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Entertainment & Culture, T | On Set15 August 2019
Made in Singapore | Things People Send to the Underworld

In Singapore, the 21st-century’s obsession with materialistic wealth and modern-day creations take form in paper effigies that are made to be burned for the deceased.

Entertainment & Culture, T | On Set9 August 2019
On Set | Cirque du Soleil: Kurios

What happens just before show time at Cirque du Soleil's touring show Kurios.

Entertainment & Culture5 August 2019
What Is a Super SUV?

What really puts the “super” in the context is the seamless marriage of functionality typical of an SUV with Lamborghini’s soul of a super sports car.

Trending, Entertainment & Culture29 July 2019
Lee Dong Wook Is the Portrait of a Gentleman

Korean actor Lee Dong Wook is every bit the dreamboat you see on the screen.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture29 July 2019
On Set | Lee Dong Wook on the Charms of the K-Wave

The Korean actor talks of possibly taking a role in another language and recommends a makeup product for men.

Entertainment & Culture22 July 2019
In the Post-#MeToo Era, Can Porn Lead the Charge for Feminism?

Pornography has a new look: It’s cinematic, diverse and directed by visionary women.

Entertainment & Culture17 July 2019
How a Supercar Takes a Writer on a Journey of Discovery

Cruising the sculptured trails of New Zealand in the Porsche 911 proves the supercar is a work of art in its own right. 

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture15 July 2019
Person to Know: He’s Writing 365 Children’s Books in 365 Days, While Holding Down a Day Job

Matt Zurbo’s challenge, named after his daughter, Cielo, is an unconventional labour of love.

Trending, Entertainment & Culture10 July 2019
A Look Back at Vintage Swimwear

We dug in the New York Times photography archives to find images of swimsuits from 1930s onward. Come take a dip.

Beauty, Entertainment & Culture3 July 2019
In Singapore, Three Women Reconstructing Beauty for Others

From nipple tattoos to scalp micropigmentation, three women are combining their skills with new technologies to help others restore their self-confidence.

Entertainment & Culture2 July 2019
In Singapore, a #MeToo Play Sparks Discussion on Sexual Misconduct

“This Is What Happens to Pretty Girls” was performed to sold-out audiences, sparking a new wave of conversation, yet it left some wondering whether a drama that put a stark spotlight on a persistent problem can prompt lasting change.

Entertainment & Culture, Wellness1 July 2019
Instagram Therapists Are the New Instagram Poets

Mental health professionals are speaking to the “therapy generation” online, at no cost. And it’s bringing in business.

Entertainment & Culture, Trending29 June 2019
To Millie Bobby Brown, Age Is but a Number

The 15-year-old “Stranger Things” actress doesn’t act her age. And that’s a good thing.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture28 June 2019
On Set | Millie Bobby Brown on Life After “Stranger Things”

The 15-year-old English actress talks about shaving her head, speaking out against cyberbullying and taking it one step at a time after the award-winning Netflix series.

Entertainment & Culture27 June 2019
Where Is Michael Jackson’s Legacy 10 Years After His Death?

Radio play is down slightly, but the King of Pop’s Vegas show goes on and Broadway is still in the air despite HBO’s “Leaving Neverland.”

Entertainment & Culture25 June 2019
Andrea Bocelli’s Most Prized Possession

The singer reflects on a gift he received from Muhammad Ali, a symbol of their long friendship.

Entertainment & Culture25 June 2019
Elizabeth Banks: It’s Getting Harder to Make Money in Hollywood

The director and actress notes there are more opportunities but smaller paychecks.

Entertainment & Culture24 June 2019
8 Podcasts for the Spiritual Searcher

Even as organised religion loses adherents, many continue to seek higher meaning in their lives.

Entertainment & Culture23 June 2019
In Singapore, a Sanctuary for Exotic Wildlife Animals

The wildlife sanctuary here in Singapore may not be a paradise for flora and fauna, but it is driven by a compelling story not one would expect.

Entertainment & Culture21 June 2019
How Will the Movies (As We Know Them) Survive the Next 10 Years?

We are in midst of the biggest shift in the content business in the history of Hollywood. What will it all look like when the dust settles?

Entertainment & Culture20 June 2019
Person to Know: The Ocean Explorer and Environmentalist Who Is Continuing His Family’s Legacy

Philippe Cousteau, the grandson of Jacques Cousteau, talks about ocean conservation and his work with La Mer’s Blue Heart campaign.

Entertainment & Culture18 June 2019
A Brooklyn Drag Show Celebrates Arab Queens

At a new cabaret, queens and L.G.B.T.Q. Arabs can party freely.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture16 June 2019
On Set | ‘Waiting Room’ by Jocelyn Bioh

A play created exclusively for T Magazine, read by McKenzie Frye, Michael Oloyede, Angelina Impellizzeri and Juan Castano.

Gourmet, Entertainment & Culture14 June 2019
The Queen of Eating Shellfish Online

Bethany Gaskin is an American mukbang star. Eating giant crab legs for YouTube has made her a millionaire, she says.

Entertainment & Culture, Wellness12 June 2019
Yoga’s Instagram Provocateur

Raised in bohemia at the Chelsea Hotel, Alex Auder now punctures the wellness world on Instagram. Can you blame her?

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