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Entertainment & Culture27 April 2017
Andy Warhol, in the Context of His Time

“Fink on Warhol: New York Photographs of the 1960s” shuffles portraits of the Pop artist and company with other snapshots from the same time period — of ordinary life and political happenings, like Malcolm X speaking outside Hotel Theresa or the expanse of speck-sized faces at the 1969 Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam.

Entertainment & Culture26 April 2017
A Business With Legs (and Abs): Boom Times for Male Striptease Revues

Thanks to the “Magic Mike” movie franchise, male stripping is hot again. So what if the mostly female audience finds it more funny than titillating?

Art & Design25 April 2017
The 16 Best Things We Saw at Milan’s Design Fair

At this year’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile fair in Milan, we endured five semi-sleepless days, 33 miles of walking and more than a hundred presentations and fair booths. Here, a short list of the most important new collections and talents in contemporary design we saw there.

Gourmet25 April 2017
Four Prettiest Plates of the Week

Four chefs making the most picturesque dishes for the city's finest restaurants.

Art & Design24 April 2017
Singapore's Skyline Made Abstract – by a Berlin Photographer

Architecture photographer Sabine Wild's new exhibition pares down Singapore's dense cityscape into abstract lines.

Entertainment & Culture24 April 2017
10 Artful Black & White Images from NASA's New Archive

NASA unveiled a new image archive this Tuesday – consolidating pictures from 1958 till date.

Gourmet21 April 2017
First Glance at Chef Kirk Westaway’s Rabbit Canapé

English traditions of rabbit stews, pies, and chops aside, Michelin-starred restaurant JAAN rolled out a new rabbit canapé to pique local tastebuds.

Art & Design20 April 2017
A New Trend of Pastel, Brass & Symmetry – In The Interior Industry

The first interior trend for the year has surfaced – pastel colours, light timbre, gold or brass accents, and symmetry. It hasn't been officially named – not just yet.

Art & Design / 19 April 2017

Milan’s Most Beautiful Entryways

A peek inside some of Milan's most stunning buildings.

Art & Design19 April 2017
Inside COS X Studio Swine at Salone del Mobile

The Swedish fashion brand has collaborated with the London-based Studio Swine to create an immersive art installation.

Art & Design19 April 2017
The Last Two Peranakan Kebaya Makers in Singapore

A closer look at the extinguishing craft of Sarong Kebaya, and the dire attempts to keep it alive.

Entertainment & Culture18 April 2017
The Vin Diesel Formula: Brains, Brawn and Heart

The former bouncer and current action hero decided to make himself a movie star after Hollywood didn’t give him a chance.

Art & Design18 April 2017
Fashion Meets Furniture: Loewe at Salone del Mobile 2017

The brand’s creative director Jonathan Anderson has created a set of unique objects for the home.

Entertainment & Culture14 April 2017
In Conversation: Drag Queens & Their Male Egos

Three Singaporean drag queens justify their sexuality and decisions to their former selves.

Art & Design / 10 March 2017

A Memoir For the Chinese Photography Phenomenon Ren Hang

The passing of Beijing photographer and poet, Ren Hang, came all too soon. But he left through his images a vision that counters the precarity of the present.

Entertainment & Culture14 April 2017
My 10 Favourite Books: Viggo Mortensen

10 books Viggo Mortensen would take with him if he were marooned on a desert island.

Entertainment & Culture14 April 2017
Six Ambitious Businesses – Changing The World

The 11th Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards took place for the first time outside of Europe – in Singapore. Here are the six laureates.

Art & Design13 April 2017
Finding Pieces of Yourself Through Art

President of Christie's Asia, Rebecca Wei on the traditional methodical systems of procuring art, the new maverick ways of living with art – and how both are tethered to one’s childhood.

Entertainment & Culture12 April 2017
Things Melania Trump’s Official Portrait Makes Us Think Of

Cheesy ‘90s TV shows and Chinese photo-editing app Meitu Xiu Xiu, amongst other things.

Art & Design12 April 2017
A New Age Fabric Pleater in Singapore

Pleatation is a second generation pleat manufacturer reinvigorating a trade that’s otherwise steadily waning.

Gourmet / 30 March 2017

Kenjiro Hashida – A Sushi Chef Inspired by Art

Kenjiro Hashida helms the eponymous Hashida Sushi in Singapore and Tokyo. He likens food to art – peacefully unifying the world over chef’s table.

Art & Design10 April 2017
Designer Tom Dixon Unveils His ‘Secret’ Project With Ikea

The 57-year-old former musician has gone from being a design maverick to creating mass-produced furniture he hopes will last a lifetime.

Gourmet7 April 2017
The Prettiest Restaurant Plates in Paris

Meet the ceramists making beautiful dishes for some of the city’s chicest restaurants.

Entertainment & Culture5 April 2017
Donald Trump Jr. Is His Own Kind of Trump

The US president’s once-wayward eldest son has embraced his new role in business and politics on his terms.

Entertainment & Culture5 April 2017
A Poet’s Debut Novel – Sad Girls by Lang Leav

A second generation migrant, Lang Leav shares how she found her way into writing. Read an excerpt of her first novel here.

Art & Design4 April 2017
The Art of Dick Pics

Soraya Doolbaz has photographed Donald Trump, Nicki Minaj, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Santa Claus — as dicks.

Entertainment & Culture3 April 2017
Modern Healing Shamans – In Singapore

Within the cityscape's apparent soullessness, a vibrant spiritual community lurks. One writer goes in search of magic in the concrete jungle of Singapore, and finds healing instead.

Gourmet3 April 2017
Traditional Mexican Sauce – the Mole – Has No Recipe

For the country's top chefs, celebrating the complex dish means revolutionising it – 10, 20, even 50 ingredients at a time.

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