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Entertainment & Culture21 February 2019
Life Without Plastic Is Possible — It’s Just Very Hard

Going plastic free starts with cloth bags and straws. Suddenly, you’re … making your own toothpaste?

Entertainment & Culture20 February 2019
In Conversation: Seth Meyers

On the fifth anniversary of his show, the era’s defining late-night television host on political comedy, liars and the enduring appeal of authors.

Entertainment & Culture7 February 2019
Is The ‘Gentleman’ Due For An Overhaul?

As society has progressed far beyond the traditional values pegged to chivalry, the gentleman is long due for an overhaul.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture1 February 2019
A Group of Gay Male Ballet Dancers Redefining Masculinity

A new generation of dancers are collapsing the boundaries between queerness and maleness in ballet.

Trending, Entertainment & Culture29 January 2019
T Suggests: Menswear for the Great Outdoors, All-Black Watches and a Fluid Record Store

A cultural compendium of things T editors are excited about in a given month.

Entertainment & Culture29 January 2019
Presley Gerber On Following In His Mother, Cindy Crawford's Modelling Footsteps

Stepping away from the coat tails of his supermodel mother, Presley Gerber is poised to carve a name for himself.

Entertainment & Culture16 January 2019
George R. R. Martin, Fantasy’s Reigning King

The author of “A Game of Thrones” has expanded the realms of genre fiction and prestige television — and forever changed how we engage with an imagined universe.

Entertainment & Culture, T | On Set15 January 2019
On Set | Lucy Liu

The seasoned Hollywood actress — and artist — on her debuting museum exhibition in Singapore, ‘Unhomed Belongings’.

Entertainment & Culture, T | On Set13 January 2019
On Set | Charlie Carver

The actor reads "Boy in Stolen Evening Gown" by Saeed Jones.

Entertainment & Culture, Wellness9 January 2019
It’s Time To Look At Your New Year’s Resolutions Differently

Are we blindly writing New Year’s resolutions and haphazardly trying to fulfil them? Andrew Stead, a life coach weighs in.

Entertainment & Culture1 January 2019
Visiting Singapore's First Witchcraft Store, Spellbound

The centuries-old practice of witchcrafting is often dismissed as existing only within the fictitious realm of pop culture and folklore. Yet, it may be closer to reality than one may expect.

Entertainment & Culture24 December 2018
Hailee Steinfeld — The 22-Year-Old With an Oscar & Golden Globe Nomination

At just 22 years of age, actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld counts more than a decade of experience in show business, coupled with laurels that far surpass her age.

Entertainment & Culture23 December 2018
Rufus Wainwright and Ivo van Hove Talk Politics, Coming Out and Boarding School

Two creative people in two different fields in one wide-ranging conversation. This time: the singer and the director.

Entertainment & Culture, Trending27 November 2018
Edison Chen’s Pursuit of Fashion & Family

In the last decade, Edison Chen, once Hong Kong’s most recognisable entertainment star has been quietly working behind the scenes, lending his fame and influence, and channelling his energy into building a lifestyle business and fatherhood.

Entertainment & Culture25 November 2018
Editor's Picks: Gifts For The One Who Has It All

Find a quotidian item and update it.

Entertainment & Culture22 November 2018
Viggo Mortensen Captures Fall Flowers and a Film Festival, in Polaroids

T sent Viggo Mortensen a Polaroid camera and asked him to document his travels ahead of the release of his new film, “Green Book.”

Entertainment & Culture, Art & Design15 November 2018
In Telok Ayer, An Arts Club Reignites The Spirit Of Community Centres

At Telok Ayer Arts Club, the fluid art-music-food-drink space explores the cultural nexus of Singapore through a refashioning of the city-state’s familiar communal model.

Entertainment & Culture6 November 2018
Solange, The Pop Artist Of Many Identities

On the eve of her next album, the singer has hybridised her many talents — music, dance, activism, aesthetics — to inspire a new model: the polymathic pop artist.

Entertainment & Culture, Beauty4 November 2018
Lady Gaga & Cardi B: Are They The Beauty Icons Of Our Time?

Is the pop star finally ready to reclaim her rightful position as beauty muse? Lady Gaga and Cardi B lead a new generation of icons who are waiting in the wings.

Entertainment & Culture1 November 2018
Joan Chen, The Novelists' Film Director

At the peak of her acting career, Chinese-American actress Joan Chen was the highest-grossing Asian in Hollywood. Her life has since transitioned from one phase to another, and along the way, assigned Chen diverse roles beyond the silver screen.

Travel, Entertainment & Culture, Trending30 October 2018
The Best Moments from T Dialogues 2018

Here, the best highlights from our recent T Dialogues.

Entertainment & Culture, Travel, Trending, T | On Set30 October 2018
Watch: T Dialogues 2018

This October, we celebrate the first year of T: The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore with T Dialogues, a series of panel discussions with industry thought leaders to highlight the luxury market's key themes, trends and current practices.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture28 October 2018
In London, a Temple Where You Can Worship at the Altar of Oscar Wilde

The artists Peter McGough and David McDermott have built a shrine to the playwright and poet that will also host events held by the L.G.B.T. community.

Entertainment & Culture25 October 2018
“Shirkers” — A Stolen Movie Filmed 26 Years Ago Finally Screens On Netflix

As the Sundance-winning “Shirkers” makes its debut on Netflix, we speak to its director Sandi Tan and one of its stars Jasmine Ng, on the making of this film and its eventual screening, almost three decades later.

Entertainment & Culture21 October 2018
Frogs Are Disappearing. What Does That Mean?

For ages, they have been symbols in human culture — of fertility, gastronomy and now the alt-right movement. But these noble amphibians are declining in numbers.

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