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Entertainment & Culture14 August 2018
The Musician Making Love Songs for London Club Kids

Tirzah Mastin talks about her open-ended process, motherhood and studying the harp.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture13 August 2018
13 Artists On: Immigration

We asked 13 contemporary artists — Alfredo Jaar, Raúl de Nieves and Hayv Kahraman among them — to submit works, many of them new and being published for the first time, in response to the subject of immigration.

Gourmet10 August 2018
A Cookbook of Artists’ Creative Summer Desserts

Seven baking-inclined contemporary artists share their go-to recipes for when they want to get their hands dirty in their kitchens.

Gourmet9 August 2018
At Ma Cuisine Singapore, The World Is In A Wine Glass

The technicalities of discerning the origins of a wine simply through taste and smell.

Entertainment & Culture1 August 2018
Four Young, Rising Alternative Rock Bands To Watch — In Singapore

With the advent of social media and digital music streaming platforms, the nascent local alt-rock scene has experienced an uptick of talent and audiences. Here, four young bands to look out for.

Entertainment & Culture30 July 2018
The Resurrection of Three Singaporean Family Businesses

From fathers to sons, these three businesses thrive under the helm of second-generation bosses.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture26 July 2018
Eleven Summer Book Covers, Reimagined by Artists

We asked artists, including Tony Cokes and Katherine Bernhardt, to create new jacket designs for their favourite vacation reads, exclusively for T.

Entertainment & Culture25 July 2018
Constance Wu Discusses “Crazy Rich Asians” and Asian Representation in Hollywood

Constance Wu insists that the way forward is to have more narratives that celebrate ethnicity — not render it irrelevant.

Travel / 12 July 2018

Off the Road in the New Ferrari Portofino

When speed is not a constraint, one writer conquers the narrow country roads of Italy, strapped in a supercar.

Entertainment & Culture24 July 2018
Henry Golding On His New Movie 'Crazy Rich Asians' — And The New Santos de Cartier Watch

Meet Henry Golding, the Singapore-based British-Malaysian actor who bagged his first three international silver-screen roles in one year.

Entertainment & Culture23 July 2018
10 Years of Pink Dot, How Has Singapore's LGBTQ Landscape Progressed?

The movement made it through a decade, and once saw 28,000 attendees in 2015. But success is not measured in numbers — instead, how has the LGBTQ landscape progressed?

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture13 July 2018
On Set | A Doctor Removing Tattoos In The Singapore Boys' Home

Family physician Dr. Kevin Chua drops by Singapore's juvenile detention and rehabilitation centre monthly to help the boys erase inklings of their past.

Travel11 July 2018
A Hidden Contemporary Art Hotel in London's Notting Hill

Located at the beating heart of London, Notting Hill, sits The Laslett, an offer of discreet luxury to its visitors.

Entertainment & Culture11 July 2018
In Singapore, Astrology's Resurgence Amongst Millennials

Moving with the ebb and flow of times, interest in astrology has risen and fallen in popularity throughout time. Its recent resurgence amongst the millennials, however, warrants a deeper contemplation on the practice.

Entertainment & Culture, T | On Set / 4 July 2018

On Set | Solving Singapore's Hidden Poverty Through Education

Lydia Lok, a policy officer turned educator on how education can alleviate Singapore's hidden poverty, one child at a time.

Gourmet10 July 2018
What To Do With Tofu — A Dessert, Apparently

Here, the Intercontinental Singapore's resident pastry chef Ben Goh's low fat, healthy tofu panna cotta to soothe the nagging sweet tooth.

Art & Design6 July 2018
Person to Know: A Rug-Weaver Searching for Social Justice in Oaxaca, Mexico

Out of poverty and desperation, one woman has altered the economy of its entire village.

Travel4 July 2018
Why is the Millennial Generation Increasingly Seeking Out Long-Term Travel?

A year-long nomadic escapade would certainly have raised more than a handful of eyebrows 10 years ago. But today, it is approached with unflinching conviction, particularly, amongst the millennial set.

Gourmet26 June 2018
In Seoul, The Revival of A Joseon Dynasty Sesame Oil Recipe

Emperor Yeongjo ruled Korea from 1724 to 1776 and his diet was royal — so was the sesame oil which he consumed.

Art & Design21 June 2018
Why Have There Been No Great Black Art Dealers?

How a small but influential group of black gallerists is correcting history.

Gourmet / 13 June 2018

What To Do With Lobsters — A Bartender Explains

Cook it, eat the meat, but keep the shells and make a cocktail out of it.

Art & Design20 June 2018
How an Art Dealer Became an Up-and-Coming Painter

Joel Mesler ran a successful gallery on the Lower East Side for years. Then he left the city and started a new chapter.

Art & Design18 June 2018
Artist to Know: the Danish Sculptor Making Objects for Noma

Frederik Nystrup-Larson is making a name for himself creating organic pottery and sculpture inspired by the natural world.

Art & Design14 June 2018
The Unusual Flowers of This Season

At local florist, Floral Obsession, founder Christopher Teo brings in the most curious and precious flowers all year round.

Gourmet11 June 2018
At the Pimalai Resort in Koh Lanta, Bruno Menard Designs A New Menu

Bruno Menard's new menu for The Seven Seas restaurant pays homage to the locals of Koh Lanta.

Travel8 June 2018
In Tokyo's Haneda Airport, Visit a Professional Stuntman's Film Studio

Visitors with three hours to spare at the Haneda airport in Tokyo can star in their very own Samurai film.

Entertainment & Culture5 June 2018
Girlhood Across America, Captured by One Photographer

On the 20th anniversary of her project “Girl Pictures,” the photographer Justine Kurland looks back at her now-iconic images.

Art & Design1 June 2018
Brand to Know: A Slow-Living Ceramics Studio in Singapore

To the Singaporean couple behind Omelet Trees, ceramics are pauses in life.

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