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Trending15 December 2017
How to Dress Like Audrey Hepburn

Timeless style endures in the face of decadent Christmas outfits.

Runway12 December 2017
Why Is Fashion Having an Astral Moment?

The notion of space travel appears to be exerting a new hold on people’s imaginations.

Beauty11 December 2017
In the Mood for Christmas – 8 Festive Candles

From the festive to the ecclesiastical, there's a scent for every holiday mood.

Trending8 December 2017
3 Designers Creating Clothes for Life — Not the Runway

A trio of sought-after labels specialise in the sort of thoughtful, well-made garments categorised as slow fashion.

Trending7 December 2017
Hermès's Pierre Hardy: In Freedom He Trusts

Pierre Hardy, creative director of Hermès’s shoes and fine jewellery, is full of praise for the world around him and takes it upon himself to make it just that little bit better.

Beauty6 December 2017
The Soap Conspiracy: Good Soaps Gone Bad

Once upon a time, soaps were made to be moisturising and nutritious for the body. Later, it became drying and harmful so consumers would buy lotions and moisturisers.

Trending1 December 2017
Dior Takes the ‘Lady’ Out of the Lady Bag

Jack Pierson is among the latest celebrity artists to team up with a luxury label, such partnerships affirming art’s rising stature as fashion’s most compelling new muse.

Trending28 November 2017
The Man Collecting & Donating Singapore's Used Clothes

Redistributing used clothes abroad is a complex export process. Yet, in Sir John's hands, throwaway clothes destined for the junkyard find new lives.

Beauty / 30 November 2017

Inside the Royal Appointed French Candle Makers – Cire Trudon

A glimpse inside the manufacturing facility of the illustrious candle makers, Cire Trudon.

Beauty23 November 2017
Why Should We Cut Our Hair Differently?

It's time that hairstylists should take a backseat, be invisible, and let the guest's personality come through.

Trending21 November 2017
Brand To Know: A French Heritage Luggage Maker

After more than three decades of laying dormant, Moynat has opened its doors again.

Trending17 November 2017
Fashion’s Interest in Alternative Fabrics Keeps Growing

Over the next 12 months, brands are expected to announce partnerships with businesses that have figured out ways to make leather without cows, silk without worms, fur without animals and fabrics from recycled waste.

Runway13 November 2017
Memories of Alexander McQueen – In Every Collection

In Sarah Burton's Spring Summer 2018 Menswear collection, traces of the late designer lingers.

Trending9 November 2017
The Costume Institute Takes On Catholicism

In their 2018 fashion exhibition, garments and accessories on loan from the Vatican shown alongside designer pieces.

Trending / 20 November 2017

A New Fashion Hub? Eastern Europe

Many young designers in countries like Poland, Hungary and Romania, who are finding success at home.

Trending8 November 2017
Fashion Retail's First Lady

As Alison Loehnis, president of Yoox Net-a-Porter group, celebrates her 10-year milestone at the company, she strips the brand down to its core two principles: customer and product.

Trending3 November 2017
Decisions With Yoyo Cao: Bags & Straps

Here's how to choose and carry Fendi's modular bags and straps.

Beauty2 November 2017
Decoding the 'No-Poos' Shampoo Movement

What if your scalp is oily only because you're washing it too frequently?

Trending30 October 2017
A Scapegoat for the Fashion Industry?

After a social media outcry, the biggest fashion magazines are cutting ties with the photographer Terry Richardson over his history of alleged sexual harassment.

Trending27 October 2017
An Inside Look at Fendi's Love for Cinema

Separate from the rigorous cycles of fashion weeks, brands like Fendi find creative liberty in a magnanimous place.

Trending / 7 November 2017

The Unfaltering Carol Lim and Humberto Leon

When retailers-turned-designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon initially assumed creative directorial roles at Kenzo, the decision was shrouded by an air of uncertainty. Five years on, the harbingers of New York downtown cool have taken the maison far beyond its Parisian beginnings.

Trending26 October 2017
Gens Y and Z Are Buying Lots of Luxury Stuff After All

According to a report from the consulting firm Bain & Co., younger shoppers are giving a boost to revenue in the global luxury market.

Trending23 October 2017
Six Fashion Trends for the Season Ahead

Lisa Aiken, fashion director of Net-A-Porter, puts together six trends you should be heeding for fall.

Beauty23 October 2017
Skin Care’s Backlash Against Essential Oils

Sometimes, the organic ingredients can also be the most irritating. Natural beauty experts are dedicated to providing safer alternatives.

Runway, Trending19 October 2017
T’s Best Images from Fashion Month

From the photogenic raffia head wraps at Delpozo in New York to Saint Laurent’s leggy fare in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, here are highlights from the spring/summer 2018 shows — on and off the runway.

Street Style19 October 2017
How to Dress Like Rihanna

When dissecting Rihanna’s stylistic signatures, it is easy to identify the building blocks that ground her ensembles.

Trending18 October 2017
Six Classic Tortoiseshell Optical Glasses

The most common design with the greatest history.

Trending17 October 2017
Why is the Buddhist Goddess Guan Yin – Not Wearing Chanel?

The goddess of mercy is often dressed in the highest fashions of ancient China. Here, her ever-changing wardrobe explained.

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