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A Reflection of the Night Sky in Jewellery

By Bianca Husodo

Michelle KokFrom left: Swarovski ‘Symbolic’ pierced earring jackets, S$169, Swarovski ‘Symbolic Moon’ ring, S$249, Swarovski ‘Symbolic Star’ ring, S$179, and Swarovski ‘Symbolic’ bangle, S$179.

It is only when darkness envelopes that they are visible to the naked eye. Light-years away from the earth, stars — colossal orbs of burning gas — twinkle in hallowed serenity after the last rays of the sun disappear. Night after night, they appear in a stroke of glittering powder, surrounding the periodically shape-shifting moon in what seems to be a perpetual chaotic order. It is only natural that long before science could reason their existence, they, along with the moon, are humankind’s objects of after-dark fascination. They became emblems of mythology and traditional lore, guiding men in their quests and appearing as embellishments on jewellery as sacred talismans.

During a time when extreme volatility reigns supreme, be it environmentally or politically, it is not at all startling that a cultural rekindling of the supernatural — the science-defying promise of the unknown — is gaining its momentum. And jewellery, as that peculiarly intimate medium of self-expression, has inadvertently joined in the sentiment, entangling itself with the mythical symbolism of the sky’s jewels, of which are now rarely visible behind the thicket of hazy pollutants.

“I find that one of the best ways to disconnect from today’s hectic world is to reconnect with nature and to look at the stars,” says Swarovski’s creative director Nathalie Colin.

Throughout the year, Colin has dedicated the brand’s ornamental offerings to the Nordic night skies, plucking inspiration from above. For the winter collection, earrings, necklaces, bangles and rings come peppered with crystals that aim to replicate the optimistical shimmer of the extraterrestrial gems.

“This season we want our glittering jewellery and accessories to feel symbolic and magical in the way they can amplify feelings of positivity,” says Colin. While wearable replicas of the moon and stars may be a mere blip in the cosmic course of things, they sparkle nonetheless.

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