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Object of Desire: Chanel Fine Jewellery Camélia Treasure Box

By Caroline Suganda


Transformable jewellery is not a new concept but for a piece of jewellery that offers itself to be worn in five different ways, while maintaining an air of mystery about its metamorphosis attachment, that is altogether another level of craftsmanship. That very idea is a manifest of what Coco Chanel once said, “My (jewels) are flexible and detachable. You can take apart the jewellery and use it to match a hat or fur. In this way, the set of jewellery is no longer an immutable object. Life transforms it and bends it to its needs.”

And so it is with this new high jewellery collection, “1.5 1 Camélia. 5 Allures”, which was built upon this vision and Coco’s favourite flower, the camellia. About half of the 50-piece collection can be detached and refastened in various ways. The highlight piece, the Camélia Treasure Box was unveiled exclusively in Singapore last month, after the collection’s debut in Paris in January this year. Inside this off-white leather-lined precious box is a mirror with a small diamond-encrusted camellia set in its centre. The white diamond-encrusted camellia with tourmaline on the lid can be removed and attached to a comb to fashion a headpiece (top, left) or a pin (top, centre) to adorn the lapel of a jacket or coat. There’s also a unique fitting (bottom, right) to attach the camellia to the classic single-strand pearl necklace and a little something extra — a diamond necklace with a camellia clasp to wear on its own or with smaller, detachable camellias from the collection.

Chanel Fine Jewellery Camélia Treasure Box in white gold with mother-of-pearl, diamonds, cultured pearls and tourmaline, price on request.