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Art & Design20 June 2018
How an Art Dealer Became an Up-and-Coming Painter

Joel Mesler ran a successful gallery on the Lower East Side for years. Then he left the city and started a new chapter.

Art & Design18 June 2018
Artist to Know: the Danish Sculptor Making Objects for Noma

Frederik Nystrup-Larson is making a name for himself creating organic pottery and sculpture inspired by the natural world.

Art & Design14 June 2018
The Unusual Flowers of This Season

At local florist, Floral Obsession, founder Christopher Teo brings in the most curious and precious flowers all year round.

Gourmet11 June 2018
At the Pimalai Resort in Koh Lanta, Bruno Menard Designs A New Menu

Bruno Menard's new menu for The Seven Seas restaurant pays homage to the locals of Koh Lanta.

Travel8 June 2018
In Tokyo's Haneda Airport, Visit a Professional Stuntman's Film Studio

Visitors with three hours to spare at the Haneda airport in Tokyo can star in their very own Samurai film.

Entertainment & Culture5 June 2018
Girlhood Across America, Captured by One Photographer

On the 20th anniversary of her project “Girl Pictures,” the photographer Justine Kurland looks back at her now-iconic images.

Art & Design1 June 2018
Brand to Know: A Slow-Living Ceramics Studio in Singapore

To the Singaporean couple behind Omelet Trees, ceramics are pauses in life.

Entertainment & Culture31 May 2018
Decoding The Many Faces of Doona Bae

It might come as a surprise to find out that the real-life Doona Bae, unlike her usually spunky appearances in film and television, is more reserved and withdrawn, and almost dream-like in her reticence.

Entertainment & Culture / 22 May 2018

Royal Wedding Merchandise: the Strangest & Most Collectible

From colouring books, breakfast cereal to printed socks — some of the most enthusiastic royal wedding merchandise.

Gourmet29 May 2018
Bringing Tea Culture Into The 21st Century

It’s at the TWG Tea Institute, a trim and cosy space within the brand’s global headquarters, that the TWG Tea ceremony was conceived and developed to its current iteration over past 10 years.

Gourmet29 May 2018
Reinventing The Croissant

For years, no chef dared the improve the croissant. Now, though, a new generation of bakers is reinventing the most iconic of French patisserie.

Art & Design28 May 2018
The Photographer Nacho Alegre Captures His Creative World — in Polaroids

T sent Alegre a Polaroid camera to photograph the event and his many travels — from Milan to Barcelona to the Catalan town of Púbol, where Salvador Dalí transformed a crumbling farmhouse once owned by Alegre’s family into a surrealist castle.

Gourmet25 May 2018
In Conversation: A Spanish and Japanese Chef on Tuna

A Spanish and Japanese chef on their culinary cultures' tuna cutting techniques.

Art & Design18 May 2018
A Swedish Collector Selling Vintage Scandinavian Furniture in Singapore

When it comes to furnishing a Scandinavian-themed house, old is gold.

Art & Design / 9 May 2018

Andy Warhol’s Never-Before-Seen Photo Portraits

Recently, writer Pat Hackett opened a three-ring binder in her apartment and discovered 83 unpublished photographs by Andy Warhol.

Art & Design17 May 2018
In the Studio With an Artist Who Paints in a ‘Colour Trance’

The most uncommon colour combinations do the strangest things.

Art & Design15 May 2018
Maker to Know: A Ceramist Creating Insect-Adorned Plates

Some ceramics inspired by 17th-century paintings of flowers and food that often had nasty slugs in them.

Gourmet10 May 2018
The Spirit of Korean Food — A Korean Chef Explains

It is about time that we understand the cuisine that has come to be an indelible part of our diet.

Art & Design4 May 2018
13 Great Things We Saw at Milan’s Design Fair

There was no shortage of memorable projects on view during last month’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile fair in Milan.

Art & Design4 May 2018
In Singapore, How To Design an Autism-Friendly World

With proper design, can an environment be hacked to raise the functioning levels of the autistic individual?

Art & Design / 18 April 2018

Exhibiting Art in Singaporean Homes

Exhibiting art in homes may not be a new concept, but it offers a fertile context for the public to take in art.

Art & Design1 May 2018
An Artist’s Modern Slides, Inside a 15th-Century Palazzo

Belgian-born artist Carston Höller's new installation in Florence, Italy, is a 60-foot coiling slide.

Entertainment & Culture30 April 2018
6 Female-Led Businesses Addressing Societal Issues

Diabetes, epilepsy, education, and hospitals' emergency communication systems. Here, six burgeoning and defining businesses led by females around the globe.

Travel25 April 2018
A Singaporean Photographer's Pursuit of Happiness in Bhutan

"Before I went, I couldn't visualise what happiness is."

Art & Design24 April 2018
An Artist’s Spiritual Ephemera, Illustrated

The artist Tony Oursler was born to a deep-seated obsession with the occult and paranormal. Here, a glimpse into his collection.

Art & Design12 April 2018
Art Through Adversity

Working against the tide, three artists take the curveballs that they were handed to in life along in their strides.

Travel11 April 2018
A Hotel Concierge's Secret Guide to Bangkok

In Bangkok, the Songkran festival will soon begin. Here, some unexpected places from a concierge's travel guidebook.

Entertainment & Culture10 April 2018
Gentle Strengths

Meet three women — Sonya D. Sanchez, Bella Koh, and Lynn Yeow-De Vito — who epitomise the modern woman: someone who has successfully juggled family and career, all the while managing to stay fashionable and stylish.

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