D'Silva of Kin tells us the history behind several notable Chinese New Year dishes.

Art & Design, Made in Singapore2 February 2021
An Exhibition That Brings Art Out of the Museum and Into a Mall

Curated by art collective Neighborhood for the Singapore Art Week, “Creative Unions” brings a range of art installations to Funan, blurring the lines between commercialism and art.

Art & Design, Made in Singapore1 February 2021
A Collection of Designer Knives

“It’s one of the first tools that humans made, and it’s still the most useful thing to carry with you today,” says Jho Knives founder Jefferson Ho. “The knife might be villainised now, but I still respect [it] a lot.”

Art & Design, Made in Singapore7 January 2021
A Collection of Porcelain Inspired by Singapore's Heritage

Homegrown brand Supermama wants to capture the traditions and heritage of Singapore through the ancient art of porcelain.

Person to Know, Made in Singapore4 January 2021
The Writer Who Helps People With Mental Health Issues While Coping With Her Own

With The Tapestry Project, writer Nicole K creates a space for people with mental health issues to work through their conditions — even if it means aggravating her own.

Entertainment & Culture, Made in Singapore10 December 2020
A Singaporean Band on Achieving Global Fame With Bedroom-Recorded Tracks

With millions of listeners and tens of thousands of international fans, Singapore-based bedroom pop band Sobs explains why being a recognised artist today is no longer an unattainable dream.

Art & Design, Gourmet, Made in Singapore26 November 2020
A Singaporean Photographer Who Reimagines Singaporean Cuisine

In “For Here or Takeaway,” the Singaporean photographer Brian Bong presents hawker favourites as you’ve never seen it before.

Gourmet, Made in Singapore12 September 2020
A Day Inside a Handmade Mooncake Factory in Singapore

Right before a pandemic-ridden Mid-Autumn Festival, T spends a day at the factory of Singaporean bakery Tai Chong Kok, whose mooncakes are still made by hand.

Made in Singapore, T | On Set15 November 2019
Made in Singapore | A Frog Farm’s Skincare Line

A frog farm in Kranji teams up with a tech start-up to upcycle its frogskin waste into a collagen-based skincare line.

T | On Set, Made in Singapore15 August 2019
Made in Singapore | Things People Send to the Underworld

In Singapore, the 21st-century’s obsession with materialistic wealth and modern-day creations take form in paper effigies that are made to be burned for the deceased.

T | On Set, Made in Singapore17 May 2019
Made in Singapore | The Last Teochew Puppeteers

A Singaporean family of third-generation puppeteers, the Sin Ee Lye Heng troupe, fights to preserve a sacred yet fading art form.

Gourmet, Made in Singapore15 February 2019
Made in Singapore: Honey by Bees Kept in a Halfway House’s Garden

A Singaporean beekeeper conserves bees in a self-sustaining garden of a halfway house in Sembawang — and regularly harvests small batches of raw, ripe honey.

Gourmet, Made in Singapore4 January 2019
Made in Singapore: Strawberries, and the Future of Sustainable Farming

In an indoor farm, the incubation of a forward-thinking formula for local agriculture — and the first Singaporean strawberries.

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