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Introducing Luxury Loungewear

By Lynette Kee

MCMThe loungewear campaign features American actor and musician Quincy Taylor Brown together with a group of like-minded inidividuals expressing the modern expression of joy and comfort.

Society’s addiction to living on high speed has been proudly glorified as efficiency — a skill, it seems, that people are obliged to master. Technological advancement, though originally designed to encourage creativity, allows massive access to information and in turn stimulating chaos and fragmented attention. But as the dialogue of quality living becomes more pronounced as of late with buzzwords like #metime and #selflove scattered around social media, taking time to lounge and relax no longer carries a negative connotation of being lazy.

In Denmark and Norway (ranked second and third respectively on the 2019 World Happiness Report), the term hygge represents a feeling of cosiness and comfort, a cultural category that is associated with wellness and contentment. It is a lifestyle quickly adopted by people around the world when it became a phenomenon in popular culture (some time in 2016). And now, the fashion industry is offering a way to unwind with a semblance of style.

With the ever-growing market, luxury lounging has become an entity of its own — snuggly cashmere jumpers and bed socks as well as silky separates fill fashion houses, becoming one of the many staple product offerings. As one of the more progressive luxury brands, MCM, which is known for its luxury leather goods and accessories, is launching its first lounge and sleepwear collection.

Recently in October 2019, German designer Dirk Schönberger assumed his role at MCM as global creative officer following his previous era-defining position at Adidas. His vision for the luxury brand is to make it a “head-to-toe luxury house”, according to British Vogue. And now, with the start of a new year, Schönberger is introducing MCM with a 180-degree view of his creative direction — his products at the forefront of the narrative. The new loungewear collection, featuring an assortment of versatile pieces, carries through the maison’s bold identity. Classic pyjamas sets in the MCM colour scheme interspersed with its logo emblazoned silk robes blur the line between the brand’s signature luxury street silhouette and lifestyle aspect, which is proving to be an important component in Schönberger’s updated vision.

“It’s not only about creative vision but also understanding,” he said to British Vogue, “[To be a good creative director today] is [to be a] mix of a marketing person, a creative and a product designer, and I think you need all of this to deliver.” The launch of its new loungewear is less of an expansion in product offering, but rather an emphasis on the new lifestyle push and attitude of the house. In addition, the house is also launching its new ethical and ecological underwear collection at the same time. These efforts see MCM further strengthening its image as a healthy lifestyle as well as socially and environmentally responsible brand.