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Entertainment & Culture26 February 2021
Japan Moves to Regulate Whisky Labelling

New standards set by the Japan Spirits & Liquors Association address issues regarding the authenticity of Japanese whisky.

Entertainment & Culture26 February 2021
Billie Eilish Is in the Mood for Love (and a Weighted Blanket)

The singer-songwriter gets candid about her new documentary, her dream first date and her perfume obsession.

Entertainment & Culture24 February 2021
To Express the Sound of a Country’s Soul, He Invented New Instruments

The Guatemalan composer, inventor and writer Joaquìn Orahella's creations are the subject of the Americas Society exhibition "The Spine of Music".

Entertainment & Culture23 February 2021
A Man for Our Times

Revisiting Patricia Highsmith's "The Talented Mr Ripley" for another take on America's current state.

Entertainment & Culture22 February 2021
Long Live the E-boy

Masculinity on social media has a new face, and it is decked out in mascara, black nail polish and neon-coloured hair. In touch with their emotions and unafraid to talk about mental health and sexuality, e-boys are the latest evolution of the much-talked-about ‘softboi.’ But despite their vaunted, new age masculinity, critics say that e-boys are not without issues of their own.

Entertainment & Culture17 February 2021
For ‘Buffy’ Fans, Another Reckoning With the Show’s Creator

Many fans said they are trying to reconcile accusations of misogyny against Joss Whedon, the creator of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” with their love of a show that celebrated female empowerment.

Entertainment & Culture16 February 2021
Lana Condor Says Goodbye to ‘To All the Boys’

As she prepares to say goodbye to the character that has defined her career so far, Condor discussed what it means to be one of the few Asian American actresses to headline a romantic comedy and why the Lara Jean of “Always and Forever” is her favourite.

Entertainment & Culture15 February 2021
Not Just Child’s Play

More luxury brands are tapping on both video games and cartoons for inspiration — a move that experts say is driven by the want to leverage off the cultural cachet they possess. We take a look at some of the latest collaborations.

Culture & Living, Entertainment & Culture14 February 2021
Movies for the Lovers and Haters of Valentine’s Day

We rounded up 10 Valentine's Day movies for both the lovers and the haters.

Entertainment & Culture, Made in Singapore12 February 2021
Why We Exchange Red Packets During Chinese New Year

The significance behind ang pows dates far back into Chinese history but still remains today.

Entertainment & Culture, Person to Know9 February 2021
The Singaporean Singer Who Wants to Give Trans Teens Hope

“I didn’t think I was going to make it past 16 or 18,” says trans advocate and singer Cayes Hong. “I felt that I was never going to be a real boy, so I might as well not try, and I might as well just off myself right now so that I didn’t have to go through the struggle.”

Entertainment & Culture, Person to Know8 February 2021
The Singaporean Singer Who Combats Stereotypes and Prejudice Through His Music

“It can be hard to feel a sense of belonging, even within the gay community,” says singer Willie Tay. “For gay men, it’s already difficult enough to find your place in life. And when they enter the gay community, people think: ‘There are all these groups, can I even be myself?’”

Entertainment & Culture5 February 2021
Keegan-Michael Key Will Do Anything for a Laugh

His new 10-part podcast, “The History of Sketch Comedy,” is a surprising and earnest defence of a relatively unsung art form.

Entertainment & Culture3 February 2021
Can the Magic of Disney+ Overcome Streaming Subscription Fatigue?

At a time when subscription fatigue is beginning to set in, the prospect of yet another service to sign up for in Disney+ can seem like a bother. But the platform aims to set itself apart not just with the strength of its tentpole franchises, but also by tapping into nostalgia and a diverse selection of titles for all ages.

Entertainment & Culture, Trending3 February 2021
Kim Woo Bin is Back With a New Outlook on Life and Success

The South Korean actor Kim Woo Bin makes his comeback with a new outlook on life and success.

Entertainment & Culture30 January 2021
As More Deaf People Are Seen on TV, Others Want to Be Heard

Some deaf people identify with shows like “Deaf U.” For others, a deaf contestant on “The Bachelor” who doesn’t use sign language is a welcome change.

Entertainment & Culture28 January 2021
Cannes Film Festival Is Delayed Until July Because of Pandemic

The 2021 edition of the event, which was canceled last year, is now set to take place two months later than planned.

Entertainment & Culture26 January 2021
The Writer Who Challenges the Notion that ‘Asian Novels’ Are a Monolith

Indonesian writer Erni Aladjai explains why Southeast Asian literature shouldn’t be reduced to common tropes and themes.

Gourmet, Entertainment & Culture, Art & Design25 January 2021
T Suggests: An Islandwide Celebration of the Arts, a Café that Combines Magic and Brunch, and a Fashion Collection that Features Doraemon

Returning for its 9th edition, the Singapore Art Week features a slew of exhibitions both virtual and physical.

Entertainment & Culture25 January 2021
At the Inauguration, Amanda Gorman Wove History and the Future Into a Stirring Melody

How the poet Amanda Gorman's words touched listeners at the inauguration.

Entertainment & Culture21 January 2021
The Inauguration Kept Crowds Out and Tried to Bring America In

At President Biden’s made-for-TV swearing-in, rituals of normalcy ran into reminders that these are anything but normal times.

Entertainment & Culture20 January 2021
In ‘Lupin,’ Omar Sy Puts a New Twist on a Classic French Tale

In the international hit from Netflix, the actor plays a modern gentleman thief, inspired by the charming rapscallion Arsène Lupin.

Entertainment & Culture18 January 2021
Pixar’s ‘Soul’ Has a Black Hero. In Denmark, a White Actor Dubs the Voice.

The casting has fuelled a debate about structural racism and fanned anger about stereotyping and prejudice in European-language voice-overs, even when films have main characters of colour.

Entertainment & Culture16 January 2021
The Grit and Glory of Dolly Parton

More than 50 years into her legendary career, she’s still capturing America’s particular mythology — its dreams and its disappointments — like no other.

Entertainment & Culture12 January 2021
‘Bridgerton’ Takes On Race. But Its Core Is Escapism.

The Netflix hit departs from the homogeneous casting of most period drama, imagining a 19th-century Britain with Black royalty and aristocrats.

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