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The Understated Style of UFC Champ Daniel Cormier

By Bee Shapiro

Josh Haner

Daniel Cormier, the Ultimate Fighting Championship light-heavyweight champion and former Olympic wrestler, will defend his title against Jon Jones, a former champion, on July 29 in Anaheim, California. The UFC bout offers plenty of tension — the two men infamously scuffled in the lobby of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in 2014. But Cormier, 38, a native of Lafayette, Louisiana, who lives in San Jose, California, isn’t all brawn. Outside the octagon, he also has finesse — in the fashion arena, at least. 

1. Shirt

If I’m just kind of cruising around and going to the gym or around town, I wear a lot of Oklahoma State stuff. It’s where I went to school. My favourite is an orange Oklahoma State shirt that says “Legacy.” It’s that kind of material that feels aged, so it’s very soft. If I’m traveling, though, I’ll do a polo. I wear the ones by Ralph Lauren. My wife actually says I wear too many polos. She’s like: “Enough with the polos. You’d think you were sponsored by Polo.”

Josh Haner

2. Suit

I have a blue Hugo Boss suit that has a nice cross pattern on it. It’s my favourite, although not the nicest that I have. My wife and I saw “Hamilton” a couple weeks ago in San Francisco, and I wore the suit. It’s slim-fitted. I’m a bigger guy. By this point, I’ve learned I can’t wear those big old Steve Harvey suits. It’s not the 1990s NBA draft.

3. Jeans

I used to wear lot of Joe’s jeans, because they’re comfortable. But then I found these jeans by Hugo Boss. They’re jeans, but they’re stretchy, and they look nice. Before, I was the guy who wouldn’t stray from light blue, dark blue or navy.

Josh Haner

4. Shoes

I’m a huge Air Jordan guy. I have so many Jordans, but I don’t wear all the new stuff with all the new colours. I only wear the ones that Michael played in. They’re the ones that came out when I was a kid. Or, my cousin’s girlfriend works at Louboutin, so I have a whole bunch of shoes from Louboutin. But I will never wear a pair of his spiky shoes. The Louboutins I have look like regular tennis shoes but with red soles.

5. Watches

I have four TAG Heuer watches, and I have a really nice Breitling that I bought in New York. I wear that one the most. It has a big face with different time zones, and it’s a silver link band. I won’t wear anything super-gaudy. Even a gold Rolex is not for me. I went to try one on, and it was just too much.