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Inside the Royal Appointed French Candle Makers – Cire Trudon

By Guan Tan

Wax Melting

Inside the illustrious 364-year-old French candlemaker founded by Claude Trudon, perfume and wax are first formulated in the laboratories before they end up in these tanks. When the raw materials are molten, the candle making process begins.


All wicks are made of cotton – instead of the commonplace metal core wicks, which may emit harmful fumes when burnt. Wicks differ in size and weave. Appropriate ones are chosen based on the volume of the glass. "The wicks are set at the bottom of each glass so they stay perfectly centered. The glasses are then aligned on wooden counters before pouring [begins]," a representative from the manufacturing facility explains.

 Wax Pouring

Molten wax are mechanically poured into the glasses set on a wooden counter.

Manual  Quality Check

"The candles are all checked  and some wax can be added by hand if the quantity of wax does not meet the quality standards."

 Wicks Straightening

The cotton wicks start to soften as they come in contact with the hot molten wax. They then bend inwards towards the glass. "When the wax starts to solidify, the wicks are straightened by hand."

 Wicks Cut

The wicks are then cut to length, "a specific height to ensure an optimal first burn". 


When the wax is cool and solidified, quality inspectors wipe and check them by hand.

The Emblem

The signature gold emblems are then carefully stuck onto the glass.


"Each candle is then packaged by hand."