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The Elegant Rolex Cellini Moonphase

By Nancy Hass

Robin Stein

Most fine-watch complications appeal to the proudly wonkish aficionado, the type who gets a kick out of hearing hours and minutes telegraphed as a series of mellifluous chimes or delights in knowing, at a glance, what time it is in Perth. But if there’s one special feature aimed squarely at the romantic, it’s the age-old moonphase. For its elegant Cellini collection, Rolex has introduced its first lunar model since the 1950s. The spare white-lacquer face, encased in rose gold, is punctuated by a velvety blue enamel subdial, sprayed with stars. A tiny meteorite stands in for the full moon, and the new moon is represented by an empty silver circle. The function is guaranteed to be accurate for the next 122 years, just in case you — and later, your heirs — happen to look up at the sky and wonder: Is this all on the wax or on the wane?

Rolex Cellini Moonphase, price on request.