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Art & Design18 April 2019
In Hawaii, the Quilt Makers Keeping a Centuries-Old Tradition Alive

This week, pieces by the Poakalani quilting circle are on display during the Salone del Mobile in Milan as part of a collaboration with Loewe.

Art & Design17 April 2019
Vik Muniz, the Artist Deliberately Creating Bad Illusions

Having recreated the “Mona Lisa” in peanut butter and jelly and Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” in chocolate syrup, the Brazilian artist calls himself a low-tech illusionist.

T | How To, Travel15 April 2019
How To | Travel Responsibly

In the current calamity of overtourism, Alex Malcolm — founder of bespoke travel company Jacada — talks on what it means to travel with a conscious.

Gourmet14 April 2019
Chef Gary Rhodes Is Both a Master and a Student

At 58, legendary British chef Gary Rhodes is still very much preoccupied with what he calls continual education in the kitchen.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture12 April 2019
On Set | Terrence McNally

The playwright and his collaborators, including Nathan Lane and Vanessa Williams, reflect on his early works and artistic legacy.

Art & Design11 April 2019
Person to Know: An Artist Who Creates Joyful, Shimmering Images of West Indian Culture

Paul Anthony Smith discusses his intricate, time-intensive process — and his favourite forms of procrastination.

Gourmet3 April 2019
How So-Called ‘Ugly Food’ Is Challenging Notions of What We Crave

The social media phenomenon of documenting seemingly unappetizing cuisine is helping us rethink what dishes are not only worth eating — but venerating.

Gourmet2 April 2019
What to do With Garam Masala — a Delicate Mumbai Rice Dish

The word “delicate” is rarely associated with Indian food, but here, a chef spins his own garam masala spice blend and does just that.

Travel / 3 April 2019

Wanderlust: Nîmes, France — What to Eat and Where to See Roman Monuments

Once a Roman colony, Nîmes, France, has some of the most pristine monuments in Europe — and newer signs of life as well.

Art & Design29 March 2019
The Digital Art Revolution

As technology governs contemporary lives, the realm of art, despite long being known as a stickler for tradition, opens it arms.

Entertainment & Culture28 March 2019
It’s Delightful, It’s Delicious, It’s DeVito

Could playing the ringmaster in the new “Dumbo” be an allegory for our political circus?

T | House Tour, Art & Design25 March 2019
House Tour | Castello di Potentino

A British family’s 11th-century, 20-bedroom castle and vineyard in southern Tuscany.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture24 March 2019
Person to Know: An Actor Who Makes Chairs

An exploration into the projects creative people pursue in their off hours. Presenting: Gbenga Akinnagbe.

Art & Design, T | On Set22 March 2019
On Set | Faye Toogood

British designer Faye Toogood — featured in our latest issue — takes the ‘Make T Something’ challenge.

Gourmet / 1 April 2019

Inside Singapore’s Rising Private Dining Scene — Three Home Cooks Tell

As the private dining scene in Singapore climbs in popularity, three home chefs of diverse culinary backgrounds and cuisines discuss the in-and-outs of creating a home dining experience curated with more than just the food served.

Entertainment & Culture20 March 2019
The New 30-Something Is Financially Unindependent

Have you or haven’t you cut the financial cord with your family?

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture19 March 2019
In Conversation: Ai Weiwei & Frank Gehry

The Chinese artist and Canadian-born American architect talk about the economy of galleries, redesigning a new kind of Lego, and spending a night in jail, for marijuana.

Art & Design19 March 2019
How an 18,000-Plastic Cup Artwork Reflects Singapore’s Undiscussed State of Waste

Canadian artist Benjamin Von Wong and Singapore-based social impact strategist Laura François are fuelling the conversation on single-use plastic.

Entertainment & Culture18 March 2019
Getting Your Aura Photographed Is the New Age Selfie

Is there more to aura reading beyond being another pretty photograph to post on Instagram?

Gourmet14 March 2019
People to Know: The Father-Daughter Spice Makers Modernising an Age-Old Tradition

This father-daughter duo proves that having a close-knitted intergenerational relationship is the perfect formula for breathing new life into nostalgic spice blends.

Entertainment & Culture, Art & Design / 18 March 2019

How to Raise a Child Without Imposing Gender

More parents are stripping nurseries of all gender cues, to create spaces where children can develop their own identities.

Entertainment & Culture, Trending12 March 2019
T Suggests: A Karl Lagerfeld Podcast, a Nostalgia-Infused Bar and an Anti-Fashion Workwear Label

A cultural compendium of things T editors are excited about in a given month.

Beauty, Art & Design12 March 2019
A Perfume Duo Housed in Crystal Spinning Top Bottles

With its exquisite new Les Toupies collection, Parfums Henry Jacques reinvents the wheel when it comes to luxury fragrance duos.

Gourmet11 March 2019
A Cheese Lab that Churns Fresh Buffalo Milk Mozzarella Everyday

In Singapore’s central business district, a compact laboratory quietly serves rare buffalo milk mozzarella the way Italians do: the same day it’s stretched.

Entertainment & Culture5 March 2019
Why Gossip Can be Good for You

Often vilified an idle activity at best, or a dangerous pastime at worst, here’s why we should be re-examining the benefits of gossip in the age of new media.

Art & Design4 March 2019
From Industrial Waste to Objects of Beauty

Is it denim or marble? Algae or glass? How a new group of designers is resurrecting once-discarded materials.

Entertainment & Culture28 February 2019
Meet Timmy Xu, China’s Breakout Multi-Hyphenate

Within a mere three years of breaking into the Chinese entertainment industry, multi-hyphenate singer, actor and model Timmy Xu’s career rings poignant to an entire nation in bridging the unsaid divide between the East and the West.

Entertainment & Culture, Trending27 February 2019
Kiko Mizuhara — The Japanese Model On Being True To Herself

No one can really catch up with Tokyo’s model and Instagram icon Kiko Mizuhara’s whirlwind of activities. And there’s no stopping her right now.

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