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Travel16 August 2017
When In Beijing, Check Into A Stylish Enclave

Three-year-old independent fashion retailer is nestled in the heart of a slowly gentrified Sanlitun district.

Travel, Art & Design15 August 2017
Kite Festivals Around the World, From an Artist’s Perspective

Part performance, part social gathering, the festivals draw thousands of kites, which are choreographed into dances, fights and competitions.

Gourmet11 August 2017
Chefs Open Up Their Recipe Books

Four celebrated chefs share their recipes for comfort food. Yes, please.

Art & Design8 August 2017
Meet The Few Graffiti Artists In Singapore

In a city where graffiti carries a serious vandalism charge and most urban art is, ironically, state-sanctioned, five Singapore street artists are changing the scene with a surreal, pop-infused aesthetic.

Art & Design, Magazine3 August 2017
Otherworldly Architecture in Karuizawa

In Japan's leafy hamlet of Karuizawa, you'll find otherwordly architecture – an expression of the uninhibited self.

Art & Design2 August 2017
What The Fashion Industry Can Learn From Their Furniture Neighbours

CEO of Italian furniture company, Roberto Moroso considered cross-disciplinary collaborations, and the due recognition young designers receive.

Entertainment & Culture2 August 2017
Rethinking Masculinity In The 21st Century

‘The stronger a man is, the more gentle he can afford to be.’

Art & Design1 August 2017
Decoding Singaporean Artist Ruben Pang’s Paintings

A paradoxical effusion of rebellion drenched in an unexpectedly vibrant colour palette.

Entertainment & Culture / 27 July 2017

The Sun Sets on Jalan Besar Craftsmen

In the 1960s through 1980s, Jalan Besar used to be home to automobile and ship repairmen. 69-year-old Henry Yee is one of them.

Entertainment & Culture28 July 2017
Eric Underwood, the American Star of the Royal Ballet

Eric Underwood, the American star of the Royal Ballet, prepared for his life’s work by dancing with his mother at home to Al Green and Marvin Gaye.

Art & Design27 July 2017
Digital Artist Yung Jake Scores With Emoji Portraits

Darling of YouTube and the art world circuit, he hits his stride with pointillist celebrity portraits made from emoji.

Entertainment & Culture25 July 2017
Is This the Woman Who Will Save Uber?

Saint John, the marketing star who’s worked with Beyoncé, Apple and more, brings humanism, Instagram savvy and Chanel to the beleaguered brand.

Entertainment & Culture18 July 2017
These Men Can’t Do Home Repair. And They’re Fine With That.

Plenty of guys feel inept when it comes to home repair. Fewer are willing to admit it.

Gourmet13 July 2017
The Most Popular Buddhist Nun Cook — in Manhattan

On a recent trip to New York City, the Buddhist nun Jeong Kwan let her curiosity — and her friend, the French chef Eric Ripert — guide her. T spent 48 hours with her leading up to the meal — a hot couple of days that included no shortage of naps, and at least one iced coffee from a street vendor.

Entertainment & Culture / 10 July 2017

The Shining Sun – Taeyang

Taeyang's jaunty self and fearlessness are contagious.

Art & Design11 July 2017
6 Beautiful, Well-Designed Chairs

Unassuming chairs with strong personalities, designed by the most renowned names, available here in Singapore.

Entertainment & Culture7 July 2017
The Me, Me, We (?) Generation

Defining millennials — the difference a letter makes.

Entertainment & Culture5 July 2017
Theatre Nouveaus of Singapore

With a shift in focus towards social and emotional issues faced by today’s generation, Singapore’s new crop of theatre-makers breaks new ground.

Entertainment & Culture3 July 2017
Legitimising Memes – Are They Art?

As technology continues to redefine the cultural moment, are we ushering in an era where social media is the new generational platform for exhibits and memes are considered works of art?

Entertainment & Culture1 July 2017
Two Years Later, What It Means to Be Wed

Two years after the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage a nationwide right, six couples reflect about what marriage means to them.

Entertainment & Culture / 27 June 2017

Expressing Themselves: LGBTQ People Share Thoughts on HIV, Marriage

In conversation with people at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Centre in Greenwich Village.

Art & Design28 June 2017
Contesting Perspectives With David Hockney – In Lithographs

It's a significant year for the English painter David Hockney, with four major global retrospectives ongoing. Come July, Singapore will participate in this global art dialogue with an exhibition of Hockney's works.

Art & Design23 June 2017
A Disappearing Singapore – in Photographs

Two Singaporean places chronicle the always disappearing landscapes of Singapore.

Art & Design22 June 2017
In One Fabric Designer’s Home, a Lesson on Layering Prints

At home, and in her line of hand-printed linens, the designer Lisa Fine is not afraid to layer patterns on patterns.

Entertainment & Culture21 June 2017
Aziz Ansari Is Still Searching

Amidst his many recognisable roles, American comedian and director Aziz Ansari is still straightening his life off screen.

Art & Design20 June 2017
Meet the Young Designer Making Very Interesting Furniture

24-year-old Dozie Kanu's pieces embody a mix of high and low materials – relatability juxtaposed with luxury.

Entertainment & Culture16 June 2017
Inside Singapore's First Transgender Shelter

Why do we need a transgender shelter here in Singapore? The bigger question is – is it working?

Gourmet, Travel12 June 2017
Eating Cake in Vienna

Vienna is known for its imperial past and ornate pastries. The two aren’t unrelated.

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