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Art & Design18 April 2019
In Hawaii, the Quilt Makers Keeping a Centuries-Old Tradition Alive

This week, pieces by the Poakalani quilting circle are on display during the Salone del Mobile in Milan as part of a collaboration with Loewe.

Art & Design17 April 2019
Vik Muniz, the Artist Deliberately Creating Bad Illusions

Having recreated the “Mona Lisa” in peanut butter and jelly and Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” in chocolate syrup, the Brazilian artist calls himself a low-tech illusionist.

Art & Design11 April 2019
Person to Know: An Artist Who Creates Joyful, Shimmering Images of West Indian Culture

Paul Anthony Smith discusses his intricate, time-intensive process — and his favourite forms of procrastination.

Art & Design29 March 2019
The Digital Art Revolution

As technology governs contemporary lives, the realm of art, despite long being known as a stickler for tradition, opens it arms.

T | House Tour, Art & Design25 March 2019
House Tour | Castello di Potentino

A British family’s 11th-century, 20-bedroom castle and vineyard in southern Tuscany.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture24 March 2019
Person to Know: An Actor Who Makes Chairs

An exploration into the projects creative people pursue in their off hours. Presenting: Gbenga Akinnagbe.

Art & Design, T | On Set22 March 2019
On Set | Faye Toogood

British designer Faye Toogood — featured in our latest issue — takes the ‘Make T Something’ challenge.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture19 March 2019
In Conversation: Ai Weiwei & Frank Gehry

The Chinese artist and Canadian-born American architect talk about the economy of galleries, redesigning a new kind of Lego, and spending a night in jail, for marijuana.

Art & Design19 March 2019
How an 18,000-Plastic Cup Artwork Reflects Singapore’s Undiscussed State of Waste

Canadian artist Benjamin Von Wong and Singapore-based social impact strategist Laura François are fuelling the conversation on single-use plastic.

Entertainment & Culture, Art & Design18 March 2019
How to Raise a Child Without Imposing Gender

More parents are stripping nurseries of all gender cues, to create spaces where children can develop their own identities.

Beauty, Art & Design12 March 2019
A Perfume Duo Housed in Crystal Spinning Top Bottles

With its exquisite new Les Toupies collection, Parfums Henry Jacques reinvents the wheel when it comes to luxury fragrance duos.

Art & Design4 March 2019
From Industrial Waste to Objects of Beauty

Is it denim or marble? Algae or glass? How a new group of designers is resurrecting once-discarded materials.

Art & Design19 February 2019
Person to Know: This Pioneering Artist is on the Brink of Her First Big Retrospective, at 98

A string of solo exhibitions will shine new light on the work of the Venezuelan-born artist Luchita Hurtado.

Art & Design17 February 2019
Person to Know: The Artist Creating a 150-Foot-Long Glass Rainbow

This summer, Sarah Cain will bring a high-art tradition into an unexpected setting: the San Francisco International Airport.

Art & Design, T | On Set14 February 2019
On Set | Swizz Beatz

The music producer and art collector talks about a work in his collection that is particularly important to him: “Fallou” (2018) by Jordan Casteel.

T | On Set, Art & Design13 February 2019
On Set | Megan Miao

The Singaporean artist pays homage to the purple whale — a DIY sex toy made by women inmates out of found objects in prison.

Art & Design13 February 2019
Inside a Designer’s Theatrical Apartment and Studio in Rome

With his towering rope urns and trompe l’oeil rugs, F. Taylor Colantonio has created a surrealist world of his own.

T | On Set, Art & Design10 February 2019
On Set | Yusuke Fukuchi At The "Minimalism: Space. Light. Object." Exhibition

The 35-year-old Japanese actor and model, Yusuke Fukuchi, at the ArtScience Museum's blockbuster minimalist exhibition.

Art & Design10 February 2019
Two Singaporeans Reflect on the Icons of Chinese New Year

A photographer and a writer meditate on the oft-overlooked talismans of the festive season through ‘Still’, a poignant photo essay.

Beauty, Art & Design8 February 2019
A Smell Researcher Staging a Smell Exhibition in Singapore

According to smell researcher and artist Sissel Tolaas, we should be paying more attention to what is perhaps our most under-appreciated sense.

Art & Design4 February 2019
Three Singaporean Men Who Refuse To Give Up On Traditional Crafts

In a vastly digitised world, there still remain a select few who return to fundamental crafts of the past in carving out a living for themselves.

Art & Design1 February 2019
Brand to Know: An East London Studio Reinventing the Terrazzo, Sustainably

Using a maelstrom of marble rejects, nascent workshop Altrock casts slabs of picture-perfect terrazzo marvels.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture1 February 2019
A Group of Gay Male Ballet Dancers Redefining Masculinity

A new generation of dancers are collapsing the boundaries between queerness and maleness in ballet.

Art & Design30 January 2019
At iLight Singapore, An Instagram-Worthy Abstraction Of The Big Bang

The installation, "Transporta", takes its audiences on a violent light display of the universe's inception, the Big Bang.

Art & Design22 January 2019
Brand to Know: A Beloved Provence-Based Wicker Workshop

This week, Atelier Vime unveils its new showroom and a collaboration with the American artist Wayne Pate.

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