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Art & Design9 April 2021
The Jewellery Designer Who Knows What Women Want

How British jewellery designer Monica Vinader makes her accessories both luxurious and accessible for women — while abiding by the principle of sustainability.

Art & Design8 April 2021
The Artist With An Ongoing Fascination With Light

The Bali-based, Italian-born artist Filippo Sciascia explores the different forms of light in a new solo show at Yeo Workshop called “All We Have.”

Art & Design, Made in Singapore8 April 2021
The Artist Who Uses Yarn as a Subversive Force

Usually associated with grannies and stay-home moms, yarn is the material of choice for artist Kelly Lim, and appears in much of her work — work which subverts all expectations of culture and femininity.

Entertainment & Culture, Person to Know7 April 2021
The Singer Who Wants To Start Conversations About Masculinity and Mental Health

Singer and Ermenegildo Zegna muse Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis tells us about breaking out of society’s stifling definitions of masculinity, how he speaks up about mental health issues — and why he isn’t afraid of being labelled a ‘mummy’s boy.’

Entertainment & Culture, Person to Know4 April 2021
Carina Lau Is Still In Love With Acting

Actress Carina Lau is a screen icon, style maven, and aesthete all in one. Here she shares about why she still enjoys acting, and the little things that make life worthwhile.

Art & Design2 April 2021
It’s Time to Put Alice Neel in Her Rightful Place in the Pantheon

A large retrospective feels at home in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s grandest galleries and should silence any doubt about the artist’s originality or her importance.

Gourmet, Made in Singapore1 April 2021
In Geylang, A Shrine To The Stink

At Mini Star (HK) Fermented Beancurd in Singapore, their signature stinky tofu, or fermented tofu, is an ode to stench in a toothsome way.

Entertainment & Culture31 March 2021
Two ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ Episodes No Longer on Nickelodeon

One episode, which centered on a virus story line, “was never put on the schedule to be sensitive to the pandemic outbreak last year,” a spokesman said. The other, removed three years ago, was not “kid-appropriate.”

Entertainment & Culture / 16 March 2021

Oscar Film Nominations Bring Three Firsts

This year's film nominations are its most diverse yet.

Entertainment & Culture31 March 2021
An Analysis of The Kaiju Genre And Its Relevance In Today's World

Giant monsters battling each other for supremacy may be the stuff of fiction, but there's a deeper layer of truth that deserves to be appreciated.

Art & Design30 March 2021
An Anthropomorphic Bag Charm From Hermès

Hermès’ whimsical Kellydole bag charm reminds us all that the worth of some things need not be measured in its usefulness, but in the joy that they bring.

Entertainment & Culture29 March 2021
The Boom and Bust of TikTok Artists

When a 60-second video can make you famous, is it any surprise that young creators would bypass art school? But what’s left of their careers when fans move on and copycats encroach?

Art & Design27 March 2021
A Swedish Design Duo’s Eclectic 18th-Century Apartment

In a country house on the Baltic coast, Nina Norgren and Bengt Thornefors, the founders of the textile and furniture brand Magniberg, have made a home entirely their own.

Gourmet27 March 2021
Kyushu Spirits debuts Asakura Premium, a Japanese whisky using traditional koji fermentation

Koji fermentation is a centuries-old practice used for creating Japanese food products like miso and sake. With Asakura Premium, Kyushu Spirits has found a way to combine Japanese tradition with whisky barrel-ageing methodologies.

Art & Design / 16 March 2021

The Met Opera’s Musicians, Unpaid Since April, Are Struggling

About 40 per cent of the Metropolitan Opera’s players have left the New York area, and a tenth have retired — now the Met is seeking long-term pay cuts, and offering them partial pay if they come to the bargaining table.

Entertainment & Culture26 March 2021
Understanding The Appeal of Single Cask Whiskies

Single cask whiskies are counted as the cream of the crop when it comes to single malt expressions, displaying little refrain when it comes to being marketed as a premium offering.

Entertainment & Culture26 March 2021
Her Film on Sex Assault Depicts Her Own and Fuels a #MeToo Moment in Serbia

Danijela Stajnfeld included her account of being assaulted in a film that has led to contentious debate in Serbia and prompted other women to come forward to say they were sexually abused.

Made in Singapore, Travel23 March 2021
The Singaporean Luxury Hotel for New Mums

Singapore’s first luxury confinement facility, Kai Suites, aims to provide much more than plush beds and 24-hour infant care: It wants to help mothers with their mental and emotional wellbeing as well.

Entertainment & Culture22 March 2021
Growing Sneaker Trend Sees The Birth of Singapore's First Online Auction Platform for Branded Kicks

Novelship is the booming sneaker resale e-commerce platform based in Singapore set to take the local market by storm.

Art & Design, Fashion & Beauty, Jewellery, Trending, Off The Runway20 March 2021
The New Collaboration Between Bulgari and Mary Katrantzou Presents The Metamorphosis of the Serpenti

When the “queen of prints” Mary Katrantzou collaborated with Bulgari on its Serpenti collection for a series of bags and accessories and even a fragrance, the end result was nothing short of transformative.

Person to Know / 10 March 2021

The Trans Woman Advocating for Sex Workers’ Rights

'Trans sex workers used to run away when they saw police officers, but now they know their rights.'

Entertainment & Culture, Made in Singapore20 March 2021
A New Singaporean Podcast Series Featuring Thought Leaders Across Industries

Hosted by author Paige Parker, "Pass the Power" is a new podcast that will feature a slate of notable personalities, including the likes of diplomat Tommy Koh and restaurateur Violet Oon.

Entertainment & Culture15 March 2021
Grammys 2021: Women Sweep Awards Shaped by Pandemic and Protest

Beyoncé broke a record, Megan Thee Stallion and H.E.R. won awards, Taylor Swift’s “Folklore” was named album of the year and Billie Eilish’s “Everything I Wanted” record of the year.

Art & Design, Made in Singapore, Watches & Jewellery15 March 2021
State Property’s Exquisite, All-Occasion Jewellery

“Fine jewellery plays a very vital part in many intimate moments in our lives — marriage, births, the passing down of a legacy,” says co-founder Imram Afzal. “We started State Property knowing that we wanted to create pieces with longevity, but also pieces that would not add to the growing throw-away culture.”

Entertainment & Culture12 March 2021
He Owns World Famous Stamps and a Prized Coin. Now He’s Selling.

Weitzman, who made his fortune in shoes, is parting with three of his collecting triumphs, including a block of four “Inverted Jennies.”

Person to Know9 March 2021
The Tailor Creating a Safe Space for Women — and Other Gender Identities — Through Clothes

'You feel annoyed at the system of gendered clothing, of having to look a certain way if you are a certain gender... You get very disgruntled, thinking like there are no options for you.'

Entertainment & Culture, Gourmet9 March 2021
Benriach Unveils a Peaty Side to Its Collection

Smoke Season is a nod to Speyside's oft-forgotten dalliance with peated whiskies.

Person to Know8 March 2021
The Model Helping African Women Build Their Own Businesses

‘The way men are conditioned in those more traditional societies, it’s like — ‘I am the head of this household, my household.’ It begins and ends there. But women tend to be more community-oriented. They interact with each other a lot more, and they share in the wealth.’

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